Tuesday, March 4


I can now boast that I know Kareena Kapoor,up close and personal.unluckily,had the filmfare awards telecast stretched (just)another half an hour,I would have been able to sketch Kareena with my eyes closed.Just 20 mins into the programme,and I was prophetically announcing ,the next actor/actress in the frame,and there wasn't a very big list to choose from.You don't need to be a genius for that.The usual predictable sequence was hopelessly oscillating between Shakrukh ...Gauri...saif...kareena...saif.....kareena.....Shahrukh,to a point of blur.
The function was initiated by Vidya Balan, looking ,like a ready to pop,
fanta bottle,(and i thought most men loved her for her cherubic face)ahem!!! the perfect nominee, for the 'wardrobe malfunction' award.I expected SRK and Saif to recreate,the brilliant comic timing they had displayed previously,I waited patiently,and they failed miserably.They tripped time and again over their lines and the jokes fell flat.It just proves,that big stars fail to shine,in the absence of a good script.However, full credit to SRK and Saif for correctly predicting that "we are going to be rude,crass ,cheap and ridiculous",as rude and cheap they were,down to the last E and the P.Their gags lacked humour,were in bad taste,hopelessly ridiculous.
The whole show seemed to be a public declaration of the Saif- Kareena love story and 'the tattoo within'.The Saif-Kareena onstage kiss (on the cheek)received more coverage than the union budget ,perhaps.Saawariyaa was literally the 'BUTT' of all jokes,for all BUTT obvious reasons.Maybe they should have renamed it to 'Filmfare Kapoor -Khan -dan' awards.Adding to the misery,was Karan Johar,his usual coyish,boyish and gayish self( he missed no opportunity to kiss Shahrukh on stage( close up Gauri Khan several times) .Not surprisingly,Aamir Khan kept away from the scenario(not even a scene was available from TZP for the nominee listing).Surprisingly,The Bachchan parivar absented themselves(for reasons known).None of the vetrans were present,(and if they were there,no one bothered to cover them).

Sigh,I should have watched "hum aapke hain kaun"running on Zee instead.Madhuri,tuffy.....the wonder dog and Salman in a vest ,singing dhik tana..dhik tana,is any day..err any night a more tolerable option.


--xh-- said...

atlest SRK and Saif did justice to their words... Cinema Showbiz was always larger than life, but with teh advent of these so called news-entertainment channels, they have become unbearable for a noraml soul like me... so who all got the awards? no, i dont think that really matters, at the end of teh day... what matters more is the show and the tinkling cash registers...

satish said...

// as rude and cheap they were,down to the last E and the P.

Hehe. Nice.

brocasarea said...

yeah saw the videos[filmfare] yesterday in youtube and as you said SRK acted pretty cheap[unlike a so called superstar should act]...no wonder AK is adored more by his fans!!!!:)

~nm said...

Hmm...now I can stop sulking about the fact that I missed it :P


Thinking aloud said...


...u sure made feel great... that i didn't even know it was on....

Gazal said...

a huge cash catch..i believe SRK charges close to 80-90 lakhs for a single show.


sadly he was missing from the show.i now know why!!!thanks for dropping by.

and you gave yourself a goodnites sleep.

@thinking aloud
thanks :D SIGH!!!

Veena said...


Havent read this yet.. but wanted tell you that I have updated my blog :)

Guruprasad said...

no wonder i don't miss not having a tv at home! :)

but i have to know tihs... was there a wardrobe malfunction? i would have loved to see the cherubic 'face' then ;)

satish said...



Gazal said...

no thanks till you comment.lol

well,she got the award for her brilliant wardrobe in heyyy baby.but i think she deserved another one for the way she dressed that nite.since you dont have a T.V(WOW)CHECK THIS OUT


don't you think i deserve a NICER word???

Veena said...

Gazal.. heres my comment for you



Roshan R said...

that painted monstrosity was gauri !!!! man, she added a couple of layers of asian paint toooo many..

and damn.. hahk was there too.. sigh..

Guruprasad said...

hey, thanks for the link with the pic. the expression of the guy with the glasses next to her says it all :D

and as for my not having a tv, click here for the story - http://guruprasad.blogspot.com/2006/12/my-affair-with-television.html

Ravi said...

Hi there!

Stumbled upon your blog through one of your comments, you left on Aamir Khan's param bhakt, Psychobabble!

You've got a gr8 blog, mam :)

Keep It Up :)

Take care!

padma said...

hey gazal,
after all that Filmfare talk we had...... ( critiquing) guess u can do a spoof on Filmfare awards.. wanna give a try ..;-)))

Solitaire said...

LOL at Ravi!

He called me a param bhakt!

Its so refreshing to see someone criticize SRK and his stupid jokes. I see more of that this year than I did in the past.

Filmfare is just a farce and it makes a mockery of itself time and again. I do not even bother to watch it anymore. Nor do I bother to find out who won and who did not. Its all ridiculous!

G U R U said...

Did that KJ really kiss SRK on stage? REVOLTINGLY GROSS !!!!!