Monday, March 17


Please say Hello, to my husbands’ official illegitimate children, whom he has lovingly named ‘fish babies’.Thankfully,not as a result of any extra marital affair!!!!A carp and a moliee(the little black Mollie was too camera shy).
Everytime he’s away on a tour, I promptly get a reminder SMS ,at 7 30 A.M sharp, which sounds more like an order than a request. ‘DO NOT FORGET TO FEED THE FISH BABIES’.
Everything and anything left undone at home can be forgiven, the sole exception being the change of water for the FB’s home…read bowl. The logic being, we(humans) can still help and change the way we live or where we live, they can’t !!!!And of course, the proud father himself has never ever changed their water. “I’m too nervous to take them out and see them slither (for precisely 3 seconds)…reminded me how changing diapers never went down well with him. Thank god, fishes don’t wear one!!!!!

This post is actually a prompt, after I happened to read Preethi’s blog and it was while writing the comment,the thought,to put this up, came in. Despite the fact,that I gush and drool over puppies,kittens,rabbits,squirrels,piglets and birds,in real and reel life, strangely enough, I have always shrugged and shied away from the responsibility of keeping a pet. A self proclaimed coward,I’m not sure whether I will be able to look after it,well.I have often seen pets being brought home, like a new toy,fussed over for a while and then left to whine away all morning,while everybody left home for work.I would rather not keep one, than keep the poor soul tied up at home, leading a solitary and hopeless life all day long.

This argument has never gone down well, with my family and continues to be a bone of contention.My heart does a quick flip,everytime I pet my neighbours’ dog,but my head quickly fights back.The battle continues,everyweek!!!
I hope and wish that someday logic will give way to emotions.Till then,I shall reiterate,what I wrote on Preethi’s post as a comment.

If you can’t get something big (as a pet), start by loving something, that’s small.

BTW it happens to be my deadline to change the FB’S water!!!!


Thinking aloud said...

That reminds me of our lil fish who used to be called a very unimaginative Blackie...

I am like you wrt pets...

and hello ..fishlings

--xh-- said...

afetr reading preetis blog, i was seriously thinking abt getting some fishes to keep me company, adn now u too :-( itz not fair..
i still remeber the day i brough a puppy home - i was all excited and charged up, but after one week, i gave him away to one of my friend. Ditto with a couple of rabbits too. now, if i can keep a pet, i want eitehr bats or snakes.. :-) love them both...
like to pet dogs and cats, but nt love them enuf to keep them at home...

~nm said...

:) Sending an SMS when on tour was really something! It shows how much those fishes are part of him!

These men are funny I tell you. They can forget birthdays and anniversaries but can remember such things as feed time for fishes?? *rolling my eyes*

satish said...

Thank god, fishes don’t wear one!!!!!


Ziah said...

Hehehehe.. cute post.

**official illegitimate children**

You sound like us lawyers.. :)
Lol @the hubby!:)

Naveen said...

"responsibility" of keeping pets ... i agree with u ...

Ps said...

Hey--that reminds me--I have to change MY FB's water too!!!
:-) heh heh.
Thanks for the mention--and yes if one cannot spare time to look after pets keeping them would only be cruelty.(same reason why I havent got a dog even though i LOVE dogs)
Ps (preeti--just a mother of two)

Guruprasad said...

reminds me of the days when we used to have pets at home (in those days when we lived in a house and not in an apartment).

my mom would vehemently protest whenever dad brought home a pet (we've had cats and dogs and fowl and birds and fish). but she used to be the one who would end up being the most attached to them!

i can see the same thing happening here too :)

Indrani said...

fishes are great stress releivers, i have two white golds and when there is nothing nothing to do at all(which is very very rare) i watch them!

Gazal said...

@thinking aloud
LOL...rather racist,isnt it?

bats and thats unusual

LOL...and i thought mine was the only one who forgot the birthdays!!


no wonder my hubby says i should be one!!

thanks naveen

opps !!sorry for the extra H.
thanks for dropping by.I guess FB has become a code word of sorts!!

hmmm..mothers are the same everywhere.mine did exactly the same.but,i intend to change the sitgma attached with it.

they are!!!

Parul Gahlot said...

i used to have an aquarium in bombay...then got a few fish bowls...the thing with fish is they are bound to die sooner or later...dont let that dissuade you from getting new ones...
I had a red fighter called ravi prasad, he lived for the longest time :)

Roshan R said...

sigh.. Im a "big pet" lover myself.. had dos since when i could remember.. even today, at homes, the dogs get fed earlier than i do.. how can i complain.., the dog has been there for my parents at home since the last 9 years.. im just a visitor !!!!
dont know how good id be with fish though

padma said...

hey gazal,
have been there & done that myself.. cleaning the tanks, feeding the fish..... & bring in new fish when the old ones dont survive..... but stick there & u will luv them.....


Coconut Chutney said...

Oh man, I used to have fish at home too, they were a birthday present from my cousin.

They're too much of maintenance for just swimming around all day. Boring creatures. And changing the water creeped me out, when the fish plopped in the net or whatever. And cleaning up after dead fish is the WORST.

Hope that doesn't happen to you anytime soon. ;)

Gazal said...

HAHA...ravi prasad....has to be from you parul.

the dogs deserve the treatment and so do you !!!LOL


i agree wid up dead fish is miserable,even for a day you do get attached to them,and i'm left to do the antim sanskar of the fish,everytime!!!
thanks for visiting!!

Shruti said...

pet fish.. I dont understand actually.. fish cant actually hear and understand what u say.. U dont want a big pet na.. keep a cat!! its small.. ;)

Anonymous said...

lovely photo & the post...I love fishes in the aquarium & have a few in my home.

I am a bit too busy with my work now, which will continue, so couldn't visit your blog for sometime...anyway, I will check your other posts later whenever I will get the break.

Madhumita. said...

Awww for the fish ... your husband sounds very likeable :) despite the reluctance to do some real work around these fishies. And yes, keeping a pet requires a lot of commitment - sometimes more than having kids!

Tys on Ice said...

why is that fish holding a stick?...u better clean tht bowl fast, i dont think the occupant is very pleased with u at the moment.

Gazal said...

cats are cute..but loyalty factor is very low.

thanks a lot.

will pass the compliments to him.

err...its his/her tentacle....or probably a sign saying...i need a bath.

dharmabum said...

i somehow feel sorry for fish in a small pond. i find it cruel. but its everyone's opinion

Gazal said...


believe me we love the little thing a lot.and yes we plan to have an aquarium soon.

G U R U said...

Okay! Now I understand what that "Pets: I like them at the zoos" category in orkut meant :)