Friday, March 28




Tuesday, March 25


Sometimes an involuntary gesture and then an unplanned action leads to more action,than our 'meticulously planned ' activities.
I am referring to the post called 'heartless....Russell Market' on my photoblog and the'Wordless Wednesday'post.Little had I realized that,a trip made to check out aquariums,would actually lead to a lot of revelation and a cause,that would be taken by by bloggers.I'm glad it drew a rush of emotions in people,and that they penned it down in the comment box.I did realize that somewhere in this entire game, we were to blame for all this,as a demand leads to the need and supply and hence the market,thrives.
I can only hope that the animals ,although are subjected to 'inhuman' treatment,later find good homes.I hope,they are meant for homes,only.
Thanks a lot Madhu,for taking an active interest in the cause and contacting the PFA.We shall all hope that,the cause will have a 'liberating' outcome.

Monday, March 17


Please say Hello, to my husbands’ official illegitimate children, whom he has lovingly named ‘fish babies’.Thankfully,not as a result of any extra marital affair!!!!A carp and a moliee(the little black Mollie was too camera shy).
Everytime he’s away on a tour, I promptly get a reminder SMS ,at 7 30 A.M sharp, which sounds more like an order than a request. ‘DO NOT FORGET TO FEED THE FISH BABIES’.
Everything and anything left undone at home can be forgiven, the sole exception being the change of water for the FB’s home…read bowl. The logic being, we(humans) can still help and change the way we live or where we live, they can’t !!!!And of course, the proud father himself has never ever changed their water. “I’m too nervous to take them out and see them slither (for precisely 3 seconds)…reminded me how changing diapers never went down well with him. Thank god, fishes don’t wear one!!!!!

This post is actually a prompt, after I happened to read Preethi’s blog and it was while writing the comment,the thought,to put this up, came in. Despite the fact,that I gush and drool over puppies,kittens,rabbits,squirrels,piglets and birds,in real and reel life, strangely enough, I have always shrugged and shied away from the responsibility of keeping a pet. A self proclaimed coward,I’m not sure whether I will be able to look after it,well.I have often seen pets being brought home, like a new toy,fussed over for a while and then left to whine away all morning,while everybody left home for work.I would rather not keep one, than keep the poor soul tied up at home, leading a solitary and hopeless life all day long.

This argument has never gone down well, with my family and continues to be a bone of contention.My heart does a quick flip,everytime I pet my neighbours’ dog,but my head quickly fights back.The battle continues,everyweek!!!
I hope and wish that someday logic will give way to emotions.Till then,I shall reiterate,what I wrote on Preethi’s post as a comment.

If you can’t get something big (as a pet), start by loving something, that’s small.

BTW it happens to be my deadline to change the FB’S water!!!!

Wednesday, March 12


A one stop shop for all pets !!!!!

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Thursday, March 6


If there is anything that makes me uncomfortable(low waist jeans being the only exception),it’s lying. If I can, I shall promise,or I won’t. When in doubt,I prefer to speak the truth(mark twain)

I say and admit that often, at the cost of sounding virtuous and godly. But that’s the way I am,honestly !!!! People say sometimes you have to lie,because you land yourself in a situation and there is no way out. I feel you can get past (that) situation if you are honest to others and yourself. There’s a thin line between being honest….frank….. Forthright…..brutal. They all stem from the same word, but then the harm you do ,with them,to others varies from left to right.Yes,there are times when I had to hold my honest opinion and tell people things that may not be true. Those are days,when I make people happy, by lying not to them but only to myself.But there are days, when lying is
the only way out(and I have to eat my own words, to accept that) and on such a day, I feel miserable and claustrophobic.

So today morning I geared myself up,took a deep breath,said my rehearsed lines,coz otherwise I would have fumbled over what was not true.I hope god forgives me,coz I have lied, as I would have been dishonest,to myself, had I spoken the truth.I wouldn’t have been able to do justice to my job,would have made my family uncomfortable, and would have given up the a lot of freedom and happiness that I enjoy. Convincing the mind is easy, but not the heart. Guilt like dandruff is difficult to get rid of.

And now that I have sinned, I shall go and sin a little more,by telling myself that rajma chawal is not fattening and so aren’t two packets of Cadbury's bytes chocolate crunch.

Tuesday, March 4


I can now boast that I know Kareena Kapoor,up close and personal.unluckily,had the filmfare awards telecast stretched (just)another half an hour,I would have been able to sketch Kareena with my eyes closed.Just 20 mins into the programme,and I was prophetically announcing ,the next actor/actress in the frame,and there wasn't a very big list to choose from.You don't need to be a genius for that.The usual predictable sequence was hopelessly oscillating between Shakrukh ...Gauri...saif...kareena...saif.....kareena.....Shahrukh,to a point of blur.
The function was initiated by Vidya Balan, looking ,like a ready to pop,
fanta bottle,(and i thought most men loved her for her cherubic face)ahem!!! the perfect nominee, for the 'wardrobe malfunction' award.I expected SRK and Saif to recreate,the brilliant comic timing they had displayed previously,I waited patiently,and they failed miserably.They tripped time and again over their lines and the jokes fell flat.It just proves,that big stars fail to shine,in the absence of a good script.However, full credit to SRK and Saif for correctly predicting that "we are going to be rude,crass ,cheap and ridiculous",as rude and cheap they were,down to the last E and the P.Their gags lacked humour,were in bad taste,hopelessly ridiculous.
The whole show seemed to be a public declaration of the Saif- Kareena love story and 'the tattoo within'.The Saif-Kareena onstage kiss (on the cheek)received more coverage than the union budget ,perhaps.Saawariyaa was literally the 'BUTT' of all jokes,for all BUTT obvious reasons.Maybe they should have renamed it to 'Filmfare Kapoor -Khan -dan' awards.Adding to the misery,was Karan Johar,his usual coyish,boyish and gayish self( he missed no opportunity to kiss Shahrukh on stage( close up Gauri Khan several times) .Not surprisingly,Aamir Khan kept away from the scenario(not even a scene was available from TZP for the nominee listing).Surprisingly,The Bachchan parivar absented themselves(for reasons known).None of the vetrans were present,(and if they were there,no one bothered to cover them).

Sigh,I should have watched "hum aapke hain kaun"running on Zee instead.Madhuri,tuffy.....the wonder dog and Salman in a vest ,singing dhik tana..dhik tana,is any day..err any night a more tolerable option.