Friday, March 28





Prax said...

waaaaaah :( i wish i never saw this

~nm said...

Drool...Such delicious picture. Its making me hungry and its just 9:30 in the morning!!

Not fair Gazal!

Gazal said...

@prax and nm

hey people...complete the slogan

Guruprasad said...


(i thought of saying 'feeds the world' first... but then i decided not to take chances with that... i'd rather be fed first :P )

brocasarea said...

bitti oota andre mai alla bai!!![free meal means all body mouth-rough translation]:)

satish said... a right hand.

--xh-- said...

... is never empty.
am hungry adn then this post... not at all fair :(

Madhumita. said...

Ok lost my last comment ... "THE HAND THAT HOLDS THE LADLE - Decides WHATS ON THE TABLE!"

I think I'll put that up on my fridge :)

Prax said...

...better not drop the food on the floor

Prax said...
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Ps said...

..has every right to fling dal on your face--so you better watch what you say!!!

(Now where is my prize for the best caption?) :P

a wanderlust said...

I suddenly remembered one bengali poem written by sukumar Roy, father of Satyajit Roy, the great film-maker, and father of 'Indian nonsense poems'. it goes as

"khai khai karo kano
eso baso ahare,
khawabo azob khawa bhoj koy jahare"
(why are you looking so greedy, come have a bite, this feasting is for you and you only)

Thinking aloud said...

1) eats last...:)

2) decides my stomach's fate :-P


Friendly nextdoor guy said...

i was home when i came across your blog. only thing i remember says after visiting your blog was
"Mama, I'm hungry!!"

G U R U said...

"The hand that holds the mine(yours?)"

Gazal said...

true...when it comes to matters of the stomach..never take a chance.

a meal cooked by someone else is always welcome.

absolutely RIGHT !


so true..apt for the dinning.

yes....such a waste

is that a threat..lady..
hereby awarded the prize ! !

a feast for the eyes and the stomach as was

Gazal said...

@thinking aloud

lol...yes true sometimes...thanks for two responses.

@friendly neighbour
yes..reminds me of ma too.

actually three people.and as for me,i was busy taking the picture1 !

Comrade Chakra said...

The hand that holds the got the whole your hand....with your hand (sing to mastercard tune)

Solitaire said...

----needs to stir well!!

Tys on Ice said...

hand that hold the ladle also gets to rock the cradle

hows tht for being the most male chavaunistic tagline

padma said...

hey gazal here it is!!!

1) Hand that holds the ladle gets to decide whats the menu on my table!!
2) hand that holds the ladle catalyses the reactions in my bowel ;-)))

Am waiting for my Prize ;-)))

Gazal said...

you got the whole worlds' stomach in your hand(*singing*)

errr...did you have a bad tummy after reaching back!!!???

you either rock the cradle or hold the fair

so right....or you may have to order food from outside!!!!