Saturday, October 25


A little bit of rain....
can be such a relief.....
esp after four continuous periods
no more stairs to climb...some vocal relief
(we have to bring the kids up everyday after lunch)

A little bit of rain....
and you get a rainy day 10 mins
"you can go home early" bonus from school...
little pleasures that bring a smile

A little bit of rain.....
and you can pamper yourself with
yet another coffee and yet another
indulgence and rain go hand in hand

nothing is more welcome
than the sound of thunder and rain
to drown the voices in your head
when all you want to hear is silence....

there nothing like walking in the rain
pretending that you love splashing
when actually your feet have nowhere
to take you ,and you nowhere to go....

a little rain is welcome
to camouflage joy and sorrow
rain is a lovely umbrella
especially when you want to cry....

Sunday, October 19

Tagadiction !!!!!

NAME : TAG no.****

OBJECTIVE :To let the world know about yet another 5 quirky aspects of thy personality and to TAG another 5 innocent bakras to do the same.


When they say addiction,why does it have this evil,accusing mean tone to it?What maybe an annoying, addictive habit in my personality(for others),may be my signature,something that makes me unique errrr wierd !!!
SO,here goes

1.rise and shine and sweat..i shall

Yes,I am addicted to my morning dose of exercise and am loving it.There are very few souls,who subject themselves to this (torture) of actually kicking thenselves out of bed just when you get the sweetest of dreams.I have no idea how well you can kicked by spirits,because they failed to have any effect on me,but there is no better shot of feel good harm ones,than exercise.Oh yes,I may not FIT into any of the global standard height and weight chats,but feel that fitness and stamina are the parameters to measure yourself. If you are amongst the many who aren't convinced....just get a good pair of shoes and kick the bed.


everyone at home may call it bakwas....i am addicted to chatting with my friends(a select few actually).It's the ideal way to unwind and destress after a hectic days schedule.I often do it at night,when the family's asleep,so that they can't keep a check on the time.I once remember chatting for so long that the mobile burnt out.

3.Yeh banana chips mujhe de de thakur

One thing that I can't resist knowing fully well,that they shall play havoc,with the calorie counters,that I maintain.If there are banana chips around, I am completely distracted and will not rest, till they are over.So,have found a simple solution.....have stopped buying them(in rare cases,they walk upto me on their own)

4.Net and blogging

check mail...check blog...check others blog....and another blog...then another ......
It's an addiction tough to break.Am sure there are many others affected with the same virus.No cure in sight !!!GOOD ...WE AREN'T COMPLAINING EITHER!!!


not that i am a connoisseur,but there has to be a background score playing somewhere in the house,whenever ,and where ever I am working.As a result,I keep switching systems,as i move from one room to another(i even have one in the kitchen...err bathroom being the only exception.So,what about the time at school??

aha...that's music of a different kind all together,and mostly I am the one dancing to everybody Else's tunes.SIGH



SATISH(you haven't done the prev one either)

DOES IT MATTER(yes it does....please attempt the tag and prove so)

SALIL(am sure you will)


currently addicted to this song...cute and simple...but so true...
dil ki yahee khata hai
dil ko nahin bata hai
arree chata hai kya....

Sunday, October 12

34 bubblegums and candies....The book launch

What makes a book special?
Sometimes, the fact that it has been so much in the news ,that you feel you would be an outcast ,if you didn’t read it.Sometimes,a big author,who has finally come up with his nth book,(where he has finally promised to release his inner most secrets) and the rest of the time, other trivial facts like, what the book contains.
But this book was special,for most of the time I know the author and almost always the author doesn’t know me.This time the author was special and she was one of us(and I was certain that she knew me)

Preeti,also known as P.S,definitely needs no introduction,(unless of course If you happen to be a non blogger) .Her blog is an immensely popular one and I say that not because of the quantum of comments she invites,but because her writing possesses an honesty that is simple to read, understand and feel.So,naturally when she came to Bangalore to launch her book.I couldn’t have missed the opportunity.Add,to that, that the launch doubled up as an unofficial blogger’s meet.
The launch of ‘34 bubblegums and candies’ took place,at Crossword (yes,that’s the title…and you have to read and experience the both the bubblegums and candies in it, to completely understand why she has named the book so).I have to confess,that I haven’t been to any book launches till date,so I did not know what to expect. I missed the beginning of the launch, thanks to the mad traffic that descends on Bannergatta road.Preeti spoke about her book and especially about why the book was titled so.Mr R.K Mishra(lead India winner) was the guest of honour,and asked Preeti to read out some of the stories he loved from the book.Preeti’s confidence,while speaking to the audience about her book,reminded me of her posts.Honest and totally from the heart.She answered the audiences questions,especially the one about her next book,(as expected,with strict confidentiality).

For those who have enjoyed reading her blog,some of the stories will be nostalgic.My favourite ones are “Sly Stallone does not open easily” and “radiators and drains”.Of course,the story “what women want” tops the list,for the brilliant retort provided by Satish(her husband).Preeti’s second book and Satish’s (yet to be started)blog are eagerly awaited.

So,I left the book store with a personally autographed copy of 34 bubblegums and candies,with a little bonus of a 35th candy which happens to be the lovely bookmark made by her kids for everyone who buys the book,which sweetly says(‘thank you for buying my mom’s book).

Preeti’s book has finally broken the jinx.I have finished reading at least one book,this year.I know this fact,will have an adverse effect on my reputation as a teacher.But,then like I always say….a bad reputation is more difficult to maintain than a good one !!!!

Kudos Preeti.

(some pictures of the launch taken by -xh-)

Sunday, October 5

reunion 2008

This vacation has been very different.If you ask my mother to choose an appropriate word,she would probably say WIERD.Unlike,most normal people who utilise their vacations to thrash the bed till 11,pig out on the choicest of home made yummy mummy food,and inflict that shop' till you drop or your wallet cries stop'feeling.I have done none.Thanks to my dear princi,in school,who decided that teachers' should be given the students' share of holiday H.W , as well.I am spending 4-5 hrs,racking my brains on creating CREATIVE WORKSHEETS for my students.Add to that, the navratras,so am devoid of my mom's delicious kashmiri delicacies too.

But,the brightest spot this time was the fact that I met my classmates from school,after 15 long years.I have to admit,that ,previously,every time I came to Delhi for a vacation,a tiny part of my heart wished ,that I would bump into my classmates ,somewhere.I knew it was an extremely romantic notion,given the fact that I had lost touch with almost all of them,ever since I moved to being Mrs.Misra,W/O an army officer.I found it extremely difficult to update my friends,about my whereabouts and thought that I lost all of them.My memory too, by some strange default,had started erasing all school related data. I couldn't connect names and faces.I blamed age.But,I knew the real culprit,was time and that it creates a giant creator in our hearts and minds.
So,this time,when about 20 of us decided to meet after 15 long years,I was a bit skeptical.I hadn't met and spoken to most of them since almost one and a half decade,now.Will they be the same?I had my doubts.
Reunions are not an easy thing to plan,especially in a city like Delhi.People live on one planet and work on another.To expect them to party after this intergalactic ordeal,that too on a mad Monday evening, only to meet me,was indeed overwhelming(though they never gave me the credit).

It was amazing to see the same boyish faces,but with shades of grey,a little paunch and that double chin.Indeed,we had all grown up.It took just a couple of drinks to melt away the initial formalities and most of us surprisingly were back to our old pranks.Secrets that lay buried for 15 long yrs,were blurted out.Unexpressed crushes,leaked papers,grudges,school dances,teachers,bunked classes,unexplained class mysteries...we solved quite a bit.I had started remembering everything clearly now.I also managed to find out who the mysterious tiffin box chor of the class was.It had been a dear friend.
I don't know when I'll be able to meet them again.Although communication is at its peak.I know,a lot of them,will probably fail to respond to mails and SMS's.But,I also know,that even when I meet them after another gap of 15 yrs,they will still be the same friends,I left behind in school.

Saturday, October 4

messages from a tea coaster ! ! !

Not really the most brillaint of pictures,but worth a click for what it says