Sunday, October 19

Tagadiction !!!!!

NAME : TAG no.****

OBJECTIVE :To let the world know about yet another 5 quirky aspects of thy personality and to TAG another 5 innocent bakras to do the same.


When they say addiction,why does it have this evil,accusing mean tone to it?What maybe an annoying, addictive habit in my personality(for others),may be my signature,something that makes me unique errrr wierd !!!
SO,here goes

1.rise and shine and sweat..i shall

Yes,I am addicted to my morning dose of exercise and am loving it.There are very few souls,who subject themselves to this (torture) of actually kicking thenselves out of bed just when you get the sweetest of dreams.I have no idea how well you can kicked by spirits,because they failed to have any effect on me,but there is no better shot of feel good harm ones,than exercise.Oh yes,I may not FIT into any of the global standard height and weight chats,but feel that fitness and stamina are the parameters to measure yourself. If you are amongst the many who aren't convinced....just get a good pair of shoes and kick the bed.


everyone at home may call it bakwas....i am addicted to chatting with my friends(a select few actually).It's the ideal way to unwind and destress after a hectic days schedule.I often do it at night,when the family's asleep,so that they can't keep a check on the time.I once remember chatting for so long that the mobile burnt out.

3.Yeh banana chips mujhe de de thakur

One thing that I can't resist knowing fully well,that they shall play havoc,with the calorie counters,that I maintain.If there are banana chips around, I am completely distracted and will not rest, till they are over.So,have found a simple solution.....have stopped buying them(in rare cases,they walk upto me on their own)

4.Net and blogging

check mail...check blog...check others blog....and another blog...then another ......
It's an addiction tough to break.Am sure there are many others affected with the same virus.No cure in sight !!!GOOD ...WE AREN'T COMPLAINING EITHER!!!


not that i am a connoisseur,but there has to be a background score playing somewhere in the house,whenever ,and where ever I am working.As a result,I keep switching systems,as i move from one room to another(i even have one in the kitchen...err bathroom being the only exception.So,what about the time at school??

aha...that's music of a different kind all together,and mostly I am the one dancing to everybody Else's tunes.SIGH



SATISH(you haven't done the prev one either)

DOES IT MATTER(yes it does....please attempt the tag and prove so)

SALIL(am sure you will)


currently addicted to this song...cute and simple...but so true...
dil ki yahee khata hai
dil ko nahin bata hai
arree chata hai kya....


Nikhil Narayanan said...

God! 7 tags to be completed now.
You scare me with CAPS.

Nikhil Narayanan said...

Forgot to mention.
Have sent a truck load of Benanachips from Malluland.


Does it matter said...

Hey you have performed one of the worst crimes there is - made me feel inadequate!
You have tagged a techno-challenged (atleast blogging-wise) person, who currently is struggling to figure out what exactly is the action one is required to take!!!

Waiting for light..

--xh-- said...

another tag :-) and in this, I am charged guilty for 4 out of 5 counts... ;-D

I also belong to the species who gets kicked by their own spirit to get up and do some stretches and workouts - it is whole another matter that it don't show up in my body, but that is not a reason enough to stop me from doing my morning round of workouts...

banana chips :-) yeah, I know I know... :-D

i dunno how people can live without music - if i have to study or work, I need music around....

bak bak, net and Blogging - who said they are quirks? no way... :P they r my 'normal' habits... ;)

Monika said...

I think I am the same as u on 3 matters.... music.. bak bak.. and blogging... dont know how people live without them... do i still need to do the tag ;-) will take it up soon

Prats said...

Oh you think they walk upto!! What hopes woman...Just eat it na....its not weird at all...cos if it is, then i'm sure the world will eb filled with husband does that too and so do I :(

Does it matter said...

Illuminated I stand.


satish said...

thank you so much for tagging me. makes me feel important :)

Mampi said...

Fir se miss ho gayee yeh post.
But loved reading it, simply loved it.
Very impressed with the first one-Mahesh would be so so so impressed if he read it.
I am totally in agreement with the second one, however, I am not addicted to that. But yes I am, like Roop says, mrs chat-ter-ji. Totally addicted to your number 4- mere sath aisa hi hota hai, checkone, then other, then another, and it goes on. and the best thing in this post was the banana chips that walk by themselves to you. Cannot imagine it, but I do believe you.

Suma said...

okay, now that i've finished laughing, let me, ahem, comment :D

i'm a total bak-bak gal too...also to only those i know well enough, ...ditto to 2, 4, 5...

had fun reading this...

brocasarea said...

nice quirks!!!..
i love chatting too....:D...

How do we know said...

a ha!! i liked ur second addiction best, and almost envy u for it.

Gazal said...


am buying a new cupboard...

@does it matter

thanks and am proud of you

you are guilty as hell

do it girl!!



Gazal said...




ha i know i am normal.

@how do we know

that really builts my morale.

padma said...

heyy gazal!!
nice post! well, i agree that these addictions make us unique...;-))
i'll replce withbana chips with mayo:-), emailing, scraps, chatting, talking abut diet & excercise ( never mind if i dont excercise for few mnth/ years;-) & of course cant live without music...
am sure there are many more addictions you havent mentioned on the blog ;-))))

Gazal said...

the whole world is conspiring aganst me...

why why?
et tu brutus?

Balvinder Singh said...


loved that last one "the non stop music"

Monika said...

yippppppeeeeeeee finally did it :)