Monday, July 28


It's amazing how easy it has become to pick up a fight,about the most insanely silliest of things these days.

So,says my dear Husband.

It doesn't take too much(too long) to disagree,but a lot to make the other person to agree and see the logic in what you have to say.But,love and logic are difficult to explain,especially when you have to explain the logic in love.Unfortunately,by then both of us can only see red,and matters of the heart are dealt without the head and only with the tongue.The amazing thing is that most married couple agree with this.There is so much of similarity in the way couples fight.Not just in the way they fight,but also what they fight about.......for each one of us,has our own style....trademarked and copyrighted.The issues however rarely differ from family to family.

It's amazing how we blame everything and everyone around us,whenever the marital thermostat, surges.Stress,traffic,no water,no maid,leftovers from last night,re re re run of a movie,bathroom lights left on(by mistake),kids,their report card,forgotten birthdays......everything but,ourselves.

The A B C'S of a marriage change before and after .They are transformed in the few months of marriage and deformed by the time,you reach the first decade.You start analysing and
counting the years in decades and after 10,the counter just leaps by the tens.

TRUTH changes like the weather,before and after.Once upon a time, truth was the fact that "I can't live without you",now the fact of the matter is that"It's so difficult to live with you".Sweet nothings change to bitter everythings.A lot of times,I feel that wisdom lies in accepting that you(me) are wrong and you(he) is right.Check out the expression on their faces when you do that right in the middle of a heated conversation.......(what?? you can't(don't want to fight anymore !!!).I do that often,these days,Coz I'm told....I often start the fight !!!!!Merely ,not because,you are the man(right)and I'm the woman(wrong).But,because silence is my weapon of conveying the truth,across to you.So,is this wisdom submissiveness,or giving up without a fight?Most people would debate that,I'm sure.

Can we fight when there's just one person in the conversation?NO.It's amazing how easy it is to bring the temperature down,without saying a word.I have discovered the power of silence and the fact that it is a weapon that ignites the other,while helps you to ignore.


Saturday, July 19

a little bit of dash

Yet another promise broken.
A new post goes up today,when it should have last week just like the numerous "promises of walks",every evening.The week seems to be on roller blades ,these days barely leaving me gasping for air err time.
Just like the sentences that my students make,no commas no full stops,in short no sense at all.So,apart from injecting some grammatical sense,in my students,i decided to insert a little dash,in my schedule,before the complete sense and I lost my balance.

and this dash is called "Yercaud".A little town,tucked away between 20 hair pin bends and a little lake.Just four and a half hours from Bangalore,it often loses out to it's fairer cousin Ooty.The town has just the thing that you need to break away from the monotony of hectic weeks.......SIMPLICITY.A lazy town that closes at seven,a pond of a lake,a beautiful viewpoint,no crowds to fear,(just monkeys) and just a handful of hotels,which leave no space for comparison.Farthest is one km and feast is a buffet of left over 'chinese veg pulao and gulab jamun'.And you don't complain.You know,you are really chilling out,when at the end of three days,watching monkeys too feels so relaxing.

"The dash is a handy device, informal and essentially playful, telling you that you're about to take off on a different track but still in some way connected with the present course — only you have to remember that the dash is there"
found it in an old grammar textbook

so don't take your grammar lessons lightly !!!!!

Tuesday, July 8

JAB WE MET !!!!!

The setting was perfect and so was the timing.Sunday.....Barista...3 30 p.m and no trace of rain in an extremely overcast Bangalore sky.The rain gods were more than generous in holding back the rains,so as to allow the much awaited bloggers meet.With absolutely no corporate initiate,to back it,and after bumping and raiding and hectic commenting on each others blogs.It was time to say"LET'S MEET".For once, the blogs took a back seat and the authors stepped forward and met.The 50 odd confirmatory and introductory mails,set the tone and broke most of the (non existent)ice between us.

Anoop got the early bird prize,(i don know if he found a worm).The rest of us patriotically followed the IST (no offence meant).Since I knew only Anoop,it was fun trying to predict if the next person entering the door would be THE BLOGGER ,or not.(and mostly we were bang on).Being the only MAN in the group I wonder if he felt like the odd man out or awkward or responsible !!!!Once in most of us ,did what we were best at.......TALKING.... resting only to sip the coffee and the iced teas.

It was interesting to finally meet the faces behind the words and the thoughts and the funny thing was that at the end of it,it didn't feel like a first meeting at all.

those who made it......(in order of appearance)


Here's to many such meets and a big thank you to everyone who turned up.

Hope we can keep it going.

For those who missed it,we missed you too(esp suma).....there's always a next time and in case anybody was left out and wants to join in.Please drop me a line

for some more pics(by xh)