Saturday, July 19

a little bit of dash

Yet another promise broken.
A new post goes up today,when it should have last week just like the numerous "promises of walks",every evening.The week seems to be on roller blades ,these days barely leaving me gasping for air err time.
Just like the sentences that my students make,no commas no full stops,in short no sense at all.So,apart from injecting some grammatical sense,in my students,i decided to insert a little dash,in my schedule,before the complete sense and I lost my balance.

and this dash is called "Yercaud".A little town,tucked away between 20 hair pin bends and a little lake.Just four and a half hours from Bangalore,it often loses out to it's fairer cousin Ooty.The town has just the thing that you need to break away from the monotony of hectic weeks.......SIMPLICITY.A lazy town that closes at seven,a pond of a lake,a beautiful viewpoint,no crowds to fear,(just monkeys) and just a handful of hotels,which leave no space for comparison.Farthest is one km and feast is a buffet of left over 'chinese veg pulao and gulab jamun'.And you don't complain.You know,you are really chilling out,when at the end of three days,watching monkeys too feels so relaxing.

"The dash is a handy device, informal and essentially playful, telling you that you're about to take off on a different track but still in some way connected with the present course — only you have to remember that the dash is there"
found it in an old grammar textbook

so don't take your grammar lessons lightly !!!!!


~nm said...

Wow! It sounds like just the place to go and relax! The second pic of the misty mountains is SO beautiful!

Parul Gahlot said...

wonderful! good to see mohan...lovely pic of the two of u! Big hug

Manasa said...

Whoa.. Yercaud is a beautiful place. Hope you had a great time there :)

Suma said...

YES!!! ma'am...will remember that next time i dash into the wall...

and yercaud is simply delightful... its been ages since i last went there...and hope it remains the same...crowds...shoo...go away!

--xh-- said...

yercaud - a lazy town and a good breakaway from teh city crowds. itz been some time since i have been there - time to revisit :)
the second snap is just awesome...

Monika said...

i went to yercuad couple of years back and its a nice place... perfect to sit back and do nothing for a couple of days.... good that u took a break... a good break always peps one up......

Gazal said...

the sight was breathtaking!!!

long time.where have you been?

welcome back.zank you

we did.

ouch!!!make it part of your next trip.You are so rite...crods shooo

thank was an amazing experince.looks kind of surreal and touched...but its not

exactly what one wants !!

Joy said...

beautiful place!

brocasarea said...

looks fun there....good snap:)

dharmabum said...

we were never really taught grammar, i wonder how i learnt it. or the little bit that i did pick up! oh, and the dash, well i do tend to use it often ;)

sounds like u had a good time :)

Gazal said...



you are doing fantastic without it

dharmabum said...

written something that i'd like you to read.

and thanks, coming from a teacher, that definitely is a compliment!

Ps said...

Loved the dash quote :)
Yercaud is a great place too and you made it come alive.

Gazal said...


i did.check your comments box.

i hope i did justice to it.

Mampi said...

Gaz - this is what i have been calling the "dash-post" for all those days. Well said, after all who would understand the importance of the dash-interregnum but an English teacher.

padma said...

hey gazal!!
Lovely place !! Looks like i really need to go & CHILL there!! :-)))