Friday, July 31

a time to celebrate !!!!

Excuses are the only explanation to why I haven’t been able to write anything on this space and my school, is the only explanation for this excuse.A lot of people scoff whenever I say this,but I have no other way to convince them, except pray that someday, when they make the difficult choice of being a‘ teacher’ ,they’ll agree .The new session has started in school.WELL, it started almost a month and a half back, but the pace at which it’s moving, I won’t be surprised that it’ll be over before we can say ‘start’. Usually new sessions have a slow tempo to them, which gives both the kids and the teachers enough time to snap out of the holiday mood. But, this year is different. It’s barely been a month and a half, and everybody just seems to be running at a maddening, hectic pace to finish portions,projects,exams,workshops..sometimes the kids. The number of teachers switching over to sneakers,just proves it so.

Our school is spread across three floors,with classes never close enough to take a gossip break with the 'teacher next door',and in spite of all the complicated and time consuming time table scheduling,the co coordinators spend numerous hours on,there are always a unlucky few who have their classes all across the three floors(it’s a great excuse I give myself whenever I skip exercise).Our staffroom on the third floor, like our students in class, is the nosiest and the most notorious of the three. We often thank our stars for being the canopy of the school, because we know that, thanks to ‘high noise levels’ ,the principal would have needed an extra pair of hands to keep the teachers in check. In happier times, last year ,we even had to shut the door of the SR most of the time, to seal the sound of guffawing and peals of laughter(in spite of the elevation). This year,however the staffroom resembles a railway station cloak room,when it should ….a waiting room. People use their desks more to park their luggage than themselves. The chairs are never occupied and lunch time has suddenly lost its flavour. Teachers come in with a huge payload of books, check a mountain pile of notebooks and go back home with yet another huger consignment.Some ….actually most of us carry a bigger and a heavier bag than our students.

The only time(these days) you hear someone speaking loudly is, when they are making an announcement. The announcements too, are never about cheerful events, like a sudden holiday or a staff picnic or ‘you can go home early today’ news(teachers are simple creatures).They are always about impending doom i.e deadlines..notebook checking deadlines,assignment deadlines,event deadlines,exam deadlines,question paper deadlines and thereafter correction deadlines. Not that these deadlines didn’t exist last year,but they were always booed,commented and cribbed about.At least they were commented on.This year its more of resignation.


You know for sure that people(teachers) are awfully busy when they don’t comment on each others sarees.Comment doesn’t always mean compliment.The fact that no one in the staffroom has time to even criticize confirms the fact that women are unwell,blind,busy,stressed or (people like me)have no taste for good clothes. Even if they can’t see eye to eye,they’ll always keep an eye on who is wearing what. Right from the necklines to the mismatched petticoats. You can’t escape a teachers eye.Once a teacher always a teacher,even though theres’ a colleague on the receiving end.
And then, suddenly there was a whirlwind of enthusiasm in all three staff rooms. The energy and chatter was infectious.It’s the same kind of energy that is witnessed when either Kumble or Dravid or both of them, come visiting or to pick up their kids or for a school event(at such times there are no prizes for guessing why so many of us opt for the VIP reception duty).I remember making the mistake of mentioning, that I saw Dravid at the school reception, (standing at the staffroom door). I nearly got crushed by the stampede.Oh ,I digressed.So,suddenly,all the teachers(most of us) who leave at the stroke of three thirty,were in no hurry … they strolled and walked out .The coffee wending machine, was working overtime and became a gossip exchange server. It was time for the annual increments to be announced and we were under a strict professional oath, (that was the first line and the last line of the fine print) not to disclose any details to each other,to maintain professionalism.Easier said than done.Teachers are the worst ,when it comes to following rules. You(I) suddenly became an identity and my raise was part of that identity, which everyone was most curious about.

The raise is a boon, coz something is definitely better than nothing especially when a majority, are fighting to get their salaries into their accounts and I know, that ,the fact that our salaries were raised ,would naturally make us a subject of envy, discussion,awe in short demi gods.Had these been unrecessioned and happier times,this raise would have competed with peanuts and lost sorely to them.For as long as I can remember WE have always been content with the nobility of our professions' than with the pay packets.It has always been that ‘last things on my list ‘during interviews.The truth is that teachers need the moolah as much as any other ‘real professionals’. They love the children they teach ,but they also love to have a cup of that Jamaican Coffee at Barista.WE love our jobs but we can’t survive on love and fresh air alone. So,once in a while WE get greedy and talk money instead of morals.
So,while we bask in the warmth of this raised status, we do know and hope that it’s not long before, time, money and salaries will catch up with us.After all,WE are the ones preparing all the future economists,in our laboratories called classrooms.Till then and even after that we shall be celebrating.

Monday, June 29

rules..happiness ka naya funda

This year,I am not a class teacher and am not teaching anything. In school, any rumour about anything remotely connected to free periods, holidays or teacher- on –leave and any class without TEACHING travels like wild fire .So, a teacher who will not teach is a fact that kids find difficult to believe and accept. They always have a sneaking suspicion that we are saying that only to get their attention.(most of the time we do).The sad thing is that kids are so conditioned to being TAUGHT, that a class without teaching seems like a paradox to them.
My new project probably deserves a full post. But, in the meanwhile here' s a small excerpt from a book, that I discovered accidentally and read out in class as an opening activity.

‘Seven habits of happy children” by Sean Covey has seven wonderfully written stories, that are interesting,funny yet convey the message in a very non preachy kind of way.(kids are very very wary of moral stories and they have this remarkable ability to pretend to listen to such stories with their minds completely off).

Read the book and the 'happy rules', if you have kids aged 5-12 years or if you are a teacher or work with kids and above all if you have a grumpy kid locked inside you somewhere .
I incidentally fall into all of the above three categories.

1. You are in charge of your own fun.
You can make your own fun.You don’t need others to make it happen. Just look around there are things waiting to happen.

2.Say sorry,if you have been rude, much before you are asked to apologise.

3.Plan your tomorrow.Be it clothes or homework.or your day.Save time,it saves money too.Plan ahead of time.

4.Don’t procrastinate.Be proactive.

Do what you have to do so that you can do what you want to do.

5.Seek first to understand,then to be understood.Listen before you talk.Listen with your eyes,your heart ,before you listen with your ears.

6. Complete your wish list. It’s your wish list and only you can fulfill it.

7.1+1 synergise,value differences, but work together to make a difference.

Some of these rules may need explanation especially when you read it out to the younger ones.Let me know what you thought about the book.

Tuesday, June 9



Monday, June 1

Run Maddi Run

On Sunday May 31st,if you were on the road at 7 a.m with your sneakers on,with a large beaming smile,chances were that you were headed towards the Kanteerava Indoor stadium.If it wasn't the sneakers, then the little rug sack with the bright sunfeast logo gave you away.In our case,it couldn't have got any more obvious.We had our pin numbers proudly pasted on our tees.The autofellow didn't need any coaxing.Nobody seemed in a hurry to get to anywhere,yet looked focused. It seemed all roads in Bangalore led to only one destination.Even if they didn't ,everybody intended to make it to the same place.For a change being just one among thousands didn't feel as bad.This wasn't a race,it was more of a carnival.
You don't get many chances of running a marathon,not winning it and still feeling like a winner in the end.

Marathon statistics

Total participants 2009 sunfeast: 23,150
Majja run participants: 13,000
distance covered : 5 kms
race war cry: RUN MAADI RUN
Total Time spent on training : 2 weeks
last time you ran a race ever : NEVER
personal race timings : how does it matter !!!
No. of smiling faces in the stadium(including the sick bay): countless
race motivation factors:Milind Soman,cameras and being captured by the media.
prize trophy:an apple,a packet of biscuits,a sweet bun that never tasted better
and loads of memories.

in the picture,in order of best timing

Anshul finished the race first in 30 mins and spent the next 30 mins looking for his mother and the next 3 hrs rubbing my(poor race timings in).Padma was extremely focussed,on tracking Milind Soman,so she came in second and Shanu and Me decided to share the third position,as we felt the podium generally accepted three positions only.

Thursday, April 30

cinema stubs

holiday homework.....A movie a day keeps all thoughts of work at bay !!!!!

1.Never judge a movie by its review.I stopped reading reviews and watching them after Rajiv Masand pronounced "Kabhi alvida...a brillaint movie"
2.I can't watch a movie in bits and pieces.I like them strong and on the rocks and I love having a celluloid hangover.
3.I am choosy and critical about the movies I watch.I often end up seeing reruns than new movies,if I can't find any.
A few memorable ones that I caught up with this vacation.

Dev D

Want to see some bOllywood ishtyle masala- romance-hate –romance ,chap films(that we can’t do without).Please don’t see Dev D.It’s one of those movies that take you by the collar and proudly declare that Indian cinema is experimental,bold,aggressive and dares to be different !!!and you are all shook by from the first to the last reel.

If you think remaking classics is foolish,then what do you call remaking and adapting a classic into a contemporary film that challenges conventions of its original masterpiece ….you can call it BRILLIANT.

It’s hard to ignore Mahie Gill as Paro,for her brilliance is partly conveyed through her expressions and sometimes just by her sheer presence(remember the scene where she vents her rage on the water pump).It is said that Anurag wrote Paro’s character after he met Mahie.

The characters are all there…Devdas,Paro,Chanda,chunni…..yet boldly reinvented.The moulds of the quintessential broken down by the bold and the brazen.Driven by love,lust,drugs ,anger and pacified by booze, this is the young and crazy India.

In case you were missing the songs,they are all there(all 18 of them),expertly woven and brilliantly synced.My favourite though is the Pardesi track.Beware the music is addictive.
It can’t get any better and we can’t wait to watch more Mr. Basu.

Slumdog Millionaire

You can either love it or simply hate it,but you can’t ignore the movie. It’s like looking at yourself in the mirror.You may not like what you see.There’ll be a lot of denial and blame on why things are the way they are.
The fact is that reality isn’t always perfect and beautiful.Let's leave that genre to Karan Johar and his band of men and women.

Why the movie made it to the Oscars and swept them all away is understandable.Precisely the reason why I chose to watch the movie weeks after the hyper -media –hype died down and despite the excessive oscarization(I have to admit) the movie does leave you with a bravo,semi patriotic,I am Indian(partly proud partly not) feeling.That’s what completes the Indianess in all of us.There’s a subtle beauty in all that’s grimy,dirty and filthy in India.We can’t escape that.That the world loves to see that filth and celebrates it, is also a bitter reality.Sadly,it takes a Brit to tell the world, the story about what lies beneath a shining India.
Rahman and Boyle deserve their due,but the real heroes were Azharuddin Ismail and Rubina Ali and all the child artists in the film.They manage to tug at your heart and stay right there(in it) even hours after the credits roll away.

Dil Kabbadi

Okay okay…it’s a miserable ripoff of Husband’s and wife’s.I was warned.But I am a sucker for Irrfan movies,so couldn’t ignore this one.

This movie starts where the others end.The classic seven year itch just got shrunk honey !! to a three year one. The film follows the lives of two modern day married couples – Samit (Irrfan Khan) and Mita (Soha Ali Khan); Rishi (Rahul Bose) and Simi (Konkona Sen Sharma),who are caught in the classic boredom in bedroom feeling after a few years of holy matrimony.The ’They lived happily ever after’,is but a myth known and accepted only by the privilidged many–the married.The other side of marriage not always love,togetherness and fidelity.If you thought being in love was tough,then being married is tougher and being married and in love consistently with the same person tougherer….

Irrfan is his brilliant self as the adventure-lust seeking husband,complemented well by Soha.However,it’s Konkana who manages steal the limelight and the attention with her brilliant portrayal as the passive aggressive…partly confused,wholly irritating,but gets what she wants.character..a winner in the end.Rahul is cute,but boring(and yes ...I meant Both the Rahul’s please)

Being married and in love is a paradox….. no comments please !!!!


A rerun,but one that amazes me every time I see the film.Definitely one of his def Naseeruddin Shah’s best performance,till date.It has a heady and brilliant cast of big wigs like Anupam Kher,Shabana Azmi and several other stalwarts.Vijay Mehta ‘s direction leaves you spell bound.

See the movie,it's difficult to describe what its made up of.It’s one of those classics where actors transcend mere acting and performances are so lifelike that you fail to see them(actors) being anyone else but their reel avtars.

A must see.

Also watched...

Jodha Akbar

To sir with love

Bicentennial man (another brilliant watch)

Barah Aanah

(suggestions for any more movies are always welcome)

Wednesday, April 15


I have been making heads turn,off late.
For,it’s difficult to find a cross between Rudolf and Frankenstein walking in your neighbourhood.Add to that, one bloodshot eye that resembles Arnold’s in Terminator.I don’t blame people for staring.
In fact I forgive them.
My status has now been elevated.I am amongst the few(lakhs of women) who had to go under the knife to look like I do(stunning in every sense of the word). My lips have a bee stung look (which women spend Lakhs on).My chin is more well defined…sharper(am presuming..the rest will be revealed after the bandages come off) and the cheek has a permanent rosy err blood red blush. I wear my shades even when indoors and people are mistaking me for a celeb straight out of Page 3.

My current mental status too resembles that of some of the amnesia stricken characters from Bollywood.So,if I have lent you money in the past,there are chances I may never ask it back.
Unfortunately,the cause isn’t as interesting.No gang wars or mafia or family dushmans involved here.If you are amongst the few who believe auto drivers in Bangalore,then according to reliable eye witnesses, it was a classic case of slip..skid and fall. Something I don’t remember at all.All I remember was waking up in the hospital emergency and wondering why I was there instead of being in Lal Bagh(where I was supposed to reach that morning).

There were only two things on my mind as I sped on my two wheeler last Sunday morning.Meeting friends at Lal Bagh for a walk and the Pune trip,which I was so looking forward to." Life is what happens to you,while you were busy planning other things”
How…when and why??? is still a mystery.I don’t recall much about .I was lucky that I was wearing a helmet,I had a mobile and some consciousness left to call home for help.But unlucky that I chose a half face helmet in a hurry and was(probably) driving much faster than I should.
I was lucky.

Please wear a helmet to save your head rather than your wallet (from the cops).If you are tempted to go bare headed because it's just a drive around the corner. Remember that so could be death.I was lucky to find people who picked me up and helped.In most accident cases,people are too scared to help.Some lessons are learnt the hard way.Some can be learnt through others experiences.

BTW…am allergic to roses, so red and white carnations can be sent in their place.

(If this post sounds disoriented and disjointed you know whom to blame)

Tuesday, March 31

lights, scalpel and action !!!!

He held my hand tenderly and asked,”Are you nervous.”
"No”, I replied, lying blatantly.
"You are in safe hands," he said and I didn’t want to believe any other man on earth at that time.His eyes smiled at me,for that was the only thing I could see of him.
He was still there when I woke up,peering at me,gently, still smiling with his eyes.It’s not everyday that a complete stranger waits patiently for me to wake up and tenderly asks me. “how are you feeling, now”?
"Never felt better!!! "I replied."It’s am amazing experience. Quite like falling in love. Actually better than falling in love !!!!"
My anaesthesiologist laughed out loud and said that he had seen and heard lots patients hallucinating under anesthesia,but never one with an improved sense of humour.

An operation theatre is far scarier than it looks in the movies ,esp when you are wide awake and can smell the atrocious fumigation fumes. They smell like death itself. The nurses and doctors (for some strange reason completely forget that there is someone remotely human lying on the table).There's a strict protocol that they follow to get the patient ready before the doctors step in.It seems so mechanical,just when you are so vulnerable.
It’s an amazing experience to hit the sack of unconsciousness in precisely 1 /100 of a second(esp for insomniacs like me) and then wake up without an alarm blaring in your ears and still feel like you have slept a hundred years. That’s the power of anesthesia.
While I kept the spirits alive in the OT, with my trademark sense of humour,I was shit scared inside. The very thought of not waking up ever and seeing my family, is probably the worst fear I have ever encountered. It’s a feeling unparalleled,in every sense of the word.
There was just one thing on my mind(as I came back) and I wanted to shout it from the rooftops(at least to my doctors, who were busy discussing patients and medical jargon). “I’m alive !!!” I screamed but I could hear just a whimper.I heard everybody laugh in the OT,despite their face masks.For the first time in my life,I thought I wasn’t being funny and everybody was laughing.

I feel like dying,I must have said this, so many times in the past,completely exasperated with school,kids at school,traffic chaos, and homework .But,now I shall exercise special restrain in saying it again surely !!!!

P.s I’m alive, kicking and well and am accepting get well soon cards,flowers and chocolates.

Tuesday, March 10

HOLI- DAY !!!!

Do you play holi??
I don't remember,ever being asked this question,all these years.Except,in the past two years that I have been in Bangalore(no…I am not being judgemental about the city) .

As far as my weak memory can recollect.You didn’t have to ask anyone to play Holi.You just had to.It was an unwritten,universal rule,that no one dared to break.If you happened to be one of those,who were(mentally) allergic to colours, wet clothes ,violence and detested spending the day painted in the weirdest possible combination of colours…well…you just had to keep mum,grin and bear it,because that would incur the wrath of the rest and you would be the ‘ holi-da-bakra ‘,that everybody loved to get their hands dirty with.

It would be ridiculous to ask anyone such a question.It would be even more absurd to ask someone who wasn’t a " so called north Indian",if they played holi.One thing was guaranteed at every home,sweets...sweets and lots of sweets and mostly from homes were I (now) have realized Holi wasn’t celebrated culturally.Call it being naive or just too blindly secular. I never knew Holi could be segregated into regions...states....areas and worst of all would be celebrated in different parts of the same country on different days.

Growing up in Delhi,as kids we looked forward to Holi(for different reasons)Firstly,we were never asked or rather told when to come back home !!.If you were a kiddo,it would mean inhabiting the streets with all possible brands of water pistols and tankers(which you would beg your parents to buy,promising them that they would last several Holi-days) and gang fights.Might was right,in true god father tradition.If you were in the teen and college gang,Holi was the day that colours would play cupid for you(with a little help from the water balloons,too.I was a miserable shooter and ended up hitting street dogs than Greek gods in my colony).

There’s no place like the army,when it comes to celebrating festivals.It’s definitely one of the most secular organizations that exist in today’s fragmented world.Your religion,state,language,sect ceases to exist once you are in the army.It’s one big family,whether you like it or not.Holi’s are arranged par excellence.The officers play colour with the ranks first and then assemble in the mess(the time you have to report with your family is decided by the seniority and rank…so if you are the junior most in the report first)There’s something for everyone…..soft drinks,hard liquor(no fauji party is complete without HL),bhang in the your pakodas…biryani.For the truly spirited there ‘s a mud pool,accompanied with a shower.It’s a vicious cycle,at whichever point you wish to jump in,you end up feeling sozzled(in mind,body and soul) in the end. It’s a rare leveler of sorts.

It’s not ‘holi’ today,but we have been given a holiday and asked to celebrate.Unfortunately,its one of those festivals that happens only when you are in a gang of like minded…or should I say like coloured people.So,while I’ll be in school,telling children like an old grandmother ,tales from my erstwhile Holi-days,I’ll hope that the rest of you shall be drenched in colours.Just grab a packet of gulal and head out.Don’t worry about formalities and ask people whether they want to play or not and if you happen to be at the receiving end,well just follow Bapu’s advice…
extend the cheek and be a sport.


Wednesday, February 25

25 random blah blahs....

You know,you have reached the pits as a blogger...when you copy and paste attempted tags from Facebook onto your blog.Anyways,its the thought that matters.Don't we all cry about not resusing and recycling our resources.It's year ending (yes... we have this phenomenon,even at schools and words are truly a precious resource)
So here it goes...

25 random blah blahs about myself......

1.Whenever I have gone to visit a close friend or family member in the hospital,I have always fainted.(It’s quite embarrassing,cause more than the patient the doctors and hospital staff,start fussing over me.It’s heartening to know, it runs in the family,coz my brother too displays the same symptoms)

2.I am not afraid of lizards.You have to drop a lizard on me to prove me wrong…but then I challenge you to drop it !!!

3.I harbor a secret ambition of being a pilot.The closest I came to it was,when I was selected by Cathay Pacific,but instead, chose to get grounded as a WIFE.

4.I am extremely possessive about my friends.

5.I got married when I was 20.

6.I am an emotional patriotic fool.I have tears in my eyes everytime I sing the national anthem.

7.I am an exercise freak.Unless terminally ill,I can’t do without exercise.I believe it’s not the way you look but the way you feel ,that’s more important.(Dil ko shamjhanee ke liyee khayal acha hai galib)

8.I can never ever skip my meals.

9.I never wanted to be a teacher,but ended up being one.Now,I can't think of anything else I could have ever been.Moral of the story..never say I will never do this… may just come true)

10.I can drive as well as change tyres of both my car and kinetic Honda.This includes the front wheel of the Kinectic as well.(go ahead and try changing it,its not everybody’s cup of tea !!!!)

11.I love driving fast.My personal best was 110 km on the Vadodara Ahemdabad expressway.Unfortunately,Bangalore roads aren’t the best place for this.

12.I am a disaster when it comes to spelling.

13.I met Mohan at a wedding,ala typically filmi style.We met and parted and then met again.(the story would have been a happy ending had it not been for the last part.)

14.I can almost never pronounce the word QUEER.It’s just one of those things,that will get me kicked out of my job someday.

15.I love Delhi,But don’t see myself living in it in the near Future.

16.I have high expectations from people I love and often end up feeling hurt,when they crash.

17.I had vowed to write once a week on my blog.It changed to once a month,now its almost once in 3 months.I hope It doesn’t get worse.

18.I hate people with attitude.I have an uncanny ability to identify them from a mile.

19.I was a cry baby at school.

20.I love photography.

21.I hate sleeping late.

22.I dissect movies to the core.I am critical ,opiniated and chossy about the movies I see.

23.I find it difficult to say NO to people(except in school,when with my class)

24.I like to be left alone when I’m sick.

25.I love dancing.I learnt Kathak for 4 yrs as a kid.I want to start all over again.

Monday, February 23

rehna tu....

One of the most difficult things in life is to love someone....
second to love them unconditionally....
third love them for what they are , just as they are !!!!

Rehna Tu ......DElhi 6...lyrics by Prasoon Joshi

Rehna tu hai jaise tu
thoda sa dard tu thoda sukun
rehna tu hai jaisa tu
dheema dheema jhonka ya phir junu

thoda sa resham tu humdum thoda sa khurdara
kabhi to ad jaye ya lad jaye ya khushboo se bhara
tujhe badalna na chahoon ratti bhar bhi sanam
bina sajawat milawat na zyada na hi kum

tujhe chahooon jaisa hain tu
mujhe teri barish main bhigna hai ghul jana hai
tujhe chahoon saahey
mujhe teri lapat main jalna rakh ho jana hai

tu zakhm de gar
marham bhi aake tu lagaye
zakhm pe bhi mujhko pyar aaye
dariya o mere yaar
doobne de mujhey dariya

rehna tu hai jisa tu
thoda sa dard tu thoda sukun
rehna tu hai jaisa tu
dheema dheema jhonka ya phir junu

haath thaam chalna ho
toh dono ke dayein haath sang kaise
haath thaam chalna ho
toh dono ke dayein haath sang kaise

ek dayain aage hoga ek bayain hoga
thaam le haath ye thaam le
chalna hai sang thaam le

rehna tu hai jisa tu
thoda sa dard tu thoda sukun
rehna tu… hai jaisa tu
dheema dheema jhonka ya phir junu

thoda sa resham tu humdum thoda sa khurdara
kabhi to ad jaye ya lad jaye ya khushboo se bhara
tujhe badalna na chahoon ratti bhar bhi sanam
bina sajawat milawat na zyada na hi kum

tujhe chahooon jaisa hain tu
mujhe teri barish main bhigna hai ghul jana hai
tujhe chahoon saahey
mujhe teri lapat main jalane rakh ho jana hai

Thursday, February 5


Fed up with the cut,copy.... paste answers that my students wrote,I motivated them to be creative and write out answers in their own words.Little did I realize that their over- active little brains were actually mixing up instructions,that I gave them for the three different subjects that I teach them.
Sometimes, to motivate them and unblock their inhibitions,I ask them to write their essays without worrying about spellings or grammar.They follow that diligently in all subjects,including their exams and some proudly have even declared this to their parents.
(i had a tough time justifying my move to the authorities).
Likewise instructions, to be creative and think out of the box were applied to Science and social studies.

The nominations for the category.......MOST CREATIVE ANSWERS goes to.....

Livestock is ......

1.when animals are domesticated for our use and there is profit.

2.when domestic animals are overused for profit,they are called livestock.

(so much of truth here)

White revolution the cultivation of cattle.

Pisciculture is

........actually bio gas,which is made from cow dung.

alternate source of energy is force.

(and this is going to be true in the near future)

Bi -product of petroleum is speed.

(profound indeed !!!! am sure this kid isn't from bangalore...coz the poor souls haven't had a chance to witness a phenomenon called speed at all)

fossil fuel is

...... when we use the remains of all dead and decomposed things.

blue revolution is......

motivating fisherman to produce more fish by themselves.

operation flood was .

......when a new breed that produced milk was introduced.

Wednesday, January 14

Dear N

Till about half and hour back,I believed that being strong had a lot to do with the number of muscles in your body,or the amount of weight you could pump or number of hours you could jog on the treadmill.Well,I know it isn't that way,but just that somewhere down the line I had forgotten about it.Just this morning the greatest worry on my mind was that k.g and a half I had acquired over the vacations,why I was sprouting new white hair suddenly.....why My son couldn't get a perfect score in his exam....
As I reached back home, this evening(after visiting a number of banks with a close friend) who is trying desperately to get a loan,I realized(shamefully) I wouldn't be able to deal with even one tenth of what she was going through)
Even though in the middle of a severe personal crisis,it's miraculous how she manages to put even a smile on her face.However,she never lets her problems spill over into the classroom.Her students love her.She inspires them,motivates them and pushes them to do their best,each and everyday.Her sense of humour keeps me alive and in splits.When I complain about the weather or about my maid not coming since 2 days,she puts me to shame,by quietly saying(without looking up from her papers)that she hasn't heard of the word called MAID since 1965.She manages her own two kids,pesky neighbours,car troubles,pot holes,an irritated principal,severe backache,paper setting deadlines(every week),screaming kids,anxious and more childish than their children- parents.....without a sweat !!!!
Dear N.....
I don't know where you derive your strength and patience from,but I just pray that that source grants you oodles of it.Meanwhile,I shall try and pray that I never have to be in your shoes,because I 'm too mortal to deal with a situation like this.

Sometimes I wonder if our physical strength has anything to do with our being mentally tough.

Sunday, January 4

Sun,spirits,sand and solace

The sun never sets on Goa.
Technically every evening it may,though.The spirit(s),soar after sundown,when people get a little more serious,with food and drinks.(and are less distracted by the sun.... sand...... swimmers and sun baskers).This was my sixth vacation in Goa,and I can say that I am still no authority on it,for every time I manage to discover something new in the old here!!!!It has never ceased to amaze and surprise me.Although,facing the inevitable crush of commercialization,it still maintains the old Portuguese charm(though you will have to venture into the heart of Goa to find it now).
There's always something for everybody here.

1.Head to South Goa,to escape the rush and crush of people(try the lesser known Betalbatim,Varca,Majorda beaches)

2.Go green,take a bike and peddle down the beach.It's an unforgettable experience and believe me you just can't keep your eyes on the road!!!!)

3.If you wish to feel truly intimidated,swim in the sea(deep into the sea).Be sure,you go with a group or at least with someone else.It's therapeutic,excessively salty but reviving(and worth the sun tan!!)I finally managed to defeat the last and final remains of aquaphopia,this year.

4.Visit the local churches on a Sunday.You may not understand the sermon,but will still feel blessed like the locals.

5.There's plenty of fish in the sea.Give the naans and dals a miss.Experiment and taste the local fish and cuisine,sprinkled with Goan hospitality.It's red and hot and spicy,but worth it.

5.Sad but true.Recession...terror attacks and then the subsequent panic attacks both in minds and pockets have hit Goa visibly.A little known fact.That friendly waiter in the colourful "I love Goa" tee shirt is probably a Bihari,working for a measly Rs.1500 per month,@only 5 months a year.The rest of the year,he packs off home and eagerly awaits for December.For an economy that balances precariously on THE SEASON,this year has been crushing.The life guards and police are paranoid.The mood is festive but dull.Let's hope Goa can bounce back to life,at least ,for all the people,who have their livelihood depending on it.

CHEERS TO THE SPIRIT OF Goa(and I don't mean the alcohol here!!!)

Thursday, January 1

The New year prayer

After a week of overindulgence a.k.a Goa,am tanned beyond recognition, resemble an over baked potato, both in colour and size, still have sand in my hair and an even more enormous amount in my shoes, my butt hurts thanks to the exhaustive cycling trips ,I took on the beach, and my blood contains high levels of seafood.

Despite the holiday hangover,like all(ahem),most bloggers, I am eager to put in something on my blog,dated Jan 1,2009 and shamelessly admit so.I can proudly say that this post has been places,for I scribbled on whatever I could lay my hands on.... paper napkins,receipts,bills,while waiting at the Goa airport.

Every New Year, I say the serendipity prayer to myself.It works like magic,Right from the first time I heard it,and it gives me hope and new energy,each and every time I say it to myself.

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference."

This year I added a little footnote to god as an attachment.

Please also let me know the difference between right and wrong, between the good and bad….between a friend and an acquaintance and the courage to accept all of the above.

In all my greediness,I know I have asked for more.If all good things must come to an end,then all bad things should never have had a beginning.Isn't it??Wrong.For I know,that its impossible to see the what is right,unless there’s a wrong.The brightness of good,without the chill of evil.
Similarly it requires more than accurate vision to judge and recognize a friend(s) and family and set them apart from the crowd of people,we know and come across.Only time and adverse circumstances have that kind of power.

So,till god decides how much to grant out of this prayer,I’ll be optimistic(like always) and will assume that this attachment has been successfully delivered.

Wish all of you a very very happy New 2009……