Wednesday, February 25

25 random blah blahs....

You know,you have reached the pits as a blogger...when you copy and paste attempted tags from Facebook onto your blog.Anyways,its the thought that matters.Don't we all cry about not resusing and recycling our resources.It's year ending (yes... we have this phenomenon,even at schools and words are truly a precious resource)
So here it goes...

25 random blah blahs about myself......

1.Whenever I have gone to visit a close friend or family member in the hospital,I have always fainted.(It’s quite embarrassing,cause more than the patient the doctors and hospital staff,start fussing over me.It’s heartening to know, it runs in the family,coz my brother too displays the same symptoms)

2.I am not afraid of lizards.You have to drop a lizard on me to prove me wrong…but then I challenge you to drop it !!!

3.I harbor a secret ambition of being a pilot.The closest I came to it was,when I was selected by Cathay Pacific,but instead, chose to get grounded as a WIFE.

4.I am extremely possessive about my friends.

5.I got married when I was 20.

6.I am an emotional patriotic fool.I have tears in my eyes everytime I sing the national anthem.

7.I am an exercise freak.Unless terminally ill,I can’t do without exercise.I believe it’s not the way you look but the way you feel ,that’s more important.(Dil ko shamjhanee ke liyee khayal acha hai galib)

8.I can never ever skip my meals.

9.I never wanted to be a teacher,but ended up being one.Now,I can't think of anything else I could have ever been.Moral of the story..never say I will never do this… may just come true)

10.I can drive as well as change tyres of both my car and kinetic Honda.This includes the front wheel of the Kinectic as well.(go ahead and try changing it,its not everybody’s cup of tea !!!!)

11.I love driving fast.My personal best was 110 km on the Vadodara Ahemdabad expressway.Unfortunately,Bangalore roads aren’t the best place for this.

12.I am a disaster when it comes to spelling.

13.I met Mohan at a wedding,ala typically filmi style.We met and parted and then met again.(the story would have been a happy ending had it not been for the last part.)

14.I can almost never pronounce the word QUEER.It’s just one of those things,that will get me kicked out of my job someday.

15.I love Delhi,But don’t see myself living in it in the near Future.

16.I have high expectations from people I love and often end up feeling hurt,when they crash.

17.I had vowed to write once a week on my blog.It changed to once a month,now its almost once in 3 months.I hope It doesn’t get worse.

18.I hate people with attitude.I have an uncanny ability to identify them from a mile.

19.I was a cry baby at school.

20.I love photography.

21.I hate sleeping late.

22.I dissect movies to the core.I am critical ,opiniated and chossy about the movies I see.

23.I find it difficult to say NO to people(except in school,when with my class)

24.I like to be left alone when I’m sick.

25.I love dancing.I learnt Kathak for 4 yrs as a kid.I want to start all over again.


Shruthi said...

:) nice post Gazal. The word Queer is QUEER by itself.. I really wonder why the word was invented.. people seldom use it. I picked up this word from Tinkle when I was a kid. never used it after reading it :D

--xh-- said...

wow - thazt cool - never knew you could change tires too. changing tires are not every ones cup of tea - especially the ki-ho ones :-D
and hey, u can do 110 @ bangalore - BMRC corridor (the one which connects btw hosur road, kanakupara road, mysore road etc) is a safe place to try that :-D
and yeah, we do share lot of common interests :)

Balvinder Singh said...

Driving and changing tyres at the same time ??

padma said...

well, i almost knew all of that random blahh except for the kathak thing.
btw you have forgotten to mention Music... ( looks like i know u better than u know ur self ;-)

~ ॐ ~ said...

Now thats some randoming of information about you !!!

good to know all of this !!! and I so so am in sync with the point number 9... Even had written a post about it sometime back... never say never !

satish said...

i will take this up.

Suma said...

wow!!! you do great random blahhing :)

lol at the lizard aren't you?

Gazal said...


you shd see me struggle and juggle with it.

well...know i know where to go.

of course not.but one after the other.

yes..but its one of thoses obvious things.

will catch that post of yours.send me the link if possible.

will await that.

are you scared...of me or the lizard???

brocasarea said...

nice ones...

usually women are afraid of lizards no..!!

patr fool!...dont use that word..its a good thing no!!:)

Suma said...

hee..hee... i'm awed by that nice enough?

but lizards, rats and cockroaches give me the creeps...

i'm rite now living among baby spiders so i guess i'm not scared of spiders


Anonymous said...

The first one left me laughing so loud that my team mate stared at me hard !! and the rest too were really good !! hope your blogging frequesncy improves :)

Anonymous said...

btw, its pratibha here :)

and we have so much uncommon intersts ;) but similar attitude for friends and people !!

Gazal said...

most of them are !!!and its fun scaring the living daylights out of them.

spider woman

i hope to pump up the frequency as well.
thanks for dropping by.

Mampi said...

You are an example to be followed. Now that I have already lived half my life, why dont I ask my daughter to adopt you as an ideal?
Pilot-Phew, I would always have travelled CathayPacific-to come to your cabin to gossip.

Swaram said...

Nice one!

never say I will never do this… may just come true - well said :)