Wednesday, April 15


I have been making heads turn,off late.
For,it’s difficult to find a cross between Rudolf and Frankenstein walking in your neighbourhood.Add to that, one bloodshot eye that resembles Arnold’s in Terminator.I don’t blame people for staring.
In fact I forgive them.
My status has now been elevated.I am amongst the few(lakhs of women) who had to go under the knife to look like I do(stunning in every sense of the word). My lips have a bee stung look (which women spend Lakhs on).My chin is more well defined…sharper(am presuming..the rest will be revealed after the bandages come off) and the cheek has a permanent rosy err blood red blush. I wear my shades even when indoors and people are mistaking me for a celeb straight out of Page 3.

My current mental status too resembles that of some of the amnesia stricken characters from Bollywood.So,if I have lent you money in the past,there are chances I may never ask it back.
Unfortunately,the cause isn’t as interesting.No gang wars or mafia or family dushmans involved here.If you are amongst the few who believe auto drivers in Bangalore,then according to reliable eye witnesses, it was a classic case of slip..skid and fall. Something I don’t remember at all.All I remember was waking up in the hospital emergency and wondering why I was there instead of being in Lal Bagh(where I was supposed to reach that morning).

There were only two things on my mind as I sped on my two wheeler last Sunday morning.Meeting friends at Lal Bagh for a walk and the Pune trip,which I was so looking forward to." Life is what happens to you,while you were busy planning other things”
How…when and why??? is still a mystery.I don’t recall much about .I was lucky that I was wearing a helmet,I had a mobile and some consciousness left to call home for help.But unlucky that I chose a half face helmet in a hurry and was(probably) driving much faster than I should.
I was lucky.

Please wear a helmet to save your head rather than your wallet (from the cops).If you are tempted to go bare headed because it's just a drive around the corner. Remember that so could be death.I was lucky to find people who picked me up and helped.In most accident cases,people are too scared to help.Some lessons are learnt the hard way.Some can be learnt through others experiences.

BTW…am allergic to roses, so red and white carnations can be sent in their place.

(If this post sounds disoriented and disjointed you know whom to blame)


--xh-- said...

let me slightly modify what you put in bold, G - please always wear a good quality full face helmet and always strap it properly. Please don't buy cheap helmets or the helmets you see on road side - a bad helmet will do lot more damage than helping you. It is your life, please play it safe.

G, i know i don't have to tell you that how lucky you where, to get only few injuries - it could have been much much worse - ask me how I know. I am really happy that your lucky stars and your guardian angel where watching out - never drive so fast that your guardian angel can't keep up with you :)

Take care and ride safe. and always wear the helmet.

Ritu said...

Sounds very painful. Please concentrate on getting well. I admire your spirit, but know that it must not be easy.

Prayers and positive vibes

Dr Roshan R said...

hope ye doing ok... take advantage of the amnesia and add a little delirium as we talked abt.. all old debts erased, insult pesky visitors etc

Shruthi said...

OMG! That must be painful :( Seriously! You were lucky, people actually helped you. I have seen crowd just watching and not helping. Get well soon Gazal. And carnations will be on their way :)

Apart from hair fall there is nothing one can lose by wearing helmet. So, safety first, hair fall treatment next.

Anonymous said...

Get well very soon !! :)

satish said...

yeah. get well very soon.

June said...

take care get well soon

Veena said...

Gazal.. did you check your horoscope last month .. it would have been saying 'be careful about your health- you could be in and out of hospitals this month' :)) .. take care .. and get well soon.

padma said...

hey gazal,
I am sure the lal bagh walk was etched on your mind...;-)must say you did a good job of guiding people even in the state of amnesia.
well, regarding helmet.. it looks like its a direct hint at some1 i knbow.. Aheemm aheemmm
cant promise carnations.. but yes wishes & prayers to keep you safe :-)

Sangfroid said...

Connecting dots from your previous post n this. Felt sad ... but glad that you were lucky.

The importance of a helmet (details as metioned by --xh--) cannot be over-emphasized. It is a MUST.

Get well soon and ... where can I send the carnations :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey that was scary..
Do take care of yourself, and get well soon..
Hugs and wishes,

Gazal said...

accepted your highness.Makes so much sense esp when I was about to lose my sense.

thank you so much.I need them,despite all the spirit.

will follow ur advice,but will also pray that the others will suffer amnesia soon.

head hai toh hair hai !!
thanks a lot

@pretty me and satish and june
thanks a lot.

i hope you remember me when you drive next time.I continue to inspire you...don't I??

Gazal said...


yes.that has been rubbed in well.

the carnations could be sent at

@puja did.
but recovering now.thanks a lot

~nm said... thats what happened?

Hope you are recovering well. Take good care.

And I agree with --xh--, always buy good sturdy helmets

Nikhil Narayanan said...

Take care G.

JudeTheObscure said...

Get well soon.



Gazal said...

@nikhil,jude and nm

thanks a lot

Mampi said...

hahaha, and here i am, reminded of the phone call in which we laughed out loud while my students walking by the road were amazed at me...
hope you are better.