Monday, June 29

rules..happiness ka naya funda

This year,I am not a class teacher and am not teaching anything. In school, any rumour about anything remotely connected to free periods, holidays or teacher- on –leave and any class without TEACHING travels like wild fire .So, a teacher who will not teach is a fact that kids find difficult to believe and accept. They always have a sneaking suspicion that we are saying that only to get their attention.(most of the time we do).The sad thing is that kids are so conditioned to being TAUGHT, that a class without teaching seems like a paradox to them.
My new project probably deserves a full post. But, in the meanwhile here' s a small excerpt from a book, that I discovered accidentally and read out in class as an opening activity.

‘Seven habits of happy children” by Sean Covey has seven wonderfully written stories, that are interesting,funny yet convey the message in a very non preachy kind of way.(kids are very very wary of moral stories and they have this remarkable ability to pretend to listen to such stories with their minds completely off).

Read the book and the 'happy rules', if you have kids aged 5-12 years or if you are a teacher or work with kids and above all if you have a grumpy kid locked inside you somewhere .
I incidentally fall into all of the above three categories.

1. You are in charge of your own fun.
You can make your own fun.You don’t need others to make it happen. Just look around there are things waiting to happen.

2.Say sorry,if you have been rude, much before you are asked to apologise.

3.Plan your tomorrow.Be it clothes or homework.or your day.Save time,it saves money too.Plan ahead of time.

4.Don’t procrastinate.Be proactive.

Do what you have to do so that you can do what you want to do.

5.Seek first to understand,then to be understood.Listen before you talk.Listen with your eyes,your heart ,before you listen with your ears.

6. Complete your wish list. It’s your wish list and only you can fulfill it.

7.1+1 synergise,value differences, but work together to make a difference.

Some of these rules may need explanation especially when you read it out to the younger ones.Let me know what you thought about the book.


Preeti Shenoy said...

I had read 7 habits of Highly successful families as well as original seven habits. Had liked it.
Will watch out for this one.
Problem with all these books s that they are great in theory--but sometimes very hard to practise :P
Thanks for the pointer.

--xh-- said...

a teacher who does not teach.. sounds nice :)

will wait for the full post about this new project...

Mampi said...

Will go find this book.
Thanks for suggesting.
and this year, Gaz sounds like a cool teacher.
Save your head this session...

Gazal said...

Thats true.The hardest part is that parents themselves find it hard to follow the rules.But the book has an interesting story line without the moral being pushed down the kids' throat.So liked the book.
do have a look and let me know what you thought of it?

I intend to unless my big bosses want it to remain a trade secret.

and yes the "no teaching" part is going to be a real challenge.

This year is going to be different.I have a strong feeling.Which way I don't know?:)

Shruthi said...

Will go look for it this weekend. But don’t you think it’s so difficult not to procrastinate? I have a phd in that! :p
Thanks for letting us know.

p.s. why didn’t we have cool teachers like you when we were in school :( ?

Monika said...

the book certainly sounds interesting but a teacher who doesnt teach even more ;-)

Veena said...

Good list Gazal.. all i can say is that no book can teach any child how to be .. only we as adults can be their role models...

Also I think this list is pretty effective for adults too.. :)

padma said...

guess i need to get my hands on this book since am back in class from this week :-)
with kids you never know whats going on up there!!!!

Guruprasad said...

will send the book title to big boss and request her to pick it up...

there's another new book she'd picked up which i have yet to read called 'spiritual parenting' bu gopika kapoor.

Suma said...

i have the 7 habits for successful families..some work some are qite difficult to follow...should check this out...esp if you recommend it :)

a teacher who does not teach? still in the same school?

Gazal said...

so true.But its amazing how we procrastinate for things that we rate so your a b.ed in procrastination.

it did create a quite a stir.infact quite a big one .

@veena is.
Infact it gives a great after- story parenting guide to follow.But ist very difficult for adults to be consistent.

do get a copy.Its great to hold a workshop on it.Give M a tip.

will try and catch that book.But whenever you finish give me a feedback.

so true.they are difficult to follow coz you have to be the ideal parent in these books all the time.IMPOSSIBLE.
Its like looking for the perfect man.IMPOSSIBLE.
:D :D

Shruthi said...

Tagged :)

Showa said...

Simple and Good stuff, Gazal. I can relate to teacher who does not teach. It is like Salaryman who does not get a salary.

satish said...

kisi shayar ki gazal..dream girl.

Sara said...

These rules can apply to all, not only kids...good read!

Swaram said...

Nice one .. will look for that book. Wud luv to read if u do write abt that new project here.

On a lighter note, reminded me of how watchful we used to be during the assembly to check which teacher was on leave :P

satish said...

kisi jheel ka kanwal.. dream girl

Salil said...

I guessed you are not a 'class' teacher even before you admitted.. ;)

By the way, I think the book is stupid. To begin with it is a rip-off of a famous book. And to top it, does it really aim to teach students of ages 5-12 to synergise, take control, etc? To kids whose value system is still developing? Seriously? There are hundred times more adults who are 'not ready' to take those lessons than the ones who are.

My suggestion is to teach children the values of honesty, integrity, discipline, hard work, respect, etc. They will figure out the rest for themselves. And more importantly, teach them how to reconcile why most people fail to follow those. Children, more often than not, tend to be confused when they are taught one thing and people around them dont follow it.


Gazal said...


so true.

is there a connection mr.Borkar??nd i hope there is no more?!!!

thanks for visiting.thats right..applies to all..except that adults seldom follow what they preach.

believe me even teachers are on the lookout for teacher absentees..the fear of substitution always looms large.

You are right about some things..adults don't follow what they should they stop preaching...err instilling values in children.Most parents don't even have the time to do that.So the onus lies completely on teahers at school.Values like honest,integrity ets are really heavy onesand can wait to be taught thro the subjects...I say that because I see that kids are in dire need of some basic ones like LOVE and HAPPINESS.

See if you can get your hands on the book and then let me know.

Shruti said...

Loved this post Gazal.
Wonder why don't you blog anymore..!

Swaram said...

I echo Shruti. Come bk Gazal!