Sunday, January 4

Sun,spirits,sand and solace

The sun never sets on Goa.
Technically every evening it may,though.The spirit(s),soar after sundown,when people get a little more serious,with food and drinks.(and are less distracted by the sun.... sand...... swimmers and sun baskers).This was my sixth vacation in Goa,and I can say that I am still no authority on it,for every time I manage to discover something new in the old here!!!!It has never ceased to amaze and surprise me.Although,facing the inevitable crush of commercialization,it still maintains the old Portuguese charm(though you will have to venture into the heart of Goa to find it now).
There's always something for everybody here.

1.Head to South Goa,to escape the rush and crush of people(try the lesser known Betalbatim,Varca,Majorda beaches)

2.Go green,take a bike and peddle down the beach.It's an unforgettable experience and believe me you just can't keep your eyes on the road!!!!)

3.If you wish to feel truly intimidated,swim in the sea(deep into the sea).Be sure,you go with a group or at least with someone else.It's therapeutic,excessively salty but reviving(and worth the sun tan!!)I finally managed to defeat the last and final remains of aquaphopia,this year.

4.Visit the local churches on a Sunday.You may not understand the sermon,but will still feel blessed like the locals.

5.There's plenty of fish in the sea.Give the naans and dals a miss.Experiment and taste the local fish and cuisine,sprinkled with Goan hospitality.It's red and hot and spicy,but worth it.

5.Sad but true.Recession...terror attacks and then the subsequent panic attacks both in minds and pockets have hit Goa visibly.A little known fact.That friendly waiter in the colourful "I love Goa" tee shirt is probably a Bihari,working for a measly Rs.1500 per month,@only 5 months a year.The rest of the year,he packs off home and eagerly awaits for December.For an economy that balances precariously on THE SEASON,this year has been crushing.The life guards and police are paranoid.The mood is festive but dull.Let's hope Goa can bounce back to life,at least ,for all the people,who have their livelihood depending on it.

CHEERS TO THE SPIRIT OF Goa(and I don't mean the alcohol here!!!)


Boby Thomas said...

excellent work..keep writing..

padma said...

sea, sun sand & the spirit is a deadly combination! :-) theres a certain charm that will have you going back! having lived there, i still havent got over that place...
may be we should make a trip togeter!

Monika said...

abs... cheers to the spirit of goa always and forever...

it has a charm a festivity that captures u the minute u step on its shores...

Joy said...

Wishing you and your family a evry Happy 2009!

--xh-- said...

this is a place I should visit soon - for all the four - sun,sand,spirit and food...

and now i hv a local tour guide if i need any info ;)

Prax said...

Hope u got back at least 1 bottle of fenny ?? If not , go back and get one for me...hehehehe

Ritu said...

I hope you overindulged in prawns and other piscean food. I was there with you in spirits Hic!!!

Veena said...

Hey Gazal, That was good.. I too love Goa.. but havent been really able to explore it on cycles ...must try it out.

Also , have you visited Pondicherry.. it has the french colonial look .. and is as interesting ( in its own way ) as Goa.. added advantage for us in Bangalore is that , it is not too far.. do read up on Auroville if you do decide to go to Pondy..

Mampi said...

very great post. Thanks for enlightening, though I m not a great sea - food freak ( understandable for there is no sea near me, hehe)I would surely take your name there and eat some fish and prawns etc etc.

Gazal said...


thanks for dropping by.

so true...hope we can make it sometime.

clink clink

wish you the same too.


super advice anytime.


sure.i believe in barter.


thanks a lot.


you read my mind.thats next on the cards.


take my name...and you will get into trouble..... there!!!

Sal said...

Hi Gazal:
Beach, babe and bottle.. what a lovely combination!
Nice to hear that you had a great vacation in Goa. I envy teachers because they get such long vacations.
Will leave you with this thought - if you went to a very small beach, would you see micro-waves?