Tuesday, July 8

JAB WE MET !!!!!

The setting was perfect and so was the timing.Sunday.....Barista...3 30 p.m and no trace of rain in an extremely overcast Bangalore sky.The rain gods were more than generous in holding back the rains,so as to allow the much awaited bloggers meet.With absolutely no corporate initiate,to back it,and after bumping and raiding and hectic commenting on each others blogs.It was time to say"LET'S MEET".For once, the blogs took a back seat and the authors stepped forward and met.The 50 odd confirmatory and introductory mails,set the tone and broke most of the (non existent)ice between us.

Anoop got the early bird prize,(i don know if he found a worm).The rest of us patriotically followed the IST (no offence meant).Since I knew only Anoop,it was fun trying to predict if the next person entering the door would be THE BLOGGER ,or not.(and mostly we were bang on).Being the only MAN in the group I wonder if he felt like the odd man out or awkward or responsible !!!!Once in most of us ,did what we were best at.......TALKING.... resting only to sip the coffee and the iced teas.

It was interesting to finally meet the faces behind the words and the thoughts and the funny thing was that at the end of it,it didn't feel like a first meeting at all.

those who made it......(in order of appearance)


Here's to many such meets and a big thank you to everyone who turned up.

Hope we can keep it going.

For those who missed it,we missed you too(esp suma).....there's always a next time and in case anybody was left out and wants to join in.Please drop me a line @misragazal123@gmail.com

for some more pics(by xh)



Vinesh said...

terrific - looks like a lot of fun was had!
would like to someday join you folks.. once i have my weekends in control.. :-)

Suma said...

i missed a barista coffee...sigh....

--xh-- said...

nah, no worms.. i missed a 'pretty lady' for abt half an hour though :P
the meet was fun, and nah, didnt felt like odd man out :-D
hope we meet up more often... it will be fun...

Prats said...

hey...it was really fun and great meeting up all you people....nice, nice...and yes..@Anoop...worm or no worm...you're agreat sport...

and hey...Guzz, you've been tagged by me...check it out at my blog....

Divkiran said...

looks like someone had fun :)


Gazal said...

do that and let me know

we missed you the most



we did !!!

Mampi said...

Wow, The meeting must have been great. Too bad I have not met any blogger from my city on net so far.

Gaz,Is it meri aankhon ka bhram? or the seventh person is clicking? You name 7 and there are 6 ppl in it. I am Kann-fused. Please explain.

dharmabum said...

someone did tell me about it, veena i think - was she there?

PS: i did take offense @ the IST bit. grrrr...:)

Gazal said...

no bharam...me clicking.the only non blogger was sai's cousin...sab.
get hold of the few that you know and build upon them.all the best.

yes and no...veena did inform you,but wasn't in town.
are you in bangalore,if yes,mail me.
indians don change...@IST

Solitaire said...

Hey!!!!! Been such a long time na....
Stopping by to say that Psychobabble is up and running again. Hope to see you there!!

Good work on the meet! I am J!

Anil P said...

Would be interesting to read of the conversations that took place at the meet :)

Veena said...

HI Gazal,

Was watching all of your blogs for a post on the meet.. Saw some mention on Suma's blog.. finally.. found the real story :)


Yes, I invited you.. however I did nto follow up .. I too couldnt make it as Gazal mentioned.. I was out of town,


Ps said...

hey --what fun!! Now i miss being in bangalore more than ever!

Aayushi~ said...

Someone had terrible fun! ;)
You guys look great.and i suppose barista (hopefully) is a great plc to hang out as well!

Joy said...

Are yaar, I can only recognise XH, you , SaiRekha and Madhu. Which one was Prats? Please let me know. I read her blog everyday. I better recognise her now :) :)

Gazal said...


thanks will check soon.WELCOME BACK

ahhh...they sure were...

we missed you too


we need you too.

it is espevially on a sunday afternoon.

from the right
madhu,prats,sabrina(sai's cousin),sairekha,anoop,mallika

Joy said...

Thanks Gazal. I thought so too. Seems like loads of fun!

Manasa said...

Its always fun to meet blog friends. I've met few wonderful ppl thru blogging.

Nice post :)

Shruti said...

I felt a sharp spark in my tummy.. when I read this.. I had a post of the same title!!!! just a month ago!
U had the blogger meet at Barista? Cool! I want to meet Bangalore bloggers too :( There were hardly any 'personal blog' bloggers in Mumbai.

Ady said...

Looks like u people had all the fun....maybe we should have an All-India Bloggers Parishad meet some day!!