Sunday, October 12

34 bubblegums and candies....The book launch

What makes a book special?
Sometimes, the fact that it has been so much in the news ,that you feel you would be an outcast ,if you didn’t read it.Sometimes,a big author,who has finally come up with his nth book,(where he has finally promised to release his inner most secrets) and the rest of the time, other trivial facts like, what the book contains.
But this book was special,for most of the time I know the author and almost always the author doesn’t know me.This time the author was special and she was one of us(and I was certain that she knew me)

Preeti,also known as P.S,definitely needs no introduction,(unless of course If you happen to be a non blogger) .Her blog is an immensely popular one and I say that not because of the quantum of comments she invites,but because her writing possesses an honesty that is simple to read, understand and feel.So,naturally when she came to Bangalore to launch her book.I couldn’t have missed the opportunity.Add,to that, that the launch doubled up as an unofficial blogger’s meet.
The launch of ‘34 bubblegums and candies’ took place,at Crossword (yes,that’s the title…and you have to read and experience the both the bubblegums and candies in it, to completely understand why she has named the book so).I have to confess,that I haven’t been to any book launches till date,so I did not know what to expect. I missed the beginning of the launch, thanks to the mad traffic that descends on Bannergatta road.Preeti spoke about her book and especially about why the book was titled so.Mr R.K Mishra(lead India winner) was the guest of honour,and asked Preeti to read out some of the stories he loved from the book.Preeti’s confidence,while speaking to the audience about her book,reminded me of her posts.Honest and totally from the heart.She answered the audiences questions,especially the one about her next book,(as expected,with strict confidentiality).

For those who have enjoyed reading her blog,some of the stories will be nostalgic.My favourite ones are “Sly Stallone does not open easily” and “radiators and drains”.Of course,the story “what women want” tops the list,for the brilliant retort provided by Satish(her husband).Preeti’s second book and Satish’s (yet to be started)blog are eagerly awaited.

So,I left the book store with a personally autographed copy of 34 bubblegums and candies,with a little bonus of a 35th candy which happens to be the lovely bookmark made by her kids for everyone who buys the book,which sweetly says(‘thank you for buying my mom’s book).

Preeti’s book has finally broken the jinx.I have finished reading at least one book,this year.I know this fact,will have an adverse effect on my reputation as a teacher.But,then like I always say….a bad reputation is more difficult to maintain than a good one !!!!

Kudos Preeti.

(some pictures of the launch taken by -xh-)


Prats said...

hey...this was a lovely thing to say about Preethi and I agree totally with you. It was everything you said, and candy for all of us here. I'm so glad I made it there...

Monika said...

Glad u were there.. I so wanted to be there u know... but alas my maid has vanished and all baby sitting responsibility is on me

Suma said...

this was nicely written...this book launch sure was a special one...glad you enjoyed your candies...

and lol at teh reputation statement... you have any idea how 'J' you gals are making me? i'm sure you do :D

Nikhil Narayanan said...

Well said.
The launch was a great one.


Mampi said...

Wow, I am jealous that you went to that book launch while I kept dabbling in sardar jokes.
I have not read her till now, but now I will read.
Thanks for introducing.

Varun said...

It is definitely a special book because we are able to relate to every incident written in that book

Manasa said...

I missed it.. pics plz..

--xh-- said...

the launch was wonderful - and what mad eit more special was hat the author was some one whom we know - some one among us.. it was a nice evening...

check your mailbox for the snaps :)

Shubham J said...

M&B! brutus you too...
really it has created a big ripple in the small world of the bloggers, every blogs i like to visit is in infected with 34BAC. hope more publisher will come forward to publish many more interesting one, like yours and prats.

Satish said...

Hi Gazal,

Firstly thanks for coming and it was very nice meeting up with you in Bangalore. Totally agree and more, with what you have said in your post. Thanks also for saying that the top story was what women want - guess that is as far as I will make, to being a writer. Now at least I can tell a few people that what I wrote was appreciated by someone lol. Now don't you start me off. If I started a blog there would be initially two readers 1) PS and 2) you. After sometime that would come down to only 1 (PS - hopefully at least she would read it)so safer to let PS do the writing.

Thanks once again

--xh-- said...

@satish: no way - if ever you start blogging, there will be a huge gang out there to read your posts.. the single post you did made that much effect... and I will personally there to read all the posts... :-)

Gazal said...


yes...esp that we are two sad mommy's...(you know why)


it would have been great to meet you....


we missed you....


great meeting you...

Gazal said...


yes catch her.


thanks for dropping by.

yes .they are out there.

thanks a ton for being there with your camera.

Gazal said...


will have to double up as writer ..publisher...reader..ALL.

i think i was VOCAL enuf on the launch itself and now anoop has done the needful.
you now have atleast 3 assured ...anoop and sure that many zeros have to be added to that.

go ahead

Salil said...

Gazal: Who is your favorite author?
Salil: George Washington.
Gazal: Sorri, but George Washington never wrote any books.
Salil: Precisely..

Satish said...

Anoop, Gazal

There is a saying in Hindi which translated in English means - making a monkey climb on a chickpea tree. Hmmm not sure why I suddenly remember that dialogue now.

Thanks and will definitely give it a thought. The problem however is that I really do not get time and there is no point in starting something and not doing justice. Let's see. However, if I do start it off and I do not get the zero's added on to the viewer list remember who I will chase with a cricket bat. lol.

Ps said...

Gazal--thank you so much. I am honoured.
And sorry I took a while to comment.

Heart'n'Soul said...

looks like i gotta new blog to read from now on..

Seems like u had much fun here


Suma said...

hey teacher! an easy peasy tag just for you...


Gazal said...

et tu brutus?

which kahawat is pretty good with hindi kahawats?

the pleasure was ours.Hope many of your books bring you to bangalore.

@heart and soul

thanks for dropping by.


i will

Chriz said...

wow cool. yet another blogger with a book.. that is really cool.. well my book will be published soon too..

preeti should read this post of yours.. she would be happy...

hop down to my page for some lighter moment

June said...

i have never been for a book launch either,it was good to hear that you made it and it was a nice thing to say about preethi