Sunday, October 5

reunion 2008

This vacation has been very different.If you ask my mother to choose an appropriate word,she would probably say WIERD.Unlike,most normal people who utilise their vacations to thrash the bed till 11,pig out on the choicest of home made yummy mummy food,and inflict that shop' till you drop or your wallet cries stop'feeling.I have done none.Thanks to my dear princi,in school,who decided that teachers' should be given the students' share of holiday H.W , as well.I am spending 4-5 hrs,racking my brains on creating CREATIVE WORKSHEETS for my students.Add to that, the navratras,so am devoid of my mom's delicious kashmiri delicacies too.

But,the brightest spot this time was the fact that I met my classmates from school,after 15 long years.I have to admit,that ,previously,every time I came to Delhi for a vacation,a tiny part of my heart wished ,that I would bump into my classmates ,somewhere.I knew it was an extremely romantic notion,given the fact that I had lost touch with almost all of them,ever since I moved to being Mrs.Misra,W/O an army officer.I found it extremely difficult to update my friends,about my whereabouts and thought that I lost all of them.My memory too, by some strange default,had started erasing all school related data. I couldn't connect names and faces.I blamed age.But,I knew the real culprit,was time and that it creates a giant creator in our hearts and minds.
So,this time,when about 20 of us decided to meet after 15 long years,I was a bit skeptical.I hadn't met and spoken to most of them since almost one and a half decade,now.Will they be the same?I had my doubts.
Reunions are not an easy thing to plan,especially in a city like Delhi.People live on one planet and work on another.To expect them to party after this intergalactic ordeal,that too on a mad Monday evening, only to meet me,was indeed overwhelming(though they never gave me the credit).

It was amazing to see the same boyish faces,but with shades of grey,a little paunch and that double chin.Indeed,we had all grown up.It took just a couple of drinks to melt away the initial formalities and most of us surprisingly were back to our old pranks.Secrets that lay buried for 15 long yrs,were blurted out.Unexpressed crushes,leaked papers,grudges,school dances,teachers,bunked classes,unexplained class mysteries...we solved quite a bit.I had started remembering everything clearly now.I also managed to find out who the mysterious tiffin box chor of the class was.It had been a dear friend.
I don't know when I'll be able to meet them again.Although communication is at its peak.I know,a lot of them,will probably fail to respond to mails and SMS's.But,I also know,that even when I meet them after another gap of 15 yrs,they will still be the same friends,I left behind in school.


--xh-- said...

LOL @ teachers share of HW... it is always nice to meet old classmates - I can imagine how wonderful it have been after long 15 years.
It was wonderful that every one found found time and made it to the re-unions.They are not at all easy to plan...
Not gorging on home made delicacies? I will say it is a crime :P

~nm said...

Wow! It must have been wonderful to meet your friends after such a long time! I don't even know where my classmates are and I wonder if I will be able to recognise them.

Parul Gahlot said...

I know what you mean :)
Now only if we could finally meet somehow....

Mampi said...

Oh wow,
so this is what you have been up to.
but Gaz, I dont know why the post didnt show up in the blogroll. If you hadnt told me, I would hve missed it.
It IS a great feeling to meet your class mates and friends together. I am really happy for you.
Yes, 15 years down the line, you would still meet up just like this and then post a picture on this blog just like this.

Ady said...

Full marks to the Principal.....what an innovative idea!!

June said...

It would have been wonderful 2 meet friends after 15 long years.
how was the HW? hmmmmmmm!
i mean creative work sheets.
nice post, i hope i meet some of my childhood friends

Gazal said...

yes...but who's the culprit..sigh!!

i felt the same too.But it all comes back.

we shall...missed you a lot

you mean i have to keep blogging for another 15 yrs.Poor you !!!

will convey the compliments to HH.

the worksheets came to an end just when the vacations did.

Salil said...

Nice to hear you are having a great time. Teachers should not only get students share of homework but also their share of punishment too.. :-)
But Kashmiri delicacies, did you say??!!
By the way, what was the blue drink?

Gazal said...


i tot i had friends here.

Yes in the
rogan josh..korma....yakhnis....all all.

blue the purest form of drink avaliable...look closely

satish said...

sahin yaar.


Suma said...

hey that must have been so exciting...15!!!!

and happy creative day!!! :D

Joy said...

reunion after 15 years must have been an awesome feeling! Thats some Teacher's day out!

Gazal said...



exhausted actually!!!

yes it was.

padma said...

abhh socho bachon ko holiday hw dethe ho tho kaisa tho becharon ka kya haal hota hoga!! ;-))
but nevertheless delhi trip was worth it when u get to join u r school gang!!! :-))

Nikhil Narayanan said...

Hey! Hey!
Was nice meeting you :-)(at Ps' book launch)
Will come back here.


Monika said...

its always a pleasure to meet ur classmates... i dont know what it is but there is something special, certain chemistry about ur classmates that is not there with any other friends... good that u could meet them
actually that motivates me to start a mail thread with my classmates :)

Prats said...

So you spent the holiday slogging on H.W??? Oh you poor girl..must have been frustrating...

How was it meeting the old friends..I just went through a re-union too...and yes, years and years will passs, but these friends will always remain the same. Yes, we might have grown apart, but nothing can stop each other from being kids again.