Thursday, March 6


If there is anything that makes me uncomfortable(low waist jeans being the only exception),it’s lying. If I can, I shall promise,or I won’t. When in doubt,I prefer to speak the truth(mark twain)

I say and admit that often, at the cost of sounding virtuous and godly. But that’s the way I am,honestly !!!! People say sometimes you have to lie,because you land yourself in a situation and there is no way out. I feel you can get past (that) situation if you are honest to others and yourself. There’s a thin line between being honest….frank….. Forthright…..brutal. They all stem from the same word, but then the harm you do ,with them,to others varies from left to right.Yes,there are times when I had to hold my honest opinion and tell people things that may not be true. Those are days,when I make people happy, by lying not to them but only to myself.But there are days, when lying is
the only way out(and I have to eat my own words, to accept that) and on such a day, I feel miserable and claustrophobic.

So today morning I geared myself up,took a deep breath,said my rehearsed lines,coz otherwise I would have fumbled over what was not true.I hope god forgives me,coz I have lied, as I would have been dishonest,to myself, had I spoken the truth.I wouldn’t have been able to do justice to my job,would have made my family uncomfortable, and would have given up the a lot of freedom and happiness that I enjoy. Convincing the mind is easy, but not the heart. Guilt like dandruff is difficult to get rid of.

And now that I have sinned, I shall go and sin a little more,by telling myself that rajma chawal is not fattening and so aren’t two packets of Cadbury's bytes chocolate crunch.


--xh-- said...

ROTFL... rajma chaval and two packets of Cadbury's Crunch... I was reading with baited breath.. my heart beast where mouting - just to know what is teh lie.. and then ka boom... :-D too good one, G :)

--xh-- said...

btw, I also dont lie.. When needed, I tell creative truths... ;-D

Gazal said...

that i have lied is a reality,the last half was just a coverup.SIGH

Prats said...

Lies can make your life miserable....I know it can....I can never get myself to lying...if I can't tell someone the truth...all I do is stand there and smile.... ( I know that the other person would lvoe to club me)

But yes, nowadays with kids, its getting easy peasy to lie....
** You go study now, i'll give you a break after half an hour... ** and then half hour later....forget all about it...
I know its bad momma being bad :)

dharmabum said...

i can lie at the drop of a hat. and not feel a thing about it. it is extremely hard to be truthful. in that sense, i think u'er great.

~nm said...

You liar!!

..ok..ok..that was just a joke...but I know I've lied n number of times and I'm not as much a saint as you are. But then I console myself with the thought that those lies are not harming anybody :D

Ziah said...

Some true lies there:)

satish said...

well, you wont believe it, but even i cant lie without being uncomfortable. gotta work on that.

lying, if used artistically can create miracles. and sometimes i feel how truly great it would be to always speak the truth and never be afraid.


Roshan R said...

everyone lies.. that u have a guilty conscience about it.. thats the good part.. though yes, the fact that it'll keep gnawin away at ya can be irritating..

and hey, dont tell more lies.. cadbury's are not fattening.. look at me, (c)hunky and fit ( fat?)

Guruprasad said...

there's this amazing conundrum about 'a habitual liar claiming that he doesn't lie'

do you realise the problem with this statement? check it out... its mind boggling and fun :)

btw, i am nowhere casting any aspersions about your stated stand on not lying. i believe thats the simplest way to be.... we don't have to constantly think about what we are saying, assuming we have to speak, right? :P

Cuckoo said...

Well, I think I am like you. Lies make me uncomfortable and I prefer not to go near it. :-)
The second part was a truth, wasn't it ? ;)

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Keep visiting.

brocasarea said...

yeah some cant lie!.guess it depends on their up bringing!...:)...but lying for a good cause is acceptable![mothers usually do that for their children]!

Sahefa said...

Hi do read my latest post.

Naveen said...

ha ha ha ... the virtues of rajma & choclate far outweighits vices ... the guilt - dandruf camparison was great ..the former is more difficult to cast off though ...

Parul Gahlot said...

you are much too hard on yourself and on the other hand when asked in an interview if I read the paper I said- only the classifieds. I CAN'T EVEN PRETEND to understand politics.
So I understand exactly how you feel...

Lambuchops said...

the truth is what you perceive to be the truth.. there is not real truth.. So if you know it to be right, it is the truth.. Dunno if that made any sense.. Im a lil groggy... :)

Prax said...

read it many times over...still couldnt figure out what lie u are talking about ??

Gazal said...

ah!! those can hardly be constituted as lies....bad mommys indeed

i wish i could be like you!!sigh

if they dont,it doesnt matter...i hope so!!!

thanks for dropping by


i want to believe you !!!

interesting statement!!!
you are abs right abt that!!

yes,it was and so was the first.

mothers are forgiven this sin.
thanks for dropping by!!

will do so.

have experienced both dandruff and guilt.

and i know you are loved for it!!

yes,but there is always a benchmark to measure it.thanks for dropping by.

hehe look harder and put two and two together.

Joy said...

Don't be so hard on yourself. Taking into consideration that it saved you from being dishonest to yourself, done justice to your job and saved your family from being uncomfortable, it can hardly be a 'lie'. How was the choc?

Gazal said...

that was like balm..
the chocolate will show up on the weighing scales soon

Thinking aloud said...

there, there , now that you have confessed u must be feeling better...

now as for the chocs...sigh...the scales won't lie...:D

padma said...

hey gazal!!
I know what u r talking about, dont be so hard on u r self... Just think of how much damage you would have done if u hadnt lied about it????
after all if all that rajma chawal, cadbury crunchs, Choclate pastry..... & keish can make someone really happy... then its just ok... to say they are not fattening.......

G U R U said...

whenever I feel guilty about lying, I try this instead -- conceal the truth -- it doesn't really mean am lying, unless I distort the facts!

Initially, this is hard, but one can master it to perfection, with practice :)