Tuesday, March 25


Sometimes an involuntary gesture and then an unplanned action leads to more action,than our 'meticulously planned ' activities.
I am referring to the post called 'heartless....Russell Market' on my photoblog and the'Wordless Wednesday'post.Little had I realized that,a trip made to check out aquariums,would actually lead to a lot of revelation and a cause,that would be taken by by bloggers.I'm glad it drew a rush of emotions in people,and that they penned it down in the comment box.I did realize that somewhere in this entire game, we were to blame for all this,as a demand leads to the need and supply and hence the market,thrives.
I can only hope that the animals ,although are subjected to 'inhuman' treatment,later find good homes.I hope,they are meant for homes,only.
Thanks a lot Madhu,for taking an active interest in the cause and contacting the PFA.We shall all hope that,the cause will have a 'liberating' outcome.


--xh-- said...

thatz wonderful.. i really hope these poor animals get relife... i pledge all my support :-)

Prax said...

Not really.

Demand isn't that high compared to :supply: and most of these animals are killed when they grow beyond the "sellable" cute baby stage.

Pet stores must be made illegal thats the only way something good can be done.

padma said...

hey gazal!
Looks like some serious issues are getting highlighted! Cheers to madhu for taking it up seriously!!!:-))

satish said...

i had thot about explainning in terms of demand and supply in my earlier comment. but then i knew that you knew that already.

gud. you made me proud. :P

Guruprasad said...

wow! now that's what i call a post that made a difference! a lot of good done and all starting as a small spark set off by your wordless wednesday! keep it up!

Madhumita. said...

It needs for issues to be brought in the limelight for anybody to do anything about them - so lots of credit to you. Also, just wanted to mention that its PFA (People for animals) in Bangalore that is guiding us in this cause and not PETA as mentioned.


Gazal said...

thanks a lot for supporting the cause.

i hope this info is not true!!!

cheers to madhu,indeed

actually,your comment did serve as a prompt...sorri i shd have mentioned it.

thanks a lot.

you do deserve the credit.I hope we shall see a positive outcome.

Ps said...

You know when i was in blr, i had visited Russel market once and 'Living hell' was what I felt.It was horrifying, depressing, frightening--and absolutely no empathy of any sorts from the guys who deal in the pets.
I am so glad your post bore fruits.

Comrade Chakra said...

I guess every little bit helps. This would inspire some of us to do our own two cents worth.

Thinking aloud said...

way to go...!!! gazal...hope some action has been taken...

Gazal said...

it is a horrific sight,esp the condition in which they keep these animals.

yes.thats true.thanks for dropping by

am wishing the same

a wanderlust said...

These are the days when animals are cared more than human beings. i am sorry to bring bitterness, but thanks to Mrs. Maneka Gandhi, our Dogs are more humane that we are. Anyway human beings are the worst among all animals, in terms of brutality. thanks for a glimpse through your photo blog.