Friday, February 29


I have been tagged by xh a.k.a anoop and I'm grateful to him because it comes at a time when i'm suffering from a severe bout of writer's block.Actually,my usual absent minded head,intercepted it to be a tag, about "10 things you hate about girls".I had finally found a way to vent my frustrations.But luck was not on my side.However,who said you can't have the cake and eat it too(was a pessimist).
I'm bending the rules people and writing about here's my take..err cake on the issue.

(The rules of the game are:---write 10 things u hate about the opposite sex---
at the end of the tag, tag 5 random bloggers to take up the Tag)

5 unexplainable mysteries about women.......

1. Why do we have to pretend to be on a diet always?Thin is in and hip and there are no decent clothes available if you aren't size 0..1.agreed.But,there’s really no harm in accepting once a while ,that we love to eat…err live to eat.

2. Please don’t deny it.It’s time to accept a bitter reality….bad driving and women have become synonymous !!!!Is it really necessary to peek into the rear view mirror, time and again, while driving,to adjust the makeup. Do you have to take your hands off the wheel and straighten your hair again and again and….???and btw You do have to stick your head out most of the time to reverse the car !!!!!!

3. speaking of mirrors,why can’t women resist the temptation to peek into every mirror they come across.In shops, lifts,rear view mirrors,hospitals, toilets and even through plain glass sometimes.Where there’s a mirror,there’s a woman next to it.

4. why do we have to wait,for someone to buy us a gift.Be it a chocolate,a dress or that diamond you dream about .STOP CRIBBING.Just go ahead and pamper yourself .It’s really unfair to expect men to read your mind and buy you exactly what you want.

4. Can we ever stop being paranoid about our age.Trying to look younger than you are,is not the only thing left to achieve in the world.Accept the fact that age and beauty are not related.

"you look so young" Can't you see it,men are conning us with that line, all the time.

5 things that make men ,what they are(adorable)

1.why is it so hard for men to accept that their wife's/girlfriends,have friends that are boys/men,but it doesn't make them their boyfriends.Men and women can be just friends is a bitter pill.isn't it??

2.stop telling your wife,who’s a homemaker,”aww,do you know what it is to go out and work,you are so lucky to be at home".Kids,home,groceries,homework,PTA,PMS,neighbourhood gossip,bills and maintenance and of course in laws.try juggling all that with just two hands.Try to swap places for a day,and let me see if you are still smiling at the end of the day.

3.Do you always have to act so bored and distracted and stony when you go shopping with women.It's really embarrassing when you choose clothes,by looking at their price tags.
A little bit of attention and your credit card is all we ask for.

4.Is it necessary to look at every pretty face that goes by,especially when you are with your wife/girlfriend?Stop giving inane justifications like “beauty should be admired”….”I love observing people”(how come you didn’t notice that good looking guy who came in?”)wink,wink
be creative and come up with better reasons next time.

5.Stop reading(pretending to read) the paper and don't answer in monosyllables, when you are asked " how do I look in the new dress OR howz my new haircut?
you get 'one quarter of an inch ' haircut,and still get complimented,by us,don't you?
and at least look at us when you are lying !!!

darshini are hereby infected with the tag


--xh-- said...

ROTFL.. man, superb.. :-) u did more than justice to this tag...
claps claps for teh 1st point - and the 5 things abt men - am not guilty of any of them :-D
actually, I enjoy shopping, and am a BIG advocte of women having guy freidns otehrthn her special guy. every one needs friends in life...

u r supposed to write 10 points under each heading - not 5+5 :P

Prax said...

hahah...u said 10 and wrote 5!

Prax said...

but yea i agree with most of it....except the one on long as my girlfriends were spending their own money, i kinda enjoyed shoppin with them...hehe

satish said...

gazal mam,

charan chookar pranaam.

aapne mujhe tag kiya. thankoo. thankoo.

ek baar ek girlfriend mil jaaye, aapki sabhi baatein main kutton ki tarah follow karne wala hun.

Joy said...

Great read. Very well said.. :)

Shruti said...

*giggle* *giggle* good analysis of both genders :D

Arti Honrao said...

Nice tag!

I will take up the tag, just give me some time, as you must have read in my latest post, I am not in a position to think :)


Satyadarshini said...

Gazal nacheez ko "tag" kar diya...:)
thanks yaar...but ye topic risk lene ka..
I like men..esp the handsome ones ;-)
aur sab that case..heehee...
All reasons to escape writing..u can sense that :)

Prax said...

ok check my blog...

Gazal said...

glad you enjoyed it.

error corrected.spoilsport!!!!

O brave one!!!


:) :)

will wait for it.

no are infected.

Dheeraj said...

lolz... close up shave :)

padma said...

heyy gazal!!!
Are you into some Pshyco analysis kinda thing??? ;-)))
a good read!!!! well, if only the man in question is like GERE or Firth phir i dont care about those 5things... or many more things.... ;-)))))

How do we know said...

too much! i loved this one!

G U R U said...

Though men are from mars and women are from venus, they're designed to live together :)