Saturday, February 9


If you thought newspapers ,only provided you, with all the high about news and views(guaranteed to make you feel the converse ),escalating frauds and scams ,broken political promises, the politics of sports, more good(err bad) news about the Bangalore’s new airport and of course the who’s who on tattoos and breakups. Wait for the weekend edition.
Monday to Friday the papers do just that, but the weekend edition trains you, for that extra edge. Do you wait to gorge the weekend edition of the newspaper, to catch up on the latest buzz on mundane things like restaurants,movies,theatre and bargain shopping? Then you are probably passé and archaic (like me).Check this out.From 'how to talk and how much to talk', to the latest research in locating soul mates. There’s a whole page devoted to PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT. It’s the age wholesome information, who needs a love guru, when you have ‘THE TIP’, served crisp and fresh for breakfast, on a Saturday morning.

And I quote……
(How to make a man fall in love with you)…TIMES are changing bhai!!!

1. Get a life. Your life should not revolve around a man. Have your own interests and hobbies, it’ll help in making you attractive.(the more the hobbies……. the more attractive a woman is!!!!!Equation simple)

2. Make him ask you out on dates, but don't ask him. It’s not about being old fashioned, it’s about playing hard to get.(of course courting and love is a game……who’s the hunter and who’s the hunted??)
3. Don’t be desperate. You must not agree to go out on a date the last minute. If he asks you out the same day, say no. Tell him you already have plans. He should know that you are a busy woman, with a life of your own.(even if you have been waiting to spend the weekend with him)

4. Do not answer every email or text message he sends you. This will give you some mystery and make him want to chase you even more. When you do plan to answer, make him wait a little bit, and don't answer the phone every time he calls. You can't let him think you are available for him all the time.

At the cost of sounding old, I would say, times have changed. This is indeed the age of meticulous calculations and planning.Whether, it’s love or relationships,the motto is….. “play hard to get and calculate what you’ll get at the end of it”. Elusive is exclusive??Whatever happened to good old spontaneity, an unexpected kiss or the peck on the cheek, cupid’s reliable assistant, which said so much more than words could ever. That last minute change of mind and heart, to go for a drive instead of a movie, because it was raining. And if you are still old fashioned and listen to your heart,still say yes to that unexpected suggestion for a drive,answer the phone promptly,answer mails readily.Then you are likely to confuse your man,about your intentions.

Spontaneity and romance just died an unnatural death, somewhere. Instinct and love just got replaced by the newspaper. I feel oddly old today!!!!


satish said...

gazal madam, tension naa lo. main hun naa, aapka saagird. i have always believed in spontaneity of emotions. aaj bas final ho gaya. i will respond immediately to every email i get from any girl. i will agree even if a girl asks me on a date at very last moment. and i wont play or act sophisticated because i know that i am at my best wen i am plain idiot. i will make no fuss about the fact tht i actually dont have a life.

do u see spontaneity and romance resurrecting like our gud old phoenix??

*khusi ke aanshun (in ur eyes ofcourse)*

padma said... gazal!
Simbblyi.eee luved it... (hangover from my udipi trip where i only had to interact with mallus ;-))
well, throw all that rules of dating , calculations, sophistication to wind coz if the person knows u r worth! U will be simply luved for just the way u r....:-)))Spontaneity is what makes us unqiue & our interactions memorable...:-)))
Who knows it better than u & me.;-)


Anonymous said...

"Make him ask you out on dates, but don't ask him. It’s not about being old fashioned, it’s about playing hard to get"
hey isnt playin hard to get old as life itself ?? :)

Prax said...

hmm....sounds like something right out of oprah

but its not always accurate, esp in today's world where people have hardly 2 minutes to make plans

1)I agree...getting a hobby is nice...but too many hobbies will only mean no time for the partner...heh...also, from a guy's point of view - few hobbies are ok, but too many are not cool..

2)playing hard to get - that depends on how much the guy is interested in the girl. Most of the time it does work, but again there are girls who overdo the playing hard part - to the extent it turns off guys

3)playing busy - again...this may not always work in today's world. not many guys have the luxury of making plans, and more importantly KEEPING them - days in advance. Most people only know on friday evening (depending on how much work they are stuck with), what they can plan for friday night.

4)this again can work both ways...too much "drama" around making the guy wait can make a guy lose me on that...of course guys always get turned off by super clingy types, but then too much "ignore-play" can make a guy seem that he's not much of an important part of her life...and lose interest

Prax said...

just giving a guy's POV..hehe..dont shoot me

Guruprasad said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Guruprasad said...

i loved this post!

i completely agree ... but i also think it depends on the individual (both the guy and the lady in question). the way these situations are handled and they way they are interpreted by both parties depends on so many things including their own fears, expectations, past experiences, etc.

i also can't stop feeling amazed at the 'speed dating' that's increasingly in vogue!

Arti Honrao said...

Times are changing Bhai!
Ekdam sahi ... times are changing, parr kuch baatein hain jo kabhi nahi badalti ...

Your four points remind me of a forwarded message sent to me by a friend

"Don't let someone become a priority in your life when you are still an option in their life!"

Gazal said...

mujhe pata tha ki mera naam tum hi roshan karo ge.
i'm sure you are best when you are yourself.

i hope that it's a temporary hangover.spontaneity ZINDABAD!!!

but why should we apply it to love??

you got saved.I can't aim so far!!
the points are not my POV,but the post is!!!

the funny thing being that now both men and women follow these rules!!!!!

so true.
thanks for dropping by the blog

--xh-- said...

itz from times, rt? remember reading something like this - the points. palying hard to get is fine - to an extent, we guys do enjoy it. but problem is, many times, ppl over do it. and we too are busy and have our things to mind - than waiting for the response every time. sometimes, playing hard to get is kidn of turn off for me. :)
whatz wrong in gilr asking a guy out? in this world where every thing is same for a guy and girl, why wait for a guy to ask out?

satish said...

//mujhe pata tha ki mera naam tum hi roshan karo ge.

bus ab ek ladki mil jaaye!

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Naveen said...

hi ma'm ....
visiting your blog after a long time ... gr8 reading....whats the fun if it's not natural & spontaneous .... perhaps these articles are meant for those "lost cases" whose spontaneity goes for a six just at the rt moment .. they need to plan & rehearse u know .. kya pata kaam ho jaye :)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

thanks for visiting my blog. I see that Arti has been here. she is wonderful.
your post - looks like some things are the same around the world. :)
come back again.

Tys on Ice said...

dont u love these articles? fav is sex tips in cosmo ( yep, i read tht stuff whenever i can get my hand on has to be updated abt the latest trends)...right now, i think u need to have a phd to go and fall in love according to the book...gimme those heart stopping crushes, tongue tied conversation and those accidental brushes that sent shivers down the whole body anyday...

Gazal said...

glad you agree!!!

aab is mein I can't help you chele!!


great to have you back.will look forward to more from you.

thanks for dropping by.Yes,some things never change.err are you refering to women???

@tys on ice
sex tips.secretly read by all and sundry but publically denied always!!!!

Satyadarshini said...

I loved reading the Deccan Herald or The Hindu
And then Times came...we didnt want it
but no escape as we found that it was a mass thing now..a necessity ;-)
Anyways never read this part of times...
sometimes we read it for good humor to start the Srid wud say...see how weird this is...what crap these ppl write :)
Thanks for putting it I would read it..and laugh again :)

Vinesh said...

and i've always wondered if there are people who await these tips in the newspaper. oh, i love this girl, how do i propose? no problem, i'll wait till the weekend for the valentine's special edition :-)

padma said...

thanks to spontaneity..... v r friends.............!!!!!!!!!!

Gazal said...

welcome back!!!!

thanks for dropping by.all the best after you follow"these rules".

aww !!otherwise we would be boring and just like ******.