Thursday, February 14

GO....TAR...GO !!!!

A kabootar:Knock Knock???
B kabootar:who's that??

A: a kabootar..
B: what kind of kabootar???

A: err an indian kabootar!!!.....just like you!!!!
B: thats not good enough,are you a north indian/south indian/maharastrian/north eastern/guju???

A: hey how does it matter??
B: It does.How dare you question authority..... !!!!
shoo!!! this window is only for OUR community kabootars.

A: But then when I was studying at K school,they told me I could fly anywhere in this country and live at my own will.You know,the class where they told us… “Freedom to move freely throughout the territory of India and….Freedom to reside and settle in any part of the territory”.

B: Well,its' my RAJ.We make our own rules here,and according to this new rule all north indian kabootars,that includes you, can’t perch yourself here.Now shoo!!!!!
As it is,our own kabootars don’t have enough space here,and then you come here corrupt our world,litter our space,with with ….your weird language…

A: I thought that was our national language???

B: Ah ,only cultureless and stateless pigeons say that!!!!
All cultured pigeons speak...should speak only ,their own NATIVE language.

A: But I have always flown and worked with YOUR pigeons,shared their festivals,their food,sorrows and joys,how come THEY never complained.

B: Aah!!!!spoken just like a DUMB *****kabootar !!!!
Don’t you realize it’s not about them,it’s about US…main…mera ..mera ahem…mera ego!!


--xh-- said...

nice take on the controversy.. man, really - what is the point of all this crap happening? dunno whn ppl will start seeing fellow humanbeings with out the colored glass of rce,state and gender.

padma said...

heyy gazal,
Finally you got that kaboootar to get the important msg Across!!:-))

Guruprasad said...

good one....

now we have to tell your kabootar to 'ja ja ja' and show this post to the relevant people mentioned here :)

satish said...

and i thot it wud be a vday special post.

atleast make these kabootars faal in love at the end.

Gladiator said...

Awesome.....Come to think of it....will kabootars from north be baned in mumbai...btw are there hindi speaking kabootars..interesting topic ..I think you should hand over this topic to one of the parties they ban north indian kabootars in to mumbai...may we should provide wings to these politicians.;)

Hey u should send this blog to one of these is too good the comparison of freedom with boundaries

Nabeel said...

even though the title is kinda energetic .. i think it's a very calm picture.

~nm said...

I guess this is the only thing have such hypocrisy prevalent amongst the animals as well...sigh...

Although we are more animals than them!

Naveen said...

simple story ... tremendous effect ... great ... send this link to raj ..let him muse over it .....

KP! said...

hehehe.........good one.....:)

Satyadarshini said...

I had written a very serious one on my blog "racism in india" and it brought in so much controvesy...and so many comments ....thats I enjoyed it for a while...but deleted it later.

I must say u put it in a great way...loved it...very good style..u r amazing...

Being a Bangalorean ...I have faced all kind of got pretty used to it...

But I feel really bad that ppl just get educated to get degrees..they can use it for anything building relations with someone who aint ur kind..

Thats even more fun...if it was me...I tried..but was shoooooed away...many dont try now ;-)

Arti Honrao said...

Good One!

Ek kabootar aaya
Pyar ka sandes laya :)


Gazal said...

i think they wear coloured perceptions.

i think it flew in from mumbai.

the age old technique...:)

err...they are both male kabootars....!!!!

will have to find that out.
thanks a lot.

coz the bird is in bangalore

and they are more human than us.....

one can't get thro a wall...can they??


i know how you feel.having moved so many times,i know what it means to be rejected culturally.send me that article.

i hope it does just that.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

interesting conversation! :)

Vinesh said...

glad it's a kabootar and not a lovebird. otherwise, the bajrang dal would've deep fried it for celebrating valentine's day.

Ziah said...

hehehee..:) Nice one gazal.. :) First time here:)

@GP - great minds think alike or what?? I could also hear kabootar jajaja play in my head:)Lol.

Gazal said...

@andrew sure this issue is global too.

just a coincidence that such parties are active and make their presence felt during V day.

thanks for dropping by.

Tys on Ice said...

:)...nicely put...

Sahefa said...

Your blog is really cool!

ap said...

Good one...What I dont understand is why they dont they realize their ppl is also in other states!!!

Gazal said...

thanks a lot

thanks a lot.

well,logic and reasoning is difficult to get by.

Thinking aloud said...

nice way of getting the msg across...there are millions of things to worry about and all these politicians can think of is this...

Roshan said...

But i was waiting to hear some music also along with the blog...from the movie "Maine Pyar Piya"...

Kabootar Ja Ja Ja..Kabootar Jaaa..

Shruti said...

he and his demented RAJ and RAJ's retarded idiotic uncle.. Bomb them!!

great way to write this though.. these ppl are sad na.. sick!

Shruti said...

AP's point is so right. What if all Maharashtrians are first told to get out of all other Indian states?

Shruti said...
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Does it matter said...


C : A is our kabootar, we demand D arrest A, right away.
B : Kabootar-land is not anyone's father's land, and I dare D to arrest me.
D : We are studying A's statements and will take action as needed.

(Silence, so all *must* be peaceful & fine)

B : How dare you kabootars not put up my language signboards on their shops?
C : These are our kabootars, we demand D arrest B, right away.
D : We are studying A's statements and will take action as needed.

(Silence, so all *must* be peaceful & fine)

J (naughty kabootarni, wife of the Big K, reigning star of Kab.ywood): We are from our land, so B hamein maaf karein, if we don't speak in B's language.
B (roars) : J has gone mad, and she needs to apologise, else Kab.ywood will suffer.
Big K : Sorry, J & I didn't mean it.
(B smiles and allows J & Big K's Baby's movie to release).

(Silence, so all *must* be peaceful & fine)

B : How dare you hold exams for kabootars in my land for the Udan-khatola-kabootar service for outside kabootars.
(B's kabootars attack the others)
C : These are our kabootars, we demand D arrest B, right away.
D : We are studying A's statements and will take action as needed.

Kabootar Court : Arrest him!

B is arrested.

D: beaming away at other kabootars, taking credit for restoring law and order.

C : We got him arrested. May I have your vote the next elections?
J : I was his victim. May I have your vote the next elections?
D : I arrested him. May I have your vote the next elections?
B : I did it for you (us). May I have your vote the next elections?

And then there were elections in kabootarland.
Who do the kabootars elect as their true representative?