Saturday, February 23


I am busy playing GOD these days ,

I have made the sky bluer ,

the trees and leaves cleaner,as if just polished and scrubbed

maidens fairer and prettier than they are,

clothes fancier ,their colours richer more beautiful than when bought

but i couldn't get the smiles on faces,the sparkle in their eyes,

or bring people together,and make them happy

so ,asked the big G,if He could allow me to do, JUST that !!!

"I have original copyrights on that one",said big G smiling.

I played god today and re-viewed history

today, i finally learnt how to use 'adobe photoshop' on my computer

and now am busy altering the way we look at the world.




padma said...

heyy Gazal!!

So finally u get to play god;-)) Thanks to adobe!!( do i get some credit for inspiring you??!!
Well, Mera Before after tho waise hee hai... before bhiii boora after uss se bhee Boora ;-))

Naveen said...

i used to see adobe photoshop as a corrective software that can be used to cover up the mistakes done while taking a picture... or forging a snap ... this post offers a better & positive perspective .....
these mountains look familiar?uttaranchal?

Parul Gahlot said...

welcome to the world of photoshop!

satish said...


Satyadarshini said...

This is really inspiring for a lazy person like me...who wants to try photoshop but procrastinating it..

Thanks for sharing the pics..its a learning for me..

Thinking aloud said...

he..he...The addictions of photoshop!!!

HE may have the original copyrights on manythings..but we sure can do our good deed for the day...

nicely written...

Nabeel said...

yup photoshop is nice, moderation is the key.

G U R U said...

Maybe the big G is still trying to figure out how to use his version of the photoshop:) And maybe that's why he spoke about copyrights and stuff, to avoid getting embarrassed!

How do we know said...

too much!!

Gazal said...

well,we'll have to invent some software to change your perception.

thats' close to shimla.himachal.coincidentally,
taken during a break at a T.A wonder they look



prob i could give you a tip or two.

@thinking aloud
thanks.i did.

and thats why i put it on the blog.

lest we take over.heheh

@how do...
thanks for dropping by.

Tys on Ice said...

adobe is salvation...its my only hope of looking good if i ever become famous and dont want pictorial representation of mine to be used as scarecrows...

nice work on the, where do i lite the candle?

Arti Honrao said...

Oh yes, adobe can create miracles!
Happy learning :)


dharmabum said...

if only we can really alter the way we look at the world...:)

--xh-- said...

Happy photoshopping, Gazal. :)

padma said...

hey gazal,
Thats going to be one hell of a task..... Think before u even utter that?? ;-)))))

Veena said...


liked this part
"but i couldn't get the smiles on faces,the sparkle in their eyes,

or bring people together,and make them happy

so ,asked the big G,if He could allow me to do, JUST that !!!"

:) Nice thought,

Anonymous said...

This is just beautiful...the words and the you will be really playing god with photoshop, which indeed makes picture miraculous at times. I can suggest another software to you, i.e picasa for minor corrections but is very easy to use...nice work!

as for the recipes in my blog, I have just introduced it lately, which I'm going to post occasionally. You can get the info. from the main page of my blog now. Thanks:)

*~*Sameera*~* said...

That was cute!Lovely pic btw :)

Vinesh said...

hahaha - adobe photoshop!
didn't see that coming :-)

post some pictures you have drastically altered that you like :-)

Joy said...


Prats said...

Thats oen software, that can get you addicted....and its such a nice one.
You've done a good job...happy merging, blending an dcolor correcting :)

Gazal said...

@tys on ice
will accept the comment as candle this time.make a wish !!!hehe


its all in our mind


i love to do that

welcome back after a long time.

will try picassa too

thanks for dropping.

will do that


yes.and i need all the encouragement.

Guruprasad said...

good pic... i've never used photoshop before but i've seen some of the god-like miracles it can perform!

but on a different note, have you heard of the one where the scientist meets god and says that i've finally cracked the code and i can now create the entire world just like you did. its not big deal. let's have a competition and create two new worlds and lets see who's world is better.

so god agrees. and they meet at the a pre-determined place and time. on the word 'go' the csientist bends down to pick up a handful of mud as the raw material to build his world. god says 'oh no you don't, get your own mud!'


Impressionist said...

Wow! Brilliant Shot there!
Well, Photoshop features are infinite as the sky!
There is so much to learn and u can do with it!
good job there!


Anonymous said...

Looks really good for a 1st timer :)

Ekta said...

I still dunno how to use it..
urrr...time to become god..photoshop here i come!

Gazal said...

am still learning.maybe if i can change they way i look,i'll be my own god.

am on the job,its tough for the technologically challenged

thank you

go for it.If i can, so can everybody.thanks for dropping by

Guruprasad said...

change the way you look? why would you want to do that?

and change yourself to look like what? or who?

i'm curious now :)

Gazal said...

i'll try bipasha!!!!

a wanderlust said...

“dear GOD, thanks for your brush stokes tonight over this horizon, the sky was cleaner, air was fresh, may be it was a little effort or a child’s play on your part, But a ‘big leap to the history of human being’ and if all other GODs, small and big, play their part and clean their part of the copyrighted domicile, definitely it will bring smile, sparks in eys one day to human existence. Thank you for your smaller effort of repainting an old canvas in your colour.”

Manpreet said...

The pic was great. But greater was the poem aka the poetic expression. The software must be flattered.