Wednesday, November 28

serve,shot.....I'm smashed!!!!

When you go to play,leave your bag of excuses at home.......

"I've never played,in school or college...."

"I've never been a sporty kind of person,I prefer the gym...."

"I have just started learning....."

with every excuse my opponents smashed me harder than ever...

It was probably all those afternoons of playing(being pampered) with a friend,which gave me the over confidence to lend myself to a group of ladies who play badminton,every good can they be??or I'm not that bad!!!!!I thought vainly to myself !!

If I ever believed that over confidence kills......I could see myself being slaughtered.Blood was all over the court especially, burning hot like shame and embarrassment on my face....I rummaged through my bag of excuses,but was tongue tied......luckily my opponents were much softer than their serves and their shots....."you'll pick up"...don't worry,they consoled me.I felt like a patient with an incurable disease ,don't worry you'll live....

If that wasn't enough,my family took pity and started extending training sessions over the weekends....If i dreaded the weekday mornings,in anticipation of shame and humiliation,the weekend was time for my confidence to shatter(once again)....for my belief that"husbands are the worst instructors " was proved just right(again)

as he smashed my ego and confidence across the court,the others playing adjacent left in a hurry sensing a rise in the mercury(literally)....I had a feeling he was taking revenge for all the minor and major domestic squabbles,we must have ever had(man's only chance to get even!!!)

I realised that apart from the (excuses) mentioned above,a major part of the problem lay in the fact that the rules of the game went against my very fabric and thought process .... the game at two in your mind and the other on the court(are you kidding I can't even cook and chop at the same time....

2.pounce on your opponents weak points,thrash her when and where she least expects it(and i can begin when I'm through getting thrashed.....can barely take my eyes off the shuttle)

3.Be unpredictable,don't let your opponent know about your next move or serve(well,it's hard for me to change..i love being predictable and easy!!!!)

3.Play to win....and only win(any team I'm in....loses.....and it is not a coincidence !!!)

end result

my knees cry for mercy,

my ego is fractured,

I dream(at night) of being at the badminton court and winning two out of three games,

I have started watching sports channels(in the hope of catching tips on the sport)

I'm smashed.....but not certainly not defeated!!!!!


Parul Gahlot said...

have a drink and get smashed, ok bad joke, sorry, heh heh

Anonymous said...

So nice to know, you are trying a new thing. Sports is something we all like. Initially it may hurt, but after some time, you will really get passionate about you & I do believe sports helps a lot in shaping our character....just get the volleys right & you will be on your feet & then your opponents will start fearing you...keep smashing...!

Prax said...

Hehehe.. i know how u feel...but stick with it ... As with anything - its the underdog feeling that takes u to a fork in the road - fight or flee.

U've chosen to fight - so breathe in deep, and fight soldier !!

(Do i hear a sir, yes sir ?)

Prax said...

on the other hand i GOTTA agree with parul...hehe..thats the best way to get smashed ...EVER...

Ady said...

Hey Guzzler! If you want to play badminton, here's your first and most basic of tips...given free by someone who has been indulging in the sport since the second standard....Start using your wrist instead of the whole arm...and dont wear running shoes (unfortunately a most common occurrence in our part of the world) in lieu of sports shoes. And enjoy, coz no one was born with a racket in his/her hand !

Gazal said...

Well,I wish i could drown my sorrows(defeat),but am a teetotaler....but will consider changing status,if things get worse !!!!

long time...
am waiting and working towards that!!!!

aye aye SIR

since you were seven ....!!!WOW
yes...the shoes(am looking for all possible excuses)
no one was born with a racket....but would like to die with one

satish said...

settle the score outside the field. sabhi opponents ke bachchon ko fail kar doh.

Roshan R said...

hehe.. sigh.. in my case, it ws my room mate..but yes, it was humiliating.. what started off a way to lose weight ended up as a way to lose face.. now i just brisk walk in the dark.. sigh. talk about a fall in ego

Satyadarshini said...

Just back from badminton....with u guys...;-)
U know the story :)
I have this excuse that I have a bad cold and high on cetzine (anti-allergy)
I was glad tho..I learnt a lot...:)
and looking forward to the next game!!!!!
(with better moves) :)

Prax said...

Hey satya and gazal

I'm a real good loser.

If you promise to treat me at the nearest good ice-cream parlor, ill come and play with u guys....

trust me the feeling of winning is worth the few hundred bucks of ice cream i consume...

Gazal said...

brilliant...and then they'll smash me harder....there isn't much a poor teacher can do these days !!!!

get back to the court !!!
don't give up!!!

believe me you weren't in form today(coz of the cold prob)
we'll wait for next week....

don't underestimate yourself...
we'll have to check you out(in the court)and if you win,you'll have to treat me and satya to DINNER + ICE CREAM.....
what say???

Prax said...

hehe...a battle for defeat...sounds i said - im experienced in this field

Veena said...

girls.. call me too for your next game.. !! .. that was fun to read

padma said...

heyy gazal,
dont give up! When the going gets tough the TOUGH get GOING....:-))
& if its too difficult then just have a drink...get sloshed.... & smashed.....;-)) ( am saying that since you are open to change your status)

Gazal said...


me and satya waiting for you to come this side!!!!

I KNOW.....