Thursday, November 22


I saw 'Shallow hal' yesterday.
I saw 'Shallow Hal' yesterday AGAIN !!!!

Well,I guess it can be counted as a criminal offence in the court of the time gods,as watching a rerun when you have two almirahs to fix,two unfinished books(to read),uncooked vegetables begging to be cooked(slaughtered),loads of blogs to be read and a houseful of chores criminal enough.But I guess,one can pamper oneself sometimes.the best thing about watching a rerun is,you begin to analyse movies to an extent which would shock the poor director.You begin to see it a new light,as if one is going to be paid handsomely to judge and comment on it.But,then its a free world,and blogging gives me an opportunity to express it.

The movie in question -Shallow hal is a story about altered perceptions, a hilarious romantic comedy ,about how a shallow Jack(hal) black,who is always on the lookout for the Perfect 10 kind of hottie woman and,is dehypnotized by a self help guru,to see the inner beauty of women, rather than their superficial outer appearances…and thus it helps him find his match in a 250 pound Paltrow.(u have to see the movie to enjoy it completely)

It left me thinking about how all of us are a little shallow Hal within and have programmed our minds to approve or reject people purely on their physical appearances….a facet that is strangely god given(and a little credit can go to the beauty and grooming industry too…I guess)

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” we have been taught to follow…but I often wonder how many of us have been gifted with those’ EYES”….which can perceive and accept the true beauty of a person …the one that lies deep within us and requires no paint and polish…

but, the truth is that appearances do matter… … more and more people……crave to fit in… into tighter jeans…..a smaller size… painstakingly calculate and fit and pray for our bmi’s to fit into the normal category…. And try for the nth time to get into that college jean that has been retained for the day “I fit…….”
No wonder the beauty industry makes whopping profits, helping people realize their BIG dream of being SMALL……
Somewhere in this race of smaller is better, we forget to see our real inner self in the mirror.
We forget to fit into a more humane world……forget to lend a helping hand when we aren’t asked…..smiling when others aren’t…..saying sorry wen we should….giving an elderly person our place in the line at the supermarket….holding the door for someone……saying good morning before others can ……..

It also left me thinking if like the character of Hal in the movie…..who sees the waifish Paltrow…instead of her weighty real self…if the world could be transformed just for one day into a place…where everyone who was a beautiful person ‘within’ could be transformed into a stunning beauty……..thus exposing the façade of .......
“the beauty fool” .

On one such day,Where do you think, would you find the most beautiful people in the world…

any guesses!!!!!


Prax said...

Hehe...I love this movie coz it gives me hope... that in pure converse of the movie some girl out there would be dehypnotized... hahahaha

But seriously, yea this movie does make a lot of sense ... i especially love the part where the guy realises that the sweet cute lil kids he played with are from the burn ward, and then hugs the cute lil kid (now with burns visible to him)... really senti scene

Well, i dunno how much of this is really true for me ... as is evident :D

But the desire to be thin, and "fit" is really a neolithic imprint that is generally ingrained into humans. The fashion industry just plays into this instinct.

At an early age of mankind (the pre stone age/ape - its imaginable that there are certain specifications that signalled a prime mate

Eg: Strong wide shoulders for a male, Wide childbearing hips in a female, etc.

So it takes a lot to override these urges - that in today's world has been "conditioned" by loads of magazines and commercials and popular perception into what is today

For instance - the real male desire for the childbearing hips has been slowly morphed through years and generations of brainwashing into desire for a small hip.

Parul Gahlot said...

People who really love me think that I am beautiful even when I don't believe it. At the end of the day that's all that matters :)
The rest of our interactions are rather superficial anyways...

padma said... gazal,
I think i better watch the movie all over again since its been a long time!
I too tried to fit into my old jeans & was thrilled at the results... having said that at the end of the day.. It just matters of how many people love you for what you are! & not what you could have been??
I remember reading a beautiful russian story... & the last 2lines have been my favourite so far.. It goes as
You dont luv some one becoz they are beautiful... Its Your luv which makes the person beautiful!!!
I surely have found many beautiful people around in my interactions & thats enriched me!!


Gazal said...

thats my favourite part in the movie too.As you said it takes a lot to override these feelings,caused by over conditioning,which causes a state of constant hypnotism.

those who matter are the ones who have the right vision...RIGHT !!!

WELL SAID PADMA...beautiful thoughts....send me this story.
p.s i think you should start your blog !!!!

Ady said...
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Ady said...

Hey Guzzler...your blog is getting better day by day....congrats on that....

However, there are still a large number of people in the world today for whom the physical aspect of beauty matters little ....and even if it does its not their fault that their brain reacts towards the better looking person. I dont think anyone forces themselves to be attracted towards another person...its as natural as anything else....A person seeing two beautiful specimens of the opposite sex might feel more attracted towards one and not the other...
Does that mean that the person doesnt see the beauty of the other person??

Physical attributes are a significant factor in the selection of mates by why should humankind be any different?!!
The positive thing is that man has the ability to sidestep nature's course and still see the attributes that arent physically you will still find men getting attracted to women with brains and vice-versa!

Cheers to that!

Tys on Ice said...

a very bad eyesight also helps..thts how my wife married me...later on she discovered contact lenses and I have been doing the Phantom act with her..

to meet the most beautiful people in the world ? Call a call center, interact with someone over the net...nothing can ever beat the beauty 'u' attribute to a person..

Satyadarshini said...

This post gets me a little senti...reminds me of my post delivery days when I had put on a lot of weight..and was so for some 7-8 months..
And my dear husband liked me as ever...learnt what true love is about :)

Not that I was great looking earlier..or later when I lost weight and got back to shape...
and then I wonder maybe men get smart after years of marriage and know how to deal with it diplomatically heeheee ;-)

Gazal said...

thanks for the compliment
I followed a 'friendly advice',and now don try too hard to write...i guess that did the trick...
i take my critics

I don't contest your views,just the fact that we do get attracted and repulsed by APPEARANCES,knowing very well,that they are polished!!!!
but,as you said the converse is also true,humans have the ability to surpass these factors too...some HUMANS !!!
glad you enjoyed the blog !!!

your sense of humour is your signature !!!
call centre....
ah yes!!...beautiful voices

I envitable point in a womans life....
sridhar...he's a darling(with due permission,from his wife to say that)lol

satish said...

//Hehe...I love this movie coz it gives me hope... that in pure converse of the movie some girl out there would be dehypnotized... hahahaha

Well said prax!

sabhi ladkiyon ko yeh movie dikhao.

havent seen this movie. will definitely watch it someday.

well, another gem of a post. as usual. especially the final touch. quite intelligent and artistic of you. must say.

Satyadarshini said...

Thanks Gazal...u made my day :)

Gazal said...

check prax's's quite good!!!

'intelligent' really a compliment....DANKE..catch the movie...I'm sure you'll love it!!!

so i will live!!!!!!LOL

JudeTheObscure said...


"Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder"

Or maybe beauty lies in the eyes of the beer holder..

Good one, and a beautiful movie to blog upon..