Thursday, November 8


One is lucky,when....

After a heavy storm....

there appears a rainbow...for nature proves time and again that, none of her services come as a guaranteed package deal.....

and that 'ek ke saath ke free',exists in nature too...
in true diwali (commercial)spirit and style ......
(a rare occurrence of two rainbows....the second one to the left of the brighter one)

There are very few things left in this world that money can't buy,
for everything else,there's MASTER CARD

BUT sometimes you DO need a MASTER CARD ,to buy a camera to click such a brilliant moment !!!!!

the memory of those two rainbows,both at the same time...


thank you MASTER CARD !!!!


padma said... gazal!!
Good to see some pics taken by your cam!!Completely agree with you that some things are priceless..... & for everything else theres Master... card!!


Veena said...

beautiful Gazal, well written too..

Prax said...

Nice pics ...hehe... the 2 rainbow pic is quite a catch...not many of those around the world..

just some free gyan from the geek - whenever there is a second rainbow, its usually very faint and the colors on it are in reverse order of the original rainbow.


Satyadarshini said...

Hey Gazal...great pics
Congratulations on celebrating nature :)

And Prax thanks for the gyaan...didnt know abt the reverse order of the colors on the 2nd rainbow
Lucky to have u in the frd list...:)

Gazal said...

I guess you can use CARD to treat good friends,so that they remain good.

hey,no posts on your blog since a long time..???waiting

now thats news to me!!!
satya ne satya kaha..its great to have a friend like you !!!


thanks a lot..don be lazy and start writing on your blog !!!

Joy said...

Wonderful pics...

Veena said...

GAzal, one comment " waiting lady" .. makes me get back to action.. :)

Check my blog now..

Gazal said...

glad you enjoyed them !!!
thanks for visiting

am glad i could motivate you

padma said...

hey gazal!!
When i have the card, will definitely take you out!!!
But gazal you are alrady very good & am confident you will remain so for..........EVER!!! ;-)))