Tuesday, December 4

13 isn't that odd

On a cold foggy winter morning ,13 years back,I played the biggest gamble of my life.At 20 1/2,I had no stakes to choose..... nothing to lose,no high profile job and gorgeous salary to lure me,no burning ambition of hitting the best educational institutions,no pushy parents to taunt and torture me(sometimes though they did) about studying hard and harder.Actually,I wasn't thinking straight,but was wondering,why this handsome man who sat beside me, had asked me to marry him,when we were as different and apart in personalities as probably,one and zero. Skeptics on both sides of the family gave it 'not more than six months' and they probably gave up speculating after that .....

So ,you think (like everyone else),that it's love that makes you want to write your whole life off ,change your name,leave your family,friends,city,roots and get set to live a life which demands a change of place every few months(i have moved a total of 12 places,in 13 years)
Well,if you are still single and happy,then you would attribute it to the phenomenon called LOVE,but those who have been through the ire and fire,will agree,that love is too light a word ,when one thinks of what keeps people going and keeps them happy in a marriage.A lot of fuss is made about anniversaries, especially,thanks to the numerous ads that crop up,fortunately anniversaries are(NOT) about being perched atop a luxury liner,with a candle lit dinner and a huge diamond......(they should censor such ads,for they cause severe domestic violence and irreparable damage to a woman's heart and mind) ,instead they are about celebrating love and togetherness,something which perhaps we tend to replace by gifting a diamond.Love changes and evolves as we grow old and I realized its a beautiful evolution.

love is, celebrating birthdays,with a candle perched on a pastry,because the salary never arrived that month,and one was too proud to ask for help!!!!

love is, when you tell him,it's O.K..we have no job...and will have no job and salary for the next eight months and though the bills will keep coming, we still have each other.

love is forgetting your wife's birthday,and being forgiven for that.

love is to think with your heart and tell your head,for love is irrational and illogical and cruel and angry,especially when you are having an argument.

whoever said love is, never having to say sorry,probably was a divorce lawyer.......because it's about saying sorry,to the people who matter, its better to be sorry than feel sorry later!!!

The (bitter) truth is something I said 15 yrs ago,to my husband( sitting on the steps of Nirulas,in Chanakya Puri),love is being in a room with someone and feeling that love is in the air,marriage is being in the same room,and watching love fly out from the window(he was probably impressed at the wisdom I possessed at 18!!!)and asked me to marry him..... but sadly that was the last time I displayed any sign of wisdom!!!!),love doesn't fly out,I realized, it just acquires a new meaning,with time.Love is blind and foolish,but even after 13 years ,it still makes my world go round.


Parul Gahlot said...

oh you ramantic scorp you! Sniff sniff! I need a tissue! Booo hooo I am crying so hard!

All theatrics on my part aside I couldn't agree with you more...the very defenition of love is change.

Satya said...

Brings tears to my eyes....!!!

Love changes and evolves as we grow old and I realized its a beautiful evolution.

So true...!

Wish you a very happy anniversary...!! You both are such a wonderful couple....!!

Prax said...

Wow...nice !!!

I've said this before, and im saying it again - u should write a book.....

I wish i could say something here...hehe...but i ain't really been in love (not TRUE LOVE at least...lol)

But for now - Love would be the feeling if someone gifted me a recording studio, filled with the latest guitars, drums, violins and keyboards - and the studio also had an in-house chef who cooked for free.

(hint hint....my birthday in 2 months)


Prax said...

Hey hang on...its ur anniversary ???

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY...hehe...sorry i missed that out.. Figured that out thanks to Satya.

satish said...

well, i knew that it was ur happy anniversary the minute i read ur first para but satya stole my thunder!

anyway, happy anniversary. 13 isnt odd at all. have a great day! okk. i am late, so have a great week ahead.

Gazal said...

romantic and scorps are paradoxes...hehe


glad you agree....(is there any other choice)lol

will look for a loaded girl,who can fund the above mentioned...and for the mean time...food can be provided by yours sincerely.

smart boy...i think this has happened ,right after i crowned you "greatest blog in bangalore"..

satish said...

naaah, main to paida hee esmaart hua tha.

aap hee woh johari ho jise heere ki pahchaan sabse pahle huyee!

Gazal said...


padma said...

heyyy gazal,
wooowwwww Thats the best i have read!!
very true LOVE does Make the World GO round.......!!!!! :-)))

Prax said...

Hehe...thanks gazal, ill settle for the food for now - at least till you can find me that girl.

Fat chance of that happenin in brigade millenium, but ill keep my faith in you

Gazal said...



Roshan R said...

lovely lovely lovely post...no words of mine will do this justice

dharmabum said...

love is not because of, it is inspite of.

such a lovely post

Gazal said...

thank you....
your words do do justice!!!

hey where are you???
no blogging offlate..
i wish i had thought of that line...BEAUTIFUL

Ananya said...

Thats so true!!!
Lovely blog that was !