Thursday, December 20


A picture from my photoblog,and the most common thing served in Bangalore restaurants!!!

If you are amongst the lucky few for whom a glass full of spirits can elevate spirits and induce happiness,then why not,go ahead and capture the elusive happiness,in your glass.Except,when the glasses are empty,you should know where to go,and where your car was parked.Yes….but it is what you are the ‘morning after’ ,which is the test of a real man……(err woman)It's not whether you are able to stand your drinks , but ,whether you can still stand after you had your drinks…..whether you are 'man' enough to decide that you are not fit to drive back home…And can still remember the name of that pretty girl/cute guy, you met in the party last night, depends entirely on ‘how spirited you are’ in the true sense….”

Don't drink like there's no tomorrow,because there always is a tomorrow, and a hangover,especially when you have to go to work the next day(and if you don't remember anything,there's always your wife to narrate the gory details......)

and if you are gifted like me,who can get drunk and feel on top of the world with just a glass of water,stay that way because who needs a glass full of spirits….when we're already high on life......


happy 2008


a-hem said...

Lovely shot. Cheers to you too! Here's to the New Year!

padma said...

heyy gazal!!!
Welllwelll must say thats very important msg coming across since the new years around & almost everyones gonnasay CHEERS.....
I would say CHEERS to our friendship!!!:-) am certainly on a high when u r Around!!;-)))
have a great new years!!!


Parul Gahlot said...

yesss i agree! from someone who's been drunk and hungover and all the rest...i prefer water anyday!


err maddum. your blog is truly worthy. it is my humble wish to consecrate this blog to that fab girl -gaz singh whom we are missing much i tell you.
i shall not desecrate this beauty blog further by bland blitherings from bloated buffoon like moi.
jai hind (fore and aft)

Bharadwaj said...

Nice one, cool snap.

Anonymous said...

lovely....first of all the photo is simply wonderfully for the words there are so inspiring & full of positive vibes...I liked the last paragraph very was just lovely reading and a very cheerful way to start the day....Wonderful words in this wonderful festive holiday season....for some moments we should forget all the negativities and get mesmerised and engrossed ourselves in this celebration times...Wishing you a merry Christmas and a wonderful year ahead!

Prax said...

Excellent picture....frameworthy !. I'd take a print of it and put it up in the house

dharmabum said...

high on life huh?

me - well, when i drink, i drink - theres no thinking...theres only the drink and me. :P

wonderful post through - warm wishes for the new year.

btw, when i read the first line abt bangalore restaurants - i was expecting gudbud or something :)

satish said...

gazal mam! toh aapne daaru pee ki nahin???

and u have a photoblog as wel??/ :O

okk! i have commented now and you can now reply to the comments!

Appy 008. (and you sud know that you owe us all a post before the new year!)

PurpleHeart said...

Yea, let's keep the spirit within high, and keep the glasses low. Happy new year to u !

Alankrita said...


Yes the shot that cheers is welcome indeed!

Jeevy said...

heh! :D Nice post there ! :)
very thoughtful !:P
and nice blog! :)

Happy New year!


JudeTheObscure said...


Hic..%ÇôÆ..Is this where i parked my car?

guess not..



PS: Stumbled upon your blog from satya's blogroll

Gazal said...

thanks a lot

cheers to that line....togetherness forever...bottoms up on that

we are the water brigade !!!!

sirjee am totally honoured by your visit to my humble blog....pls do desecrate with your bland blitherings(for my vocabulary shall surely benefit from it)

thanks a lot

compliments(on the pic) from an ace like you are really motivating.thanks a lot

hmm a good tip

LOL restaurants only because the drinks don arrive on time.LOL

no daruu only pani in my glass...

happy new year

cheers to that line...

thanks a lot.