Saturday, December 8


If anyone in Bangalore gives you directions in terms of distance i.e kms, then either they are new or possess a sadist streak in them (as they don’t want you to reach your destination).

In Bangalore, distances in kms have lost their value and time taken has become a more valid tool for measurement. In fact travel directions acquire theatrical dimensions (timings).Between 8-10, you would reach in 2 hrs (anything below 2 hrs is not considered TRAVEL in Bangalore) 12-2(1 hr...and this is fast diminishing, because the myth of traffic easing out in the afternoons is now a thing of the past, coz the only ones who nap in the afternoons are the friendly cowboy policeman and the traffic lights themselves)and between 6-8 ,you should believe in an old Chinese saying…"It's not the finishing point, but the act of travelling which is important" (there’s no one who can predict when you will reach during this time).

The diminishing gardens are sad reminders of the city which was once known as a garden city, and is now as infamous for its traffic snarls as it is for its’ humongous IT giants. Travelling still petrifies me, thanks to the maze of one ways that pop up weekly at one place and miraculously disappear the other. At such times the humble auto comes to your rescue and it’s a relief to be driven, than drive. It’s easy to remain fit if you are a regular traveler, as the emission from the vehicles serves as an appetite suppressant, chocking you at every red light and leaving you with a queasy feeling at the end of it.

And under such conditions, you learn to forgive (but not forget) your friends, who you know are reeling under the pressure and the grind, and when you meet…. ice cream before dinner and movies just become an excuse, rather a means to reach across. In Bangalore, if you can find the time to catch your friends and catch up with them, its nothing short of a miracle.


satish said...

the same old sad story! we are little fortunate though as we walk to our office.

Prax said... true.

Anyone who travels in bangalore will relate to this.

But there is one good that came out of traffic in my case - its forced me to start reading again.
(A habit that died down somewhere when i was in class 10 probably)

Pick up books of interesting topics, and at least the time wasted in traffic can be utilized for some learning ! (which is edging close to 3 hours a day for me - while the actual distance on a clear day should only take 30 minutes)

Thanks to bangalore traffic, i know so much more about neurology, psychology, genetics, physics, and so much so that I'm thinking of applying to MIT for a research program...LOL

padma said...

ohh gosh experienced it just 2 days back when i was in Bglr :-( since i had the luxury to take a rick i did catch up with my friends through SMS...ssss & calls
May be that 1 way you can beat the traffic ;-))
Am really glad i can just walk down to my Office :-))

Satyadarshini said...

Gazal...any Bangalorean will relate to it

And an old timer like me would want to tell about the good old days...

But then as Prax told I would see the positive side :)

With my new job involving daily commute...I spend time reading books....& finished loads ;-)
and made cab friends...which is good fun...:)

But yes we need to realise that there needs to be a change to happen...the infrastructure is in a mess.

I rarely complain but I realise that action needs to be cant keep cribbing and one cant go on ignoring...

Gazal said...

if you walk down to office in bangalore..
YOU are one lucky guy

and the acknowlegements will feature bangalore traffic....

not only are the bangalore roads guilty...but also the ones that lead into bangalore.......(for you atleast)
i admire you

sorry to sound like any one else!!!
part of the blame rests on the govt??
and ofcourse we all are to blame somewhere!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have lot of friends in Bangalore & they also lament about the decreasing beauty of the beautiful garden city. We can only wish this mindless destruction stops in the name of development & somewhere a balance is struck to preserve the beauty along with the development of Bangalore.