Sunday, September 21

true friends !!!!!

I read a hilarious post on Preeti's blog,sometime back on Orkut and all the X men that inhabit the land of the big O.I have to admit that since then, I too have kept an eye,if not a tag on who leaves his/her footprints on my profile.L.O.L.
BTW Preeti is a launching her book,in Bangalore in Oct.It's a big moment for her.I wish her all the best.
Coming back to Orkut.Sadly most friend requests are not from long lost friends,colleagues,classmates and cousins.In the beginning,I was scared about all the weird requests that poured in,but a lil research and conference proved that everybody received their share of these messengers!!!!Some worthy ones are listed below.(names not included for the sake of privacy)

1.Hi gazal,wanna friend ????!!!!!
(wanna this the new age language....or i am growing old??)

2.hiI've interest in making new fans bcaz I believe f'ndship is the topper relationship in world & u
(and i have to decode that message......) r u ??i m ###***** u r name is gazal..its very attrective ..ilike it r u join me.......
(make up your mind man....pause a grammar please,we are indian)

4.Aap Bhi Aayiye, Humko Bhi Bulate Rahiye..Dosti Buri Cheez Nahi, Dost Banaate Rahiye..!!
(no comments) attitud eyou got there....
(attitude did he ever know)

6.Hi ...cute that really your picture??
(should i take that as a compliment or an insult??) also curious to know if men too receive such creative and meaningful requests(from women of course)
any comments!!!!!

and why have I put it here....well as Preeti says..."I am a woman".


satish said...

no body wanna frendship with me even after i had put amrita arora as my profile pic.



~ ॐ ~ said...

LOL :)

Salil said...

Hi Gazal,
I have to admit that my first impression about Orkut too was that it was a place to make new friends. Now how that is used by youngsters is anybody's guess!
Waise I agree, dosti buri cheez nahi, dost banaate rahiye...

Prats said...

heheh...I have herd that some men try putting pictures of Tom cruise , etc to get more requests....wonder if that is true??

But the best of your request has to be
** r u ??i m ###***** u r name is gazal..its very attrective ..ilike it r u join me.......**

brocasarea said...

lol...of course:P....
quite a few till now but frankly most of it were from the boys!!!

Mampi said...

Number 6 was hilarious. In the good old days, I used to have an Orkut account, but deleted it because of these weird un-grammatical requests. Well I should mention in a tag that I like men with a good sense of Grammar, hehehe.
Loved reading it. It made me laugh so hard after a hard day spent on-you-know-what.

Suma said...

lol...join the with the attractive name ;D

Ps said...

heh heh..very familiar :-)
Thanks for the mention and thanks for the wishes.
And hey--your DP is very cute --wanna do fraindship wit me?:D

--xh-- said...

ha ha a.. hilarious requests...

no friendship requests for me - may be my smiling face have scared away them... :)
hm.. may be I should change my DP... :)

my space said...

Lol! weird is the word...
last week one request.. are very pretty in your picture(huh!)...It is you ? Wanna make friends withyou. I am sexy ,broad shouldered v shaped body(eeeewww)...

Gazal said...


maybe you weren't attracting the right kinds....hehe



and who says we are old....


long time...lady how have you been?
poor cruise !!!!


BOYS....OMG !!!!

Gazal said...


why did you???

@suma tu brutus?


lol.yes...yes ...yes

V SHAPED....hmmmm
what should we do with these??

Joy said...

Hilarious. Initially when someone sent friendship invitation, I was stupid enought to accept it thinking it would be rude to reject. Few days later, I took him out of my friend's profile....

Anonymous said...

I wish :
Next birth myself Woman confirmed.

Gazal said...




dharmabum said...

i don't have an orkut profile. somehow never caught on to the idea. i think i ought to be a relic in some museum.

padma said...

hey gazal...

That tells me a lot about u r reputation on orkut ;-))LOL


Prax said...


Why dont i get such "fraand" requests from girls!

Does it matter said...

Amazing stuff -- hilarious, funny, sad, depressing & cheerful - everything!

May the orkut-god protect you from further evil advances.

And oh, while we are speaking of friendship, would you like to be my Fraand - Mujhse dosti karoge ??!!!