Wednesday, September 3


Am taking up a tag without being tagged !!!!

What does this reveal about my state of mind?A lot actually and will share that in another post.

The first time I read the tag on xh's blog(what's on your desktop...)I thought it meant "what was on your desk at work?".AHEM.You won't find many people who blatantly announce their absent mindedness.Let me first complete the tag and then the how and why explanation about why my creative bent of mind tends to bend things..... can go into YET another post.

My desktop contains a picture,which manages to make me smile,no matter how rough the day has been.It's a picture at Universal studios and the sudden display of affection was a last min addition(as my dear hubby was behind the camera...and his expression after he took the shot was worth a million dollars).

Well,he thanked his stars,it was just a cut out while I cursed my luck,that it wasn't.

but the picture doesn't remain long on the desktop.I know he's used my laptop ,when i find the picture replaced by other innocent pictures.When asked why(sometimes i love to ask questions,even though am dead sure of the answers,already),his reply is "it's nothing, but love when viewed from the right angle,".Ahem.

"It's nothing but an ACUTE case and angle of jealously,I tell myself ,proudly".

(The halo around my head is suddenly replaced by horns and an evil grin to match)

The picture's on the desktop AGAIN,and how long it will remain there,is anybody's guess.

No prizes for that,please.

tagging all those who will believe in the noble cause of blogging !!!


Suma said...

that's almost liek i did my windows blooper...:)

and pic looks the same from every angle ;)
no wonder the hubby is miffed..pretty obtuse of you, my dear...(sorry couldn't resist)

Suma said...

and btw, when i read the title in my reader 'TOM ME etc..', i thought you were talking about a dog...:)

Mampi said...

Oh My God, If he is jealous, he is justified. The pic looks so real.

Almost as real as the real mine, he he he.....

btw the fresh pic you ve put up in your profile, is totally stunning. Ahem, this is the REAL me speaking.
Remember the Singh that Is King of Andamans.

brocasarea said...

i know why je is jealous!! chap!!:)

--xh-- said...

read the title and thought u r blogging about tom and jerry :)

had a real laugh when i read about ur 'desktop' :-D seems like technology is dictating our life more and more..
and what a line to handover the tag - "tagging all those who will believe in the noble cause of blogging " my oh my - that is creative :-D

dharmabum said...

thanks, for making me smile.

Ziah said...

Hehehehehe... sweet!:) Priceless, actually:)

Gazal said...

the right angle from every angle.

thank you for both the compliments.
i wish i wish.....


so do i get a prize for taking up the tag without being tagged?

where are you these days?

Pinku said...

very nice pic...and the hubby wouldnt be a hubby if he wasn't i think u should keep the pic there at times...just to keep the fire glowing...

Prats said...

Dont blame the hubby.....
That is a fantastic, green with envy picture...and should stay on the desktop...heheheh

satish said...

great. and i believe in blogging.

Gazal said...

zank you.where have you been girl?

the intention wasnt that,but it was a happy revelation.

am trying my best to fight the forces of jealously.

prove it

Keshi said...

Nice :)


dharmabum said...

oh, just lurking around, i guess :)

Prats said...

something for you lady on my blog....hop over and collect it

padma said...

heyyy gazal
Would have luved to be there att teh same angle too ;-)))

Gazal said...


thanks for dropping by.

keep writing often

thanks girl

i know your evil mind.

Balvinder Singh said...

Hi Gazal, thanks for visiting my blog. I just scrolled down your blog posts. Will read in detail later.

I liked your profile statement "Stand up tall and smile, everything else will fall into it's place".

will come back soon.

Naveen said...

:) .... hi ma'm .... reading your blog after a while .... gr8 going ....

Gazal said...




where are you these days?