Thursday, September 11


Well, it doesn’t happen very often that I am assigned homework.Homework,in a good spirited ,jovial kind of way,though am well aware,that it seldom gets rated as GOOD AND SPIRITED ,ever.Am tagged by mampi,to work out what my perfect day would look like.

This teachers’ wish is another teacher's command,especially when it comes from someone,who I can say is the real English ki masterni.Well then ,a dose of my own medicine it shall be.
I must thank mampi for the dose though,for this tag has made me stop and think about what I really want from my perfect day.

The perfect day like the perfect man exists either in dreams or in someone elses life(of course in blogs as well).For many Sunday,is the precisely perfect day to do what they have been dying to all week long.I would probably be seeking a divorce lawyer,if I accept otherwise,and that on most Sundays,I wish for Mondays.There is a certain madness to Sundays that,I both love and hate.But still, it's difficult to dethrone it from the ‘best day of the week’.

So,the perfect day, would therefore be a Sunday, when
1.I could exercise to a point of achieving a negative calorie state,to compensate for all the sins of the past week.( My instructor says such technology is still unavailable)

2.If I could somehow win a game of badminton against my husband.sigh.

3.I could stop finding excuses and rejoin my guitar class,after a gap of errrr months.I have run out of excuses to give my guitar teacher,and he thankfully has stopped asking for any.

4.If only I had the luxury of cooking without the headache of cleaning up.

5.If only I could juggle the time to meet friends,spend a lazy afternoon,laughing ,discussing inane issues, which have been debated over a thousand times,before.For a few hours,keeping aside all the hats that I wear as wife,mother,daughter and just be MYSELF,without the pressures.

6.the same day,spend an entire afternoon watching a movie with my son and husband,that has been kept aside(by him) as ‘to be watched’ for months, now.

6.and finally the perfect day would be if I could stretch that Sunday evening,that flies off before you can say “It’s five o’clock”, indefinitely.
Just a few of my favourite things,(essentially in that order).sunset on the 11th floor,a cup of coffee and silence(very difficult considering the growing traffic)

7. If only there could be a Sunday after Sunday…….and till such time, I shall be content with that little bit of perfection in my Sunday.

Here's to many such small perfections and imperfections in each Sunday,which make me wake up every Sunday and say "What’s in store for me today?”

Sunday is just three days away.HURRAY !!!


~ ॐ ~ said...

I went thinking about these too :)

nicey !!!

Monika said...

nice read... i guess somewhere we all long for these small pleasures of life...

i have also be tagged on this by life begins, have to still do it :)

Parul Gahlot said...

I would be sprawled on the couch with an excellent book. A servant would make tea and food and serve it up in a designer tray. Then I would go to sleep in the night without changing clothes. Perfect.

Mampi said...
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Mampi said...

The comment was not upto the mark, so i deleted it, here i am again.

Loved the things you wanted to do. But again, as your words tend to reflect, if wishes were horses.....

Madhumita. said...

Visiting here after ages - didn't know you played the guitar ... brilliant! Now that your son is a little older, maybe you can actually spend sometime in the week only for YOURself? And if you figure out how to do that, please give me a call and pass on the mantra to me as well :D

Gazal said...

@aum(can i call you that)


go ahead and do it.If not they chase you in the form of bad


is anshumaan doubling up as servant these days?


i would be a rich ranch owner by now.


yes and the punishment is a get together and then the secret shall be passed.

Veena said...


did not read the blog.. wanted to comment on the madhubala pic of yours.. simmmmply brilliant.. you are lookly fabulous :)

Satish said...

kisi sayar ki gazal
kisi jheel ka kanval.
kabhi toh milegi
kahin toh milegi
aaj nahi toh kal

Veena said...


Read it this time.. and thoroughly enjoyed it.. hope every sunday you have is as fulfilling as you wish..

Gazal said...

madhubala must be turning in her grave...

thanks a ton.

you mean dream on girl...dream on girl

satish said...


brocasarea said...

hmm....sunday for me is nothing but sleep till 11am,eat brk fast and watch a good movie!...

Salil said...

A Sunday very neatly described. I wish I could do all that atleast in a week (including beating your husband at Badminton) :-)
Another possibility is if Sunday alone had 30 hours.
PS : I hate home works

Gazal said...



yes sounds like an idyllic one

can i hire you to beat him at badminton?

Parul Gahlot said...

just check out 'twist in my sobriety' on utube, you will get the song and vdo :)

Anonymous said...

Sunday - all family members at home

--xh-- said...

my oh my.. some one needs a time machine here... or a transmorfigurator or a Time-Turner from hermione :)

Joy said...

:) I was once asked by a 5 year old, why can't we have only saturdays and sundays in a week.

Gazal said...


i song


it is.slavery day

punishment is pending.

tell that kid to stand for elections.he has my vote.

June said...

i loved the caption very much.

'once upon a time there was a sunday........'

padma said...

Reminds me of some of the good ol sundays.... perfect sunday drooling over Brosnan & Firth & singing Along Mamma MIa... ;-))
Hope we have many more sundays..