Thursday, September 25


(one of the rare moments when WE smile at something .....TOGETHER)

Age is just a double digit...

so don judge me by digits and numbers

stop telling me to grow up

when all i want is to grow younger,

younger at heart and in the head

in body, i know i cant help!!!!

I know,it exists

exists in my smile

coz i feel a lot older

on days I can't....

people who(really) know me, say

I'm growing wackier ..wonkier...FUNNIER

by the the year

and i feel even younger when I hear that !!!

I pretend to ignore the fine lines

that I see in the mirror

I can only see my smile there

coz thats the only thing I know

that looks best on me.

age is just a number...

I have stopped counting

I'm bad at maths anyway

I hope you are too.

(no it's not my birthday ,but amateur attempts at poetry should be......appreciated,commented and tolerated)

current reason to smile.....

"Delhi here I come..."


Salil said...

Hi Gazal,
You know you're getting old when the candles cost more than the cake. So I guess on that note you are YOUNG!
Have a great vacation.

satish said...

its not your budday??? happy budday anyway!

brocasarea said...

all the facial muscles working there!

padma said...

hey gazal..

have a rocking trip in Delhi!! :-))


Suma said...

poetry totally appreciated....

and you going to delhi...have a freaking good time...:D

do try the chaats,

Parul Gahlot said...

age is just a number
I am bad at maths anyway

LOL!!! Very nice

--xh-- said...

age is just a double digit - yup, u r right. some nice lines there :) happy holidays...

Prats said...

enjoy....these lines are so cute....and age be damned!!!

How do we know said...

oh!! This is nice poetry Gazal.. and i m not just appreciating ur effort..Thumbs Up!

Gazal said...



as long as it doesnt increase my age


i know what you are devil

as if i needed the reminder.

I miss you everytime i come to delhi.

thanks buddy

and you don have to worry at

@how do we
thanks a ton.

~nm said...

That was lovely! And you say its "Amateur attempt at poetry?" you are kidding. Right?

And yay!! Coming to Delhi??!! I have to HAVE to meet you. Write to me at and tell me about your program

Mampi said...

Now thats like a good girl. I dunno how i missed this post. You should yell like me, "check my post."
The poem is really good. Try more. And the idea behind the poem is appreciated. And the photographs that show you smiling ARE in fact wonderful. At least I never thought of age.
Love you.
And Since you have volunteered to do the tag sharafat sey, I am linking you immediately lest you should change your mind.

Veena said...

loved the lines

I can only see my smile there

coz thats the only thing I know

that looks best on me.

Joy said...

You are flying to Delhi? Enjoy your trip!!

Gazal said...


the plesure was all mine.


lol.Your command is my wish before you utter it.

thank you.


Pinku said...

lovely smile and if the reason is Delhi, my beloved city then all the more reason for it to be appreciated....Hope you have a wonderful time here. :)

Guruprasad said...

hey there!

its been ages! loved your poem! i stopped counting after 20 or something myself :P

so when are you back from delhi?

hope to hear from you soon!

Anju said...

Happened to stumble on this...great one!Made me smile on this grim Monday morning. Well you know what those littl elines that seems to multiply everyear, when you look in the mirror, people call it wronkles...I like to call it my Calligraphy practice by God...well come on he must get bored too right!And so he choses the best canvas;-)oh/..well...who am I kiddin...never mind!Good one..keep it up..!

Anju said...

typos: little lines, wrinkles;-)

Gazal said...


yes...the reason is correct.
thanks for dropping by


how have you been?
at 20..i tot you would say 18.

glad it cheered you up.thanks for dropping by.

onlooker said...

enjoyed it and could well relate to it. a heart warming endearing one! :)