Wednesday, October 3

An inquisitive mind is often the victim of punishment.I knew teachers believed,and executed, this adage,but here the tables were turned,and was punished when I questioned a blogger,about the what and how of TAG......AND GOT TAGGED IN RETURN.

Frankly ,would have never responded to the tag.However, it's true that the question,
what are the 5 random things that people don't know about me...quizzed and hounded me for it that i am so transparent,that there's nothing which people don't know about me???OR is it that i would have to dig out my secrets and desires and fears and put it up!!!!!!
Found them five points to ponder!!!!!

1. Have a miraculous ability to oscillate between being an introvert and an and why it happens i don't really being with people,never really care about saying things which are politically correct,but somehow, intensely worry myself silly about why I said it and whom I said it to,????maybe I'm an ambivert or just plain old indecisive!!!!!

2. intensely hate plastic bags......they have a rare chemical ability to raise my BP to abnormal limits.It does embarrass family and friends,when i carry my own bag everywhere,and don't leave any opportunity to lecture people on shunning plastics.....shopkeepers,shoppers caught unawares,school kids...i drive my Eco lessons anywhere and everywhere....It amazes and irritates me,when i see people ask for a huge 5 kg plastic bag,to carry home 1 solitary nimbu !!!!!
"polythene dena bhaiya is every Indian shoppers' fav line."

3. am hopelessly patriotic.....romance,lovers dying to meet in heaven,motherly love...nope....nothing gets the senti out of me as much as a dose of desh bakhti.Strangely,can never sing the national anthem,without feeling tears well up in my eyes.India's struggle for freedom remains my fav.lesson,and often get emotional teaching it.

4. Don't want to sound psychic,but have a rare ,and sometimes irritating ability of receiving vibes from people.....good or bad.....which warns me or pulls me towards them......99% of the time....... I'm correct.Also have an insanely high level of expectation from the people whom I call F.R.I.E.N.D.S.....lethally high.....(don't know how the two things are connected....but am getting a vibe that they are)

5. Cannot do without my daily dose of exercise......whether that daily dose of exercise leads to any calorie depletion(and mostly it does not) a fact ,i don't bother...but the satisfaction and exhilaration,whether in a park or the gym a mood elevator for me..... working up a sweat is worth ,every trickle of sweat.


satish said...

Yey! I am the first one to comment!

First one is little confusing. Others fit in nicely into the image of an ideal teacher.

just one thot crossed my mind though. do introverts tend more to be politically correct?? if i was in your classroom i am sure you wud have said 'gud question'.

and the other rule of this ball game is that u tag others to do the tag.

padma said...

heyy gazal!!!
Got to know you better now! not that i didnt know about you earlier... but its just getting to hear it Straight from Horses Mouth ;-).
I would just say its all those things that makes you The GAZAL I know...A Very Special Person...:-)

dharmabum said...

am with u on #2 - and have managed to convert a few people too.

Gazal said...

am following rules of blog land and starting comment pe comment section....
the traits are just mixed up....can't think of any bakras to tag!!!
good question sure your teachers love you...:)

better ka better kya hota hai???
you are my KK????SWALP GUESS MAADI...what kk is???

i'M glad i found another volunteer....not many in this bandwagon i'm afraid...thanks for dropping by....

Satyadarshini said...

Not too long but I feel have known u from a very long glad to have met u girlie...:)
Liked ur being patriotic lines...was moved to tears while reading it...
To summarize it all "So proud to be in ur frd list" :)

Prax said...
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Prax said...

Hehe.... so now i know what to do when i come for lunch , whenever that is

1. If you are on the introvert extreme, not to bug u to buy an XBOX. If you are on the extrovert extreme, not to bug u to buy a playstation.

2. To not get any gifts or candies or icecream (hehehe) because i tend to get them in plastic bags :p

3. NOT to talk about india's latest cricket loss

4. Cover my head in aluminium foil, folded and terminating in a point - so that all my thoughts radiate upwards and go to the moon...

5. To get some strong rope to tie myself to the strongest piece of furniture around, in case u decide to drag me for excercise (and im sure one look at me - thats the first thing u'll think of )..

Gazal said...

If it comes from you,it has to be only the SATYA...
orkut maiya ki jai(you know why !!)

gifting candies without plastics are welcome.
don't tell me you prefer being tied to furniture,rather than a walk...will make you change your mind.