Monday, October 22


Move over Harry potter and Lord of the rings,and all those who accuse Indians of plagiarism, for here is a movie ,which can be touted as the original ‘baap’ of all Fantasy, long before the genre ,ever came into fashion. If you thrive on Fantastical adventures, here’s one which will gratify all genres and tastes, as the ultimate masala movie, with a potent mix of Fantasy, family drama, costume (drama) and of course rib tickling comedy that will leave you crying(for NO more)

The plot of PATAAL BHAIRAVI is the story of a brave heart, poor lad(Jitendra) dressed in Greeko style,(GOD alone knows why)and the fabric of his dresses, alternates magically between suede…leather and embroidery, in love with our heavily ‘accented’ poor little rich princess(Jaya Prada),who in turn gets kidnapped by an evil ,satin obsessed Sorcerer, Kadar Khan, who strikes everyone with his rather ingenious, indigenous version of abracadabra……AAM PHAT !!!(You read it right aam phat) if Achilles’ had a heel, the key to all his (KK’S) magical abilities, lay in his……….his beard !!!!

One of the highest points(there being innumerable ones)in the movie,is the item number by the damsel in distress Dimple(kapadia),who is desperately trying to lure our chaste hero(a la Menaka style)and our VIshwamitra(Jitendra,who fights her off, with corny lines like….tum mujhe aapne vasna ki aag mein jalana chahte ho)and who has been ‘shraped’by an evil tantrik,and is freed by Jitendra.There are numerous other unforgettable characters like Asrani and the unmistakably large Amjad Khan, playing a la Astrik and Obelisk(with the horns) reincarnated in Patal Lok,who help thicken and unthicken the plot,and make this movie,truly a ‘CLASSIC’.Watch it to believe,the insanity !!!


padma said...

heyy gazal!!!
Looks like next movie on my list is PATAL BHAIRAVI ;-) though am not sure my cd librarian would have heard about it ever? For all you know he might think am a weirdo wanting to watch a movie like that;-))he might even say BHAURA GAYI HAI KYA???!!! ;-)))


satish said...

Patal Bhairvi. Haatimtai.

Jeetender was born to star in these movies. kahan banti hain aishi movies ab??

And was it Shabari or Ahilya?? maidam bahut mistake kar rahein hain aap.I am a downright fundamentalist you know. dont mess with religious mythologies.

Nice pic btw!

Gazal said...

it's a must watch for all those who enjoy a good laugh.try to find it.....btw the CD guy has to be a LCDM fan to quote that...!!!

well,my mythology is kind of fuzzy !!
with all the controversy surrounding the ramayana,don't want to trigger off any more,so have edited the same !!!
will always 'be'aware next time, Mr.fundamentalist!!!

Gayathri Varma said...

Hi Gazal,
Thanks for visiting my blog and i am honoured that my writing has motivated you to travel to the place. I really enjoyed some of the posts in your blog too, you have a really engaging writing style...and i simply loved your "About Me" bit. Very arresting!

Gazal said...

thanks a lot !!!
glad you enjoyed them

Parul Gahlot said...

hey Gazal...just a suggestion but would be nice if you reduced the font size a little bit :)

Gazal said...

found the small too small,so went in for this...nevertheless !!!

will roger that!!!

Roshan R said...

hehe.. loved that.. addin u in my "blogroll" for easier access

Gazal said...

now thats a compliment,from a person whose blog has been rated as the 19th best personal blog!!!!