Tuesday, October 16


    · read 40% of the newspaper, at a stretch(which is quite a feat, considering low levels of concentration)
    · took Anshul to the dentist(because bitter past experience has taught me that prevention is better than waiting endlessly outside the dentist's office)
    · visit doctor for vaccinations(which have been so delayed that the doc suspects that I’m his foster mother,and the fact that I can’t remember whether he had measles or chicken pox,when he was a baby,acts as fuel to the doctors’ doubts!!)
    · buy ‘GOOD’ vegetables, that everyone will eat(which actually leaves me with very few options, so easier said than done)
    · Give clothes for stitching (for this is the ideal gap between post eid and pre diwali,and may be I'll be lucky to get them back in a month)
    · Wind up pending job at the bank (which meant I had to remove my helmet, sun coat and scarf AGAIN!!!...coz with all these on ,the security guard would not have let me in)
    · pick up pamphlet from ranga shankara,about theatre festival,(so that one can plan much ahead and not miss the plays…YET AGAIN)
    Seven major errands done and seventy more pending at home. If there’s one complaint I have against god, it is that he gave me just 24 hrs in a day. I decide to reward Anshul with a pack of kurkure, for he is extremely upset at being ‘pricked’, without adequate notice!! We park ourselves on the J.P Nagar II Phase curb and sit down to enjoy, a tight rope walking act,by two little girls, in the middle of the street(much to the annoyance of passers-by).
    As the little girl accepted the 10 rs reward from us with a smile, I marvelled at her ability to smile, despite the kind of life she lived. Maybe I was being unfair and selfish by complaining about walking on a tight rope, juggling small time assignments (which can hardly be called as work) family, gym, holidays, friends, watching plays,reading, attending guitar classes, housekeeping(where the maid does 80%of the REAL work).
    I guess it's just a habit and in fashion to complain about ones’, severe lack of time and to lament about the undone than the done. We all complain of tight schedules and the growing TIME –LESS syndrome, we grumble about how we are never able to do MORE...
    Well here was someone who did that not for more, but just to make ends meet.
    The to-do list is endless, 24 hours in a day; never seem enough to finish what is...or rather is intended to be done. I have decided to look back and see and feel happy, more about the DONE this time…!!!
    As I reached back home, I gave myself a pat on the back,for having kept the lunch ready, for there is nothing like a good lunch waiting at home, when one is really hungry and felt thankful to be in a situation where I could take a break from work to sit back at home, to do MORE or LESS NOTHING!!!!
    As for the list of things still undone, because I sat down to write this post.....
    Tomorrow is another day, which promises a full 24 hours......


padma said...

hi..ee gazal!!!
you need a pat on your back from my side too for all that you do in a day!!! Trust me it takes a lot!!!
Keep it up lady its no jokes writing a blog, cooking , claening, buying veggie & of course tolerating people like me!!!;-))


satish said...

its always a pleasure to read your blogs. pata nahi bizi logo ko kaisa lagta hoga :?? i am just waiting for the day when i wud get frustrated, not for not doing anything while i had all the time; but for lack of time.

Prax said...

Hehe...u should make a chart, like the lady in "Big Momma 2"

Naveen said...

"living" a busy life has it's own charms ...as long as one doesen't worry or panic too much .... "cribbing" within limits has it's charm too.... enjoy it all

Gazal said...


stop overestimating me and underestimating yourself...btw you are one of my role models !!!!

actually wrote the post on a self sarcastic note....'its always a pleasure...'se bhi mujhe thoodi sarcasm ki boo aa rahee hai :)???

have a chart in the kitchen,somehow off late it seems to remind me of things undone than done !!!HELP !!!

am trying to follow your advice !!!
believe me !!!

Parul Gahlot said...

hey great to read your blog. I realised I was missing it the moment i started reading. I sometimes get the feeling I am the only person in the whole wide world who easily puts off everything till tomorrow...

Gazal said...

what would the world be without procrastinators like US....
or rather we are optimists'..who believe that what cannot be done today ,can be done tomorrow !!!!