Thursday, September 27


It’s time to change the way we see, or feel ‘BLUE’.

Blue is indeed the colour of the season and cricket is back, with its biggest bang, as the national flavour,this time with no distaste in the mouth.NO !!!I’m not a cricket fan/buff, in fact I don’t watch cricket at all, and confess that didn’t witness any of the T20 matches,except the final ,because when you get an opportunity to witness WAR, that too without bloodshed and misery, one really can’t help be a part of it.
And what a war it was!!!!

The team is back, and has received a historic heroic welcome.Certainly,something which will go down as ‘once in a lifetime’,for onlookers in Mumbai,telly viewers,and of course Dhoni and his boys, as well. The media, as expected, is going bonkers, covering and reanalyzing all aspects and angles of the team, and nobody is complaining!!!!!!Well, The print media too, hasn’t left any page unturned, with out reminding the reader, several times in each second, that we are now world champions.

I wonder now, what would have happened, if team India hadn’t won the match that memorable Monday evening. What if sreesanth hadn’t been there to catch that ball, which had been so awkwardly handled by Misbah-ul-haq? Would it change the fact that, India played marvelously well throughout the tournament? Would we still adore Yuvraj, Irfan, R.P Singh and the others? Would we still worship and hail Dhoni and his destroyers???
NO!!we wouldn’t !!!We would have cursed and complained. We would have lashed out at the team, for crumbling under pressure,even charging them with allegations of Match fixing and being a thoroughly indisciplined lot.

The same companies,who are busy revamping their campaigns, and flaunting their blue brand ambassadors, would have taken all such print and media ads, off air!!!
Effigies would be burned, the families harassed, and the team would be hiding to save their faces, probably they would have needed tighter security at the airport, in anticipation of angry and dejected mobs…..see how the word changes from FANS to MOBS!!!!!

It’s a fact well known and displayed that we are a nation of unforgiving people who expect the world, from these men, and somewhere forget that it is a game and that whether we win or lose, the fact that we made it to the finals, and defeated an arrogant and invincible giant like Australia, should have been a reason enough to welcome the team back as heroes……

But, why worry about that……right now the flavour of victory is sweet ,and strong enough to be savoured over a lifetime…….


Satyadarshini said...

Victory and Defeat....a world of difference :)

satish said...

yesssssss! we won!

i think its chunari?!

Prax said...

Theres a thin line between fan and cricket crazy fans, it doesnt take long for it to cross that line .

But frankly, an average fan would not resort to such crazy things even when he's angry at a loss - more than 70% of such idiotic display against families, effigies burnt etc - are done by minions of political parties, to gain mileage in one way or another

We saw this clearly demonstrated during the death of Dr.Rajkumar. Widespread nonsense all over bangalore.

One of my friends stopped one such person making racket and asked "why are you doing this" - and the answer was "Those guys (political party name) payed me 100 bucks to do this".

When more than 50% of the so called national leaders have police cases registered against them - from money embezzlement to murder - what else can we really expect

dharmabum said...

its more of a mob psychology. and the media doesn't help much. look at the pathan incident - modi didn't wish them, alright. they've been flashing it REPEATEDLY - analyzing (hinting, actually. no, just outright saying it) that its coz they're muslim and all that nonsense...

one thing though - the played some daring cricket in the t20 tournament - honestly, i wouldn't have minded (though felt sad) had they lost that match. after we finished our batting - i was telling myself, for the score that we had made - if we can pull pakistan till the 19th over, i'll consider it a vistory in itself.

oh, and theres more to come. the aussies are here. and they'll sure await sweet revenge. it starts tom and am sure its gonna be equally exciting :)

thanks for visiting, and do keep coming. my compliments on your name - its beautiful :)

Veena said...


Nice color on your blog..!!

Prax said...

Gazal ji u owe me :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, as you have rightly said, it is just time for us savour this moment & I just wish the team can beat the Aussies in our homegrounds too...nice reading your post!

Naveen said...

Cricket - It is just part of a bigger insanity we indians r suffering frm .... it may also be termed as "mob mentality" ... here r some other symptoms of the deadly disease..

1.monica bedi gets a hero's welcome in her village on acquittal.

2.sunita williams arrives in ahmedabad to be recieved by a crowd of thousands .. most of whom don't even know what NASA is ..

3.thousands throng the courts to see sanjay dutt get bail when it is weel known that the former drug addict did possess an ak once ...

4.all of keep talking of the t20 victory without even knowing that we have world champions in chess, billiards and shooting ...

5.our news channels cover star weddings and affairs even while totally ignoring the victories of our hockey teams and sacrifices of our soldiers ....
this can go on ..

where r we heading .... god save our country ..

sorry if this goes against te spirit of this post , but this is how it is ...& i just experienced a bout of depression even while writing this comment ..:)