Monday, September 10


"Frankly,my dear ,I don't give a damn !",has been voted as the favourite movie line ever.Well,nothing brilliant about quoting a line from Sunday's newspaper,but then the first post warned you against expecting anything remotely connected to brilliance on this space.

Rhett Butler,had a reason for throwing this line at Scarlett,but for mortals like us,we just want to flaunt this attitude of 'I don't give a damn' at everyone around,probably trying to project oneself as independent and immune to anything and anybody........
It's an attitude virus,spreading like an epidemic,but honestly,fact is stranger than fiction and fictional characters
the truth is ,we do care,much more than a mere damn,about and for a select few in our lives,

we crave for attention, no matter ,how much we deny it,we long for appreciation ,at work and at home,when we put in our best,we want to be complimented on how good we look,every time we dress(yet,every time we say we dress for our eyes only)

and no matter how much bloggers' may deny it,they DO write to be read ,and wait to be commented,and those who deny this universal truth,are probably still being untrue to themselves.

"I do care",and I love it when my friends tell me that they wait for me to post and update my blog,even though it may be filled with the crappiest of all content,i love it when my students send me mails telling me how much they enjoyed reading the 'Hyderabad post',but felt silly commenting on their teacher's writing !!.....i love it when my friend immortalised my blog,by posting a it as a recommended link and I love it when my anonymous prank,inspired a whole post on another,I respect and value all advice and comments ,that come from friends and well wishers(and never ever label it as criticism),when they tell me not to try too hard and be myself on the blog.

For i know only fools believe that they are perfect....

Please say 'I don't give a damn',but,
to hypocrites,
and to pretentious people,who lurk around you,
to office politics and neighbourhood gossip,
to baseless media reports of who kissed whom and who slept with whom.......

sorry,thank you and I love you !!!three expressions that will never change in meaning,and yet we chose to say them ,with so much attitude and discretion......

We all give and care much more than A DAMN,let's accept it and show it to the rightful, more often,than they deserve.....


Veena said...

Beautiful post Gazal !

If you read my comments on the my latest post - thats precisely what I am saying . " How come no one has yet left a comment here ?? " :)

Satyadarshini said...

Dear Gazal...u getting better by the day...

This post is an eye opener...set me thinking into action...brings in an awareness in me..

Liked these lines a lot:
"Please say 'I don't give a damn',but,
to hypocrites,
and to pretentious people,who lurk around you,
to office politics and neighbourhood gossip,
to baseless media reports... "

satish said...

I thot this line was from the showshank redemption.

Anyway, nice post and pls continue commenting on my crappy posts!

padma said...

hi.eee gazal,
u r getting bettter day by day!
Good read!! I luved the line I dont give a Damn....!!!! set me thinking on many aspects...
Hope to read some more good stuff!! hey iam dying to read something on our pune days..... very very amchii PUNE!!!

Prax said...

hehe..u forgot to change the font color here :)