Tuesday, January 29


The fact that Mr. Frost finds a mention in this post is not because , the blog belongs to an English teacher. In fact, those who have been enduring me patiently, through most of the previous posts,will agree that my blogabulary bears no resemblance to that of an….any English teacher(coz people often ask me which subject I teach). An interesting discussion took place in class last year, when we took this poem up. Astonishingly a segment of students came up with a convincing argument about the fact, that Frost had actually regretted taking the road less travelled.(for more…read the complete poem)
Had Mr. Frost been around in Bangalore, in modern times, I’m sure he would have felt an urge to reword his poetry to

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I
Took the one less travelled by

But reality is stranger, more perplexing and permanent than poetry. Sometimes the road we are about to choose, seems clear yet, one can’t see clearly at the end of the road and suddenly like a poor traveler one is worried, more about the destination ahead than the journey. And ,you hope that you had the luxury of not making a choice and following the beaten path.

Simply put, right now the new road…read job, I have willingly chosen, means a change of place (again), relocation for my family. If south Bangalore was suburb, then I will be living in the super suburbs, a hectic schedule, being on call 24x6 and teaching only boys in a residential school, working for a big big brand, being in the company of fellow faculty members, who have jaw dropping C.V’s and call some of India’s leading colleges their Alma matter, when you are welcomed with warmth that is startling, but genuine and to top it all, the lure of 3.5 months of unadulterated holidays .

I wish I had a fast forward button,to flash past life and see where the less travelled road ,that I have chosen, has led me.but then I forget,this is life and the only fast forward button I can control is that of the DVD player.
All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players,

This post is getting too poetic…too poetic for a blog or maybe it’s time to go back to school.


padma said...

hi..ee gazal!!

Guess u really had a good break!! & i completely agree with u that its time to go back to School!:-)
Hope this journey is adventerous... fun & enlightening... Go ahead & Just have the fun!! :-))

satish said...

Town Hall and Royal Exchange huh??

Sounds royal. I dint know they hired teachers!

okk. now that the funny part is over let me tel you that aajkal ke kids are too smart. timepass karte hain sab. ek kheench ke lagaane ka sab ko.

anyway best of luck for your journey ahead.

and i never mentioned it but i absolutely love your template. GOOOOOOOOO GrEEn.

Gazal said...

and i have your blessings ma??
don't i??

f.u.n.n.y !!!
yes...at the beginning of a new job this piece of advice will surely take me a long way !!!!!

padma said...

Yes maaa!!! U have my blesings!!!
What am i getting to BLESS U???;-)))

Guruprasad said...

i think you would regret it more if you had traveled the road often used. don't you agree?

and you have only just taken the new road. i am sure you will not regret it in the end.

and most of the time, the road less traveled has a much better view :)

enjoy your adventure!

satish said...

//yes...at the beginning of a new job this piece of advice will surely take me a long way !!!!!


Prax said...

i agree with padma...have fun madi...hehe.

eitherway, bangalore is bangalore....inner or outer...as long as ure in bangalore its the same... one advantage is if ure in that area, there almost no traffic jams...and the road conditions are REALLY good there ...and the best part - super close to the zoo, and bannergatta market ...which is probably the biggest organic fresh vegetable market ive seen in bangalore.... (i think locals call it the "santhe" )

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PurpleHeart said...

It's not all that fun to take the road often used, trust me on that. I did once and regret forever. By the ways, good luck with your new ventures !

JudeTheObscure said...


Talking about frost and his poem,

Honestly the point that he actually regretted taking the less travelled road does not make sense. After reading his poems i always felt that he was proud of it. And liked to talk of it.

Im sure you'd have seen the movie 'the scent of a woman'. There is a monologue in the end(al pacino) describing about the cross roads of life and which one he chose and why. Is'nt that piece amazing?



Gazal said...

i guess you have the answer now!!!!

well said...the road less travelled does have a much better view...hope i 'll have time to enjoy the view..lol

let the gyaan flow

i now have some more to look forward to

thanks a lot.will def give it a thought.

thanks a lot.


yes thats the traditional interpretation...but one of my students did some research on his life and found out that he had encountered a lot of failure...so maybe thats why.
scent of a woman....will check it out...saw it a long back.

--xh-- said...

a change in job and new places.. lot of new faces.. wow, tahzt great. :-D

Manpreet said...

Good to know you teach Angrezi too.
Amazing that I am asked the same question too. Are the Angrezi teachers known to be somewhat different?