Wednesday, January 23

Bloggorhoea !!!!!

Ten things that tell have been hit by the blog it or hate it,once bitten and there's never goodbye.Denial of the following ten observations is the first symptom of the ailment.
( Sometimes you don’t need a degree in medicine to analyze and diagnose ailments. )

1. Check blog replaces check mail as one of the first things you do, once you boot the computer. One of the earliest symptoms, probably a silent killer, it creeps in silently and you don’t realize it till you find yourself praying to god for…… “I hope I get some comments today”.

1 a)and when prayers go unanswered,some chronic cases, are known to they put in comments and sign them as 'annonymous' on their own blogs.serious medical help is required !!!!

2. You start chat with……READ MY BLOG? instead of HOW ARE YOU?

3. An irrepressible urge,to inform people about your current status as a blogger,will grip you. No matter how severely you may have to digress,all discussions lead to the same.

4. You get your daily share of news and current affairs from people’s blogs. You read blogs more than newspapers.

5. You seriously think you’ll make millions out of writing your blog. (Stop getting conned by those of 'write and earn ads')

6. You sympathise with blogs and brave hearts, who in spite of not receiving a single comment, remain undeterred in their mission to write…week after week .I salute them, for they have proved that you blog to be read, and not commented…BLOG LIKHO LEKIN COMMENT KE CHINTA NA KARO !!!!

7. You are convinced that if humans practice YOGA, dogs practice DOGA,then blogs should adopt BOGA…... it’s always a good idea ,in between posts, to let your blog meditate and breathe ….I mean give others time to read!!!!!Unless you are one of those blog veterans, who have a devoted fan following, and receive comments within minutes of posting…….

8. You suffer from PMS…..irrespective of gender.
‘ POST’ MANUFACTURING STRAIN….You are moody and depressed, without a reason. Silent and broody,classic symptoms of Bloggers block. One of those ill fated moments in every bloggers life, that remains unsolved, like the many mysteries of the universe, as to why one isn’t able to write.

9. Your list of real life friends is dwindling and getting replaced by blog buddies.

10. You connect instantly with people who have their own blogs. Like a global family, you respect and admire people who go that extra word to pen their emotions.'The blogosphere is our world and all of us fellow brothers...err bloggers.'

10 b)and about how we get introduced to people as 'meet X. she is the author of abc blog.' (our identity is largely derived from our blog!...or restricted to our blog.


Guruprasad said...

hey, you forgot the one about the chronic cases where they put in comments and sign them as 'annonymous' on their own blogs :)

and about how we get introduced to people as 'meet X. she is the author of abc blog.' (our identity is largely derived from our blog!)

eg. i don't know gazal, but i know 'gazal the blogger' :)

padma said...

hey Gazal,

Loks like you can be a BLOG / Blogger analyst....;-))) Gosh you surely show all those signs.... very evident from what i get to hear from you on u r vadafone too!;-)))
hey take a break & come to Mglr :-))


Gazal said...


with your permission,will add the following to the list of symptoms.
in my case...unfortunately both the blog and author are similar.....yeh main nahin log kahte hai!!!!!

and i'm afraid i have infected you with prepared more more!!!!

satish said...

gazal mam,

aapne toh.. yaane ki..matlab.. crack hee maar diya.

PMS. Post Manufacturing Strain. (without quites anywhere!). mujhe bhi hota hai yaar. Jab main apne post phir padta hun! its more severe in my case as everytime i finish writing a post i think ki i have written THE hilariousest post of this era.

nice pictures!

gud job.

satish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Guruprasad said...

you are most welcome to use them!

and pleased to meet you gazal, aka gazal the blogger (or should i say 'blogaddict'?) ;)

Prax said... true... ive been there...and im still there...somehow the urge to tell everyone about everything is uncontrollable...

possibly stemming from a weird internal social circuit where the leader of a tribe was constantly watched and every move he did was awed at...

Gazal said...

at the cost of sounding not sure whether that was a compliment!!!!
/without quites anywhere/...'quites'...please update my vocabulary!!!!!

yes....temporary addiction ...
i hope.

you are the inspiration!!!

satish said...

yesssssss! that was indeed a compliment. and no u dont sound dumb. its is rather a old but unknown and still kewl way of complimenting kewl people.

and that was 'quotes'. i thot u wd figure tht out. so post is not 'post' post, but the normal post. toh after (post) i have manufactured my 'post' and read it once again i feel idiotic and get some serious strain. makes sense?

padma said...

heyyy gazal!

to be honest am no good at writing! fell very lazy.... :-))
A photu Blog with comments is all i can manage......
but nevertheless will comment on the blogs that i read...;-)))


Parul Gahlot said...

you should send this to a magazine. it is absolutely sure to get printed :)

Gazal said...

zank you and you make sense
(for a change)

you just need a lil more inspiration babes....keep reading this space

poor newspaper !!!

Prax said...

heh...thanks for that gazal :) Now i feel like the source of the plague

Nabeel said...

aww, but i think reading the kids' blog would be cuter.

Shruti said...

Whoa!! You said it all! :-D The fresh new blogger's desperation is very irritating for the oldies though.. na?

Shruti said...
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Manpreet said...

Gazal, The BOGA thing is a hit. I cannot stop laughing. OF course the rest of the stuff is equally hilarious, but this one sure took the cake (with the icing ;o).
Love your writing..

Suresh Kumar said...

It's very serious with me. :)
I am posting on alternative days with no much comments though I have regular readers that only fingers can count. :)

Ritu said...

LOL, I am blogrolling you

I like your sense of humour