Wednesday, August 13

five to go

“I’ve got five minutes,!”.I console myself(convincingly) rather than threaten.Five minutes and I have to juggle both breakfast and lipstick,both into dangerously close quartered areas.The few initial attempts taught me that the former should go first..Experience is a good teacher.The past two and a half months ,have taught me the value of all small things in life.Five min,never seemed more precious,and its amazing how much of reading I can squeeze into those five min,while whizzing off in a noisy auto,along with half a dozen of other noisy autos,over J.P Nagar’s dirt tracked roads(it’s amazing to see the number of ORTHO docs mushrooming in the neighbourhood)on my way to pick up a colleague.I cherish those five min of solitude with my book. The progress is slow,(targeted)at 2 pages a day.I have made considerable progress,since I began.From half a page,I have inched to two a day.Slow but satisfying.After all, Five min is all I have,and…..I don’t want to get too ambitious.

the only bright spot,in the near perfect gloomy day of the almost- on -the -fag- end-of the monsoons,weather.Mr.Bindra,you have proved a proverb COOL LIKE A CUCUMBER,true and a nation proud.


Joy said...

Have you ever slept five minutes longer after you wake up. Its more rejuvenating than the whole night's sleep. Gold to India atlast!

--xh-- said...

totallu agree with joy - and i love it so muhc that, i keep 4 alarms in my cell - one for 15 minutes before I wake up, one for 10 minutes before I wake up adn one for 5 minutes before I wake up and the last one to wake up at time :)
reading in auto - reminds me of teh days whn i used to stand in the bus and read while going to college during my PUC / bachelors days.. :)

teh roads are indeed a dirt track - when ever I come there, i enjoy them ;-) no wonder the ortho docs mushrooming, they all will have more than enuf patients to keep them going if the road stays like this.

Mampi said...

Ahh, the joy of those 5 minutes, and I thought you were telling my story of squeezing breakfast,a hot mug of tea and finally applying lipstick before rushing out to my work.

Brilliantly done, You made me smile.

Suma said...

five minutes is all it takes to yank off the sheets from the snoring son, husband and stomp into the kitchen screaming..."that's it i'm on strike..u pack ure own dabbas form 2mrw..."

@ xh...hey i do that too :)

phew!! getting back to ure post...what are you reading?

and yes GOLD!!!

Monika said...

how very familiar it sounds... those precious five minutes :) doing all together and totally agreed with joy i do it everyday

Gazal said...


i have always slept 20 min after the bad at 5 min naps.

yes,so i shd see you very often in JPN no.s of alarms

hot tea..i don risk that.

hmm will try that.zahir

@monica sure is

Manasa said...

hehe... I can imagine the lipstick and breakfast situation...

In today's traffic jam, one can complete half the book :))

padma said...

its amazing how we can multitask in those 5mins... & do all odd jobs!!??

Gazal completely agree with u extra nap has be atleast 20mins... ;-)

Ps said...

Every minute is preciuos..every darn minute!
Kudos to bindra.

Prax said...

bangalore traffic is making everyone better readers

Gazal said...

yes,in bangalore traffic you can.

lol.i knew minds sleep alike

it is.

lol..i remember you initaiting the idea.

chandu said...

I take the easy way out...I don't use lipstick :D

Anonymous said...

I havent read a book till end till date...

Divkiran said...

ah tht sounds good....more ppl with the 5 minute

peter said...

true !
5mins before xam starts...or 5 mins when u are getting late for ur wrk or 5 mins before ur presentation like a life time ...!
gud thinkin !

Gazal said...


maybe you don travel...sigh how lucky!!

my world upturns in 5 min and so does bangalore traffic

thanks for visiting

harish said...

"I have to juggle both breakfast and
lipstick,both into dangerously close quartered areas"


Makes me miss Bangalore so much (The post, not lipstick!)

Satish said...

gazal maidam. write something new. i check your blog everyday you know?

Gazal said...


you miss the lipstick,on someone i hope??


am flattered.
am blocked!!!(again)

Prats said...

I feel the best invention has to be the snooze on my alarm...its kept at 10 minutes....