Friday, April 18

DID YOU.....???

Did you worry,today that your two year old doesn't rattle off the names of all the cars in the parking lot,like the others???

Did you remind your kid(again) that the neighbour's kid,always scores ten upon ten in maths in his exam??

Did you fuss about the fact that,you couldn't put your kids in all the summer classes,that have been advertised this summer??

Did you drive yourself insane worrying how what percentage,your child would score in the boards,knowing very well,it's more to do with destiny than hard work??

Did you just blow your top(again) that the kids are watching a rerun of Tom and Jerry for the n th time yet again??

For dropping food over your precious upholstery.....for bringing shoes full of slush into the house yet AGAIN.....for eating food like there's a famine waiting round the corner...for living in a room,that would bring in an epidemic! ! ! !

44 parents in Gujarat will never have to worry about these decisive milestones in their children's lives??? (story here)

Let's thank god and say a prayer ,for all our kids,who have come back home safe and sound and a silent prayer for those who didn't ! ! !


Guruprasad said...

this is exactly how i felt about it when i saw this first thing in the morning today.... it hurts all the more when you read that they were all such young innocent kids!!!

Suma said...


as they say..u never know what tomorrow will bring...yes... a silent thank you and a heartfelt prayer for all those in need of it...


Ps said...

no, no,no no, no, no and no to all the qustions you asked.(in fact i have never sent them for any summer camps nor have i berated them for eating well)
But I did feel really really bad when I read about the Gujarat bus incident.

--xh-- said...

a silent prayer for all the children and their parents...

Prats said...

Considering my carpet is like a silent loo...or wash basin...or kitchen sink...I shou;dn't be saying a yes to anything out here...its a NO to all these...

But when kids are targets of such unfortunate incidents, I value lives around me much more than I already do...
It is very sad to see such accidents

Gazal said...

yes..this picture changed the way i felt thro the day...thats why i scanned this particular picture itself!!!!it hurts!!!


sadly most parents just follow the beaten track....kudos to you


esp whne you consider the fact that were on their way for an exam!!
education at what cost!!!this isnt just destiny!!!

Shruti said...

sad thing that we all need reminders once in a while about our good fortune..

Tys on Ice said...

Needed that reminder - good to put things in context every now and then.

Madhumita. said...

hey gazal : the previous comment from tys on ice was mine. Was logged onto from site at the time :)


~nm said...

I had teras streaming down my eyes when I saw the picture..and I just hugged Anirudh tight and thanked god!

Just because of news like these that I've stopped reading newspapers in the morning. I know its called avoiding but can't help it. But that day just because Hubby read the headline aloud I came to know about it..and whole morning went bad!

Gazal said...


yes..they are

prob to look and over look a lot of things

went thro the same feelings....the morning and the entire day!!!

padma said...

guess we really need to thank for all the little things we have in life..... :-))

Rohit Srivastwa said...

“Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina ,Sarve Santu Niramaya. Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu , Maa Kaschit Dukha Bhagh Bhavet”

Why only kids, why only old parents, why only those whom you know. Why not everyone.