Saturday, August 25


I wanted to write something sensible for my second post. I owed it to it…..but all sense eludes you, when one is faced with exigencies of the M kind. For in every woman’s life the four M’s play a major role in marking her life’s milestones.MENSES,MEN,MAIDS AND MENOPAUSE……The first and the fourth should be accepted as nature’s gifts ……the second deserves analysis at length, but it’s the third M that unfortunately is a force of nature which one feels helpless to deal with !!!!
So the weekend was ruined, when the maid decided to call it a day(err two days)…… I prayed for her return.... relentlessly, I dashed to the door every time the bell rang, and even personalized her no. on my cell with a different ring tone…..(YES SHE HAS A CELL)
The dilemma was between sitting down to write and attacking a precipice of utensils which screamed for attention…finally I decide to follow my head….put the FM radio …on a volume generally non permissible by Brigade millennium standards…..and did the dishes ….strangely all the stations seemed to playing CHUK DE….CHUK DE INDIA…goading me on ….

I was grateful Mohan wasn’t at home ,for one, he has become absolutely immune to mundane household emergencies like no maid, no water ,no electricity…..and second ,he would have suggested some insane brilliant idea like turning a blind eye, ear and nose to the squalor and would have coaxed me to watch a movie with him, which would have irked me to a point of no return…..I guess it was his lucky day!!!!……and Anshul behaved intelligently by avoiding interaction…as he felt that somehow his languor reminded me of the maid less situation even more….
My fingers are all wrinkled up, after the close encounters of the watery kind. I kicked myself for procrastinating when I should have done the utensils long,long back .
I kicked myself for not having procured tickets for a play I had been waiting to watch....... the entire month.

Have come to the following conclusions………

Treat your maid well….for with, and in her, rests the peace of the entire house hold.

Tickets to a good play, like good men, never remain available for long…
grab them before someone else does….!!


Parul Gahlot said...

My maid called Mary a good christian didn't come the day after christmas. I called her cell which was answered by her friend who told me,' Mary sleepin madam. Mary have too much beer.' Maids I tell you!

Satyadarshini said...

Haa maids...this is a topic I can talk abt..the learning process..
Gazal I too have posted one on maids...its such an important part of our lives as u rightly said..:)

I have changed like 5 maids after moving in here...currently i am so happy maid seems good...just been a month i shudnt be so expressive :)

When the maid acts smart, i tell her i have 'n' number of years in handling household work ;-) (it works)

Parul...haahaaa...that one was funny :)

Manpreet said...

We all have, at one point of time, cursed ourselves for not having done things, especially dishes, sooner. :-)
ANd the last comment, on men and tickets to a good play, was THE twist.